Atlas Kratom Review- Respectable Brick’n’Mortar store for Kratom Enthusiasts


  • High Google Star Ratings
  • Lots of positive reviews from locals
  • Brick and Mortar Shop
  • Poor Website Design
  • Sells quality Kratom
  • Lacks an online store

Atlas Kratom

Atlas Kratom is an offline Kratom vendor located in Hollister, Missouri, owned by Mr. Kim Mercer, a former drug addict turned social worker. His intention for starting his store was to extend his social working skills to more people across different walks of life. His store was solely an opportunity for individuals to use Kratom as a means of finding themselves. 

This vendor does not have much about them online and seems to have been in the Kratom industry way before it became common to sell Kratom online. 

Not the Best of Websites

When you hop on to, you’ll find that the website is just basic enough to announce its presence in the world. However, the template used for the design is not the best for a shop that wants to attract more patronage. On the home page is a header written: “get quote”. The page is built like a standard info page just like those from a company advertising their services.

All their products have a fixed price which only changes when there’s a promotion. Instead of asking potential customers to request a quote whenever they wanted to know the prices of their products, this seller should have simply displayed all of the necessary information on the page.

What Products and Prices Should I Expect?

This vendor does not mention what Kratom strains they sell on their website. It is simply not an online shop. The only thing indicating that they sell Kratom is the picture of their storefront. This means you have to walk into the store to know the products and prices.

Well, people in the area sure do visit the shop and they mention that this vendor has some very potent and very effective strains. If you’re planning on visiting the shop the next time you’re in Hollister, then expect to see different kratom strains and veins, such as Red Vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom, and Green Vein Kratom. Now, these strains are available in different strains, such as these ones:

  • Chocolate Bentuangie
  • Red Vein Bali
  • Green Malay
  • White Maeng Da

So what’s the pricing structure like?

Well, the shop does not mention their products and prices on the website. So, unless you visit the store, you cannot know they charge for their kratom. 

But there may be another way to get all of these relevant pieces of info, but that could be a very tedious task. You’ll have to visit, join, and ask in Kratom forums to find people who have patronized them to give you a hint. However, considering that they do not buy directly from local farmers or producers, their prices will be higher than what other online vendors sell. There is also a chance that they do not sell in large quantities.

You also can not buy Kratom from their website. So, the only customers who can benefit are people who have the luxury of time to visit their walk-in store to patronize them. Customers can use the coupon code “Jesus loves me” to get discounts. Besides the information about their address and available hours, there’s nothing else on their website to indicate that they’re in business. Every other thing about the operations of this vendor is vague. 

Customer Reputation and Philosophy

This vendor has gathered a total of 36 reviews on Google and has a 4.2 overall star rating. That shows that there’s something they’re probably doing right. It most likely has to do with the quality of their strains and exceptional service. 

As you’ll see, they display some reviews from customers on their website praising them for selling quality Kratom. Many of the Google reviews of this brand commend the shop owner, Mr. Mercer, and his employees for the good customer service they provide.

They do not hesitate to share their knowledge of Kratom and help people to find the products that suit them best. The reviews on their website show that they adopt a customer-centered style of operation.

Can Atlas Kratom Ship Orders to Me? Can I Also Get Refunds?

The thing is, they do not have an online shop or e-commerce operation. So you’ll have to look elsewhere because they only serve kratom users within and around their immediate location. So don’t expect them to ship your favorite strains to you.

When it comes to returns and refunds, the Atlas Kratom website does not mention anything about accepting returns. That’s quite logical, considering that their customers buy their Kratom strains in person. And since they don’t ship orders, it’s okay to just assume that returns won’t be allowed for their products. 

Is Atlas Kratom Accredited by the AKA?

Atlas Kratom has not gained accreditation from the American Kratom Association. However, people should not expect them to have such recognition at this time. The accreditation by AKA is mostly for vendors who buy Kratom directly from the local farmers and import it into the country. This vendor may be procuring their Kratom from wholesalers online. There are a couple of credible companies that offer bulk deals while also selling to individual buyers.

As an offline store, there are two possible ways of acquiring Kratom. They can either purchase wholesale and resell the products of other Kratom brands or use the white label method where they purchase from a larger source and then add their branding. Considering that this vendor does not sell for other brands, the latter is the best plausible explanation for the source of their Kratom. 

This is not a new practice in the industry as a lot of vendors use the “white label method”. For this reason, there is no certainty that this shop buys from an AKA accredited vendor with excellent manufacturing standards. And that’s one reason why AKA continues to push federal authorities to pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act into law. Doing so will help quell concerns that people have concerning walk-in stores and whether they get their strains from a reputable source or not.

Should You Buy From Atlas Kratom?

By now, you’ve probably already decided what your next line of action should be. From the little information that has been presented about Atlas Kratom, it seems to be a big deal for people who prefer to use offline stores in their locality. The owner is spoken well of for being willing to provide help and guidance to patrons.

As earlier mentioned, the company does not have much information about them online. Judging from what we’ve seen, they probably began their trade at a time when using e-commerce stores online wasn’t always the norm. But they could do more still. This vendor can take their business a step further by listing the Kratom strains that they sell and mentioning their prices on their site. It doesn’t have to be an online store, they could just list it as a menu on one page of the website. That way, if you find yourself in the area or live nearby, you can choose to check them out for yourself by walking in.

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