7ohm Kratom Review

7ohm Kratom Review 2021 – Fraud or Reliable?

Many vendors have their selling points. For 7ohm Kratom, it is the speed with which they deliver. Once you place your order, you get them between 2-5 days. But do they sell high-quality Kratom? Can you even trust them with your money?

This 7ohm Kratom review takes you on a journey to discover all there is to know about this Kratom vendor. You’ll find vital information that you can act on. At the end of this review, you should be able to decide whether to buy kratom online from 7ohm or not.

About 7ohm Kratom

7ohm is the acronym for 7-hydroxymitragynine. It represents the indole alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant. Kratom alkaloids are said to have the ability to affect the body’s kappa, delta, and mu receptors. Activating these receptors reduces pain, increases energy levels, relieves stress, and builds euphoria.

Apart from Kratom isolate and Kratom powder, you can get a lot of 7-hydroxymitragynine-based products from 7ohm labs. This vendor was one of the first in the US to create Kratom extract both in liquid and powder form.

The vendor created an identity for themselves as the first independent artisan to have their products submitted for testing by a third-party laboratory. If you are just a new user in the Kratom industry, you should see to it that all your orders are made from vendors that practice quality control such as this.

Carrying out a third-party laboratory test helps vendors to be certain that they are selling pure Kratom to their customers and not one that is spiked with contaminants or additives. The Kratom industry has suffered setbacks in the past as a result of some vendors overlooking this procedure.

The Kratom industry had an incident in 2018 that made them recall a lot of Kratom products. There was a salmonella outbreak and it was connected to Kratom from many high ranking vendors. However, 7ohm labs were free from that scandal.

This is not surprising anyway, especially as many of the online reviews about 7ohm and its owner have been positive all the way. Customers mention that his Speciosa teas were of excellent quality and consistency. They also loved the vendor because of the free samples he dished out sometimes while also asking the public for feedback.

Quality and Authenticity of 7ohm Kratom

The organic nitrogen part of a plant is known as an alkaloid. It is known for the physiological effects it creates on both humans and animals. Kratom has more than 20 alkaloids and other active compounds.

Now the DEA and FDA are often concerned about the contamination of Kratom varieties. That’s because Kratom can get contaminated through the components in the soil by harmful substances like mold, yeast, bacteria, salmonella, heavy metals, and other kinds of contaminants.

You should seek out vendors like 7ohm Kratom that show the results of their laboratory tests on their websites. As mentioned earlier, when looking for a reputable Kratom vendor, one necessary element you should look out for is the transparency of the company when it comes to showing the results of their lab tests.

They need to have the right accreditation due to the issues of contamination that may cause a product to produce negative effects. When you are buying kratom, ensure that the vendor shows their results on the websites.

There’s another thing you should look out for when it comes to displaying lab tests. Some companies may share compromised results and trick people into believing that their products have been tested.

To avoid that, look out for companies whose products have gone through tests and approval of an independent third party laboratory. The site should display every result gotten for the general public to see.

Kratom Product Collection at 7ohm Kratom

At 7ohm, the kratom collection is quite distinct and isn’t like the regular offerings you get from other vendors. They offer kratom derivatives like Extract Special, CBD Special, and CBD tincture

Extract Special

Products under the extract Special category are gotten from the leaves of the plant and their concentration level is at 200 XS. The extract Special costs $40. The extract Special is also made up of several products like EGMD, red elephant, and super green. The red Maeng Da is extracted from the MO’s leaf and with a concentration level of about 100x, it is sold for $25.

CBD Special

This product is 9.98 percent pure. It ranks 360 analytics in memes and has gained approval from the CBN lab test. The CBD product costs $25 per gram.

CBD Tincture

This is simply raw Kratom alkaloid plus CBD. The tincture is a red-veined tincture of Kratom extract that has been mixed with a full-spectrum extract of hemp. It has two times the strength of the normal Kratom powder and alkaloids. People have mentioned that the two substances, Kratom and CBD are great at creating relief for those suffering from chronic pain.

Sample Package for 7ohm Kratom

Some vendors let you try out samples apart from your purchase. If you have been imagining what certain strains of kratoms will feel like, you get the opportunity to try them out whenever your vendor offers you a sample. This way you can find the one that suits you most. The vendors give out a very affordable option for the testing.

