Apex Kratom Review

Apex Kratom Review and Analysis For Intending Buyers

It is undeniable how many people have taken to using Kratom. There is also a corresponding increase in the number of vendors who have Kratom for sale. That means buyers have to be extra careful when making their purchase.

Kratom users seek high-quality powder at a fair price and only a few vendors can boast of giving that to them. Apex Kratom happens to be one of such vendors that are loved by a majority of users. This is mostly a result of their stellar service.

Who wouldn’t love a brand that offers free samples to their customers? Another quality that we see endears Apex Kratom to buyers is their free delivery service, especially as other vendors charge some fees for the same thing.

So this review will focus on Apex Kratom and why you might want to consider buying your next batch of Kratom from them.

About Apex Kratom

Apex Kratom is a US-based company with head office operations based in Wyoming. They’ve stocked up some pretty affordable and high-end kratom products in their store.

Many patrons believe that they are the one-stop-shop for amazing shipping, high-quality Kratom strains, and free samples. Their official website fades off the Apex logo on the home page so they can display the “Kratom theory” tag boldly. Also, their discounts are quite fantastic and this one trait that endears them to new customers.

Apex Kratom Strains and Varieties

You will find varieties of Kratom strains from this vendor, with their products offered both in powder and capsule forms. Some strains to be found here are Green Borneo, Green Malay, White Malay Green Maeng Da, Red MD kratom, and others.

But there’s just a slight hitch with Apex Kratom. As of now, there’s no mention of lab tests for these strains. Quite a cause for concern for a few customers if you ask us.

For the sample packs, this vendor offers you 10 grams of any strain you choose. They give free samples so you can have a taste of what the actual product feels like before making their decision on what strain to buy.

Aside from having a lot of strains to offer, this company is careful about making any false claims. They try to be transparent and do not advertise their products under outrageous pretenses.

Apex Kratom Prices and Payment Options

The cost of strains at Apex Kratom falls within a fair stratum as they offer their Kratom between a price range of $9.99 to $32.99. Many customers believe their charge to be fair when you compare them to other vendors.

In addition to the basic packages, you can place kratom in bulk orders and get a half-pound pack for $49.99 and $129.95 for a kilogram. The pricing structure is quite affordable and does not change with differences in strain.

Yet, Apex Kratom even goes further to lower the cost of purchasing their products by carrying the burden of the shipping expenses, which is quite impressive.

Payment for Kratom is something that many buyers tend to worry about especially as most vendors do not accept several payment options that they may find convenient. However, Apex Kratom is top-rated by their patrons because they make it easy to use several payment options during purchases. Some of the available payment options on the website include credit and debit cards, as well as eBay.

eBay is one payment option that this vendor’s patrons are happy to have because it is rare among online vendors. However, the platform has an easy seamless contact with Apex Kratom.

Any Discounts and Promos

One reason that this vendor is popular among buyers is the free sample packs that are available during purchases. Aside from that, they provide a sort of assurance your money won’t go to waste if you do not like the strain purchased.

From our observation, it is quite difficult for customers not to return for more after using their 10-gram powder sample pack. That shows it’s probably authentic and potent.

Shipping & Delivery

Like we mentioned earlier, their free delivery is one of the reasons that patrons admire their services. Even with other Kratom vendors charge high rates, there’s them not taking a dime. Also, the delivery is quick and customers can get their orders within 2-4 business days.

However, this company maintains the law and does not ship to certain states in the US like Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin because it is illegal there.

Customer Reviews

You will find much discussion about Apex Kratom on Reddit and other Kratom discussion groups. Like we mentioned above, the buzz around this seller could also be because they’re one of the few that allow payments through eBay.

Their customers have also helped to increased their good reputation through the praises they shower them on several Kratom communities online. So it’s safe to say that their fan base is satisfied with their services.

The Upsides Of Buying Kratom from Apex

This company is known for its honesty and ability to deliver quality Kratom. They also offer sample packs to new users to ensure they get comfortable with the strains they prefer before placing orders for larger amounts. Also, they provide free shipping within the US.

But what can they do better?

Yes, customers say that their products are of top quality. But this vendor’s reputation and patronage will surely increase if they can conduct independent lab tests on their strains and display the results on their website.

Apex Kratom Website

On the homepage of Apex Kratom, the logo disappears to reveal the Kratom Theory Tag. Although they mentioned a name change recently, there has been no more information on that. People may be confused about the new Kratom Theory logo. But don’t be because it is just an information center where this vendor shares tips about the product and other guides to using Kratom.

Should You Patronize Apex Kratom?

In consideration of everything that we’ve brought to light, it’s clear to see that you can get quality products from this vendor because they seem reliable. The company also offers varieties and customers can access discounts. Let’s not forget their free sample packs and free delivery.

Overall, people love them for their services and their website provides relevant Kratom information. So, if you’re willing to overlook their lack of lab testing results and trust what other buyers have said, then, of course, you can buy from Apex Kratom.

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