Amazing Botanicals Review

Amazing Botanicals Vendor Review – Here’s What We Found

We’ve seen lots of events unfold worldwide in recent times. These are events capable of demoralizing many and altering their mental states. The most recent, being COVID-19, dealt the world such a huge blow that many are still yet to recover, even if the conditions are now improving.

In times like these, people usually turn to different things to help them get through such tough situations. As such, many have discovered that Kratom delivers some kind of euphoria or calm that lifts their moods and helps them cope.

But the fact is that finding high-quality Kratom powder isn’t as easy as it sounds. In this review, we want to analyze a popular vendor, Amazing Botanicals, that has become a go-to for many Kratom users.

Who is Amazing Botanicals?

With more than six years of service up to their sleeves, Amazing Botanicals was set up in 2014 as a small startup. But over the years, they’ve become a force to reckon with in the industry. That’s probably because of their commitment towards providing only high-grade goods over the years. As of now, they are not GMP-certified but seem to be working towards that.

According to our findings, they have an Indonesia-based plug that ships them fresh Kratom. Finding this source wasn’t always easy and after working with many others, they were able to choose this one supplier that they could trust.

The supplier first processes and tests all batches to confirm that they are pure before sending them to the company. But that doesn’t stop Amazing Botanicals from carrying out its lab tests. After completing all the checks comprehensively, they then package their products for delivery to buyers. 

Kratom Strains and Products Sold at Amazing Botanicals

This vendor has a diverse collection of products ranging from Kratom powder and capsules to CBD, extracts, and other botanicals. Looking at their Kratom collection, you will find white, red, green, yellow, and gold strains. Here’s a brief break down to give you an idea:

White Strains

In the Amazing Botanicals world of white strains, known to be very potent, you’ll find some popular strains like White Indo, White Maeng Da, etc. Also available in capsules and powders. For rookies, we recommend trying out some of the milder strains before moving into the world of whites.

Green Strains

A very diverse category that includes Green Thai, Green Maeng Da, Green Bali, Green Elephant, etc. Find the entire collection of greens on their site. These strains also come in capsule and powder forms.

Red Strains

Very euphoric strains come in varieties such as Red Thai, Red Maeng Da, Red Indo, and Red Bali. Find more when you visit the site.  

Gold Strains

Available in both capsule and powder forms, these stimulating strains include Gold Reserve, Gold Maeng Da, and Gold Bali 

Yellow Strains

Renowned for its mood-boosting capabilities and energizing properties, Amazing Botanicals sells Yellow Reserve, Yellow Vietnam, Yellow Maeng Da, Yellow Indo, and Yellow Bali.

Amazing Botanicals Kratom Prices

This company offers very reasonable prices so that customers can have access to quality Kratom without breaking the bank. Taking a closer look at what the pricing structure looks like, we see that the costs of different strains are fairly similar across the entire collection.

When it comes to Kratom capsules, the 30-count pack will cost you around $5.99. Higher counts mean higher costs, with one kilo worth of Kratom capsules costing around $134.99. In general, the capsules are available in counts of 1kilo, 300, 150, 65, and 30. 

For 30 grams of Kratom powder, you have to pay around $5.99. Increasing this amount means you have to pay more and the price could easily rise to $89.9 for 1 kilo. 

Kratom Wholesale – Best for Smaller Retailers

Amazing Botanicals runs a business model that also caters to the needs of smaller businesses. So, whether you have a retail business or smoke shop, it’s easy to source bulk Kratom online for retail purposes.

The company says it offers capsules and powders in more than 50 strains said to be very potent, rare, and exotic. They also provide smaller retail shops with wholesale Kratom extracts described as very powerful. Some of these other products include Kratom shots, 50X extracts, and extract tablets.

To help ensure that smaller retail businesses make profits, Amazing Botanicals says it has the lowest prices that you can find anywhere in the world for wholesale Kratom. They even claim to offer prices lower than what you get from sellers operating out of Indonesia. But the best part is that they will ship these products to you directly from the United States. This is a way of limiting the risk associated with importing products that you can not vouch for.

For wholesale buyers looking to sell at retail prices, Amazing Botanicals will bottle, bag, and label according to your requirements. So if you want different labeling other than the Amazing Botanicals design, they’ll honor your request.

Payment Options

Payment for orders using three methods, including Coin, Cash App, and credit cards. They assure payment security because all transactions are SSL-encrypted. So you have nothing to fear about your payment information getting into the wrong hands.

Shipping and Delivery

Amazing Botanicals will send your package to you via USPS. So you can opt for Express shipping, Priority Mail, or First Class. All packages get sent out every day of the week from Mondays to Fridays. But if a holiday falls on any weekday, no shipment gets sent out. You can find out more about shipping fees when it’s time to check out.

All packages usually get sent out within 24 hours. But for customers sending in payments using eCheck or ACH, your package will only get sent out after your payment clears. And this might require as many as seven business days. 

Does Amazing Botanicals Accept Returns?

We must give kudos to the team at Amazing Botanicals because we believe their returns system is quite impressive. To go through the complete process of returning any package, find the Returns Center link on their website. After inputting all necessary information about your order, including your order number, this vendor will then guide you. 

You can ask for an exchange, depending on the variant. Always receive a refund, but you must complete the return process within 7 days of your purchase. In general, they state that customers have 30 days to return unopened products. You don’t have the option of getting store credit or receiving a full refund.

So how long does it take to get your refund?

This depends on how long it takes for the vendor to receive your item and inspect it. However, they will send you a notification to your email and keep you updated concerning the status of your refund request. On approval, expect to receive your refund anywhere from 5 to 7 business days.

Should You Trust This Online Vendor? – Our Thoughts

From what we’ve seen so far, Amazing Botanicals performs better than many other online Kratom sellers. We also like the look of their website, guaranteeing you easy navigation. You can also read about Kratom and get more info about their products by visiting their blog. In our opinion, this vendor might be worth a shot.

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