The kratom strains that 7ohm sells is the green kratom strain, white kratom strain, and red kratom strain. 7ohm kratom adds samples to customers’ orders and that’s a plus for them.

Price Structure of 7ohm Products

7ohm vendors offer great prices for their customers. In fact, the prices may differ depending on how much product you want to buy. You can get 1 free product when you buy 3 for $20/100. Also, when you buy 3 products for $40/250 you can get 1 free product in addition to delivery.

If you intend to buy kratom in bulk from 7ohm, then you will need to send them an email to get the best affordable prices they have. Usually 7ohms source for high-quality kratom from many countries all over the world. This means they make it convenient for their customers to be able to purchase their products by also reducing the price.

Payment Methods and Shipping Policy

Some vendors have very limited payment options that make it difficult for their customers to get their products. But at 7Ohm, their payment methods are structured in a way that is convenient for many people. You can pay through:

  • Money Order
  • cryptocurrency, and
  • e-Checks.

When you buy from 7Ohm kratom, you’re sure of getting fast shipping and delivery when it’s due. That’s so long as you’re in a destination where using kratom is legal. When you make your order, the delivery time is already decided and you are sure of getting your product on the agreed date.

Refund and Return Policy

When it comes to returning unsatisfactory products, some vendors shy away from accepting goods that their customers do not like. Some vendors let customers return products that have been unopened within 10 days of purchase.

Other vendors accept items if the customer has not used up to 25 percent of the content. It is important that you understand the refund and returns policy of any vendor you want to buy from as some of them do not have any measures put in place to accept returns.

Whatever you do, keep it in mind to always check the return and refund policy of whichever vendor you want to buy from. Some vendors do not and can never accept returns and if you are not satisfied with your products you will never get a refund of your money.

As we said earlier, some vendors will accept returns but many of them put strict conditions on it. That’s why vendors like 7ohm are cherished because they accept 75% of the unused product and still refund the exact amount you purchased.

7ohm Kratom Customer Opinions

If you are in doubt about the quality of the service rendered by 7ohm, you will need to read reviews from other customers.

When you go online to shop for any kind of goods whether Kratom or not, try not to just collect goods from any seller. You should not just pick goods from any vendor you see. That’s because vendors have to earn your confidence and trust before you initiate business with them.

Although you may not like people giving you opinions about decisions you want to make in online purchases, people’s opinions are highly needed. You will need to trust the experiences of other individuals who have made use of the product in the past. Then you can know from their experiences if the brand is one you’d want to be associated with.

When you join Kratom communities and groups on the internet, you will find a lot of users reviewing vendors that they have purchased from. You will notice that reviews about 7Ohm Kratom follow a positive trend. The quality is often highlighted and praised by users. Reading such reviews will make you confident in the product you are about to buy.

Update: How 7ohm Supplier fizzled out

While the vendor was having a good run, making sales, and building a good reputation on the Kratom internet space, a sad incident occurred. Two years ago, the owner became ill and this meant he could no longer handle customer orders. There was a Reddit post that surfaced at that time that mentioned that he was refunding the orders he had taken before then.

However, nobody has confirmed whether he did a refund or not. Shortly after that, the upheaval and information about 7Ohm kratom reduced in Kratom forums, and the site became closed.

When you visit the website, there are a series of messages alerting customers that the site is closed indefinitely. On September 18, 2020, they released a message saying that they have not been able to get secure access to their devices and accounts. They warned all customers not to make payments or orders until they have sorted out their issues.

This is coming right after the owner dropped several messages informing customers about the accident he’s been dealing with since the pandemic. This includes losing access to his iCloud account, and a lot of other issues. Right now, it’s not advisable to initiate any business deal with them as they are still not working properly and the site is in shambles.

Should you buy from 7ohm Kratom?

Judging from their past reviews and activities, it is easy to see that they had a good run and were reliable for the most part. Even with the ongoing challenges, they still update customers on the site, another indication of their genuineness. However, in the meantime, it’s best to avoid all business dealings with them until we’re sure that they’re back on their feet.

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