Authentic Kratom Review

Authentic Kratom Review 2021

There are hundreds of online kratom vendors globally, most of which are illegitimate and untrustworthy. In this article, we look at perhaps one of the industry’s leading kratom vendors and gauge its services and reputation.

What is Authentic Kratom?

Authentic kratom vendor was established in 2014 in California, United States, from where they ship their products. Being a significant player in the kratom industry Authentic Kratom is one of the most reputable brands in the dietary supplement market.

The vendor has been around for six years, and the prolonged market presence earned them deep trust from their customers, something evident from more than 3000 authentic reviews from genuine customers on their site.

The company attracts its customers with unique offers such as quick free shipping on all orders and same-day shipping if you order by 2:00 pm Pacific time.

It has a long reputation offering quality kratom products to its customers outsourced from Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, and other South Asia parts.

Here is a quick look at some of their top products.

Top 5 Authentic Kratom Store Products

Authentic Maeng Da kratom

The authentic vendor sells authentic Maeng Da kratom freshly imported from Indonesia. They come in various varieties; White-veined, Green Veined, Red-veined, horn leaf, and yellow kratom. The entry-level costs are $19.99 for 1 Oz of Kratom, but the price varies depending on the varieties.

Authentic Borneo kratom

Borneo produces some of the best kratom strains in the market, and the products are available in Authentic kratom store as Red, Green, white, and yellow kratom varieties. The starting price is $13.5 per Oz.

Authentic Vietnam kratom

Authentic kratom sources its Vietnam kratom from the Diang’ province of Vietnam, a reputable source of quality mitragyna Speciosa.

The company has various varieties of Vietnam kratom; green-veined, red-veined, white-veined, and yellow kratom. Vietnam kratom varieties average $14.99 per oz.

Authentic Bali kratom

As an American, you don’t have to travel to Bali to have a taste of Kratom as Authentic Kratom delivers it straight to your doorstep. You can get Red, white, or Green Bali kratom from Authentic kratom stores.

The prices average $15.00 per oz.

Authentic Indo Kratom

Other than Bali, other Indonesian provinces produce the Indo kratom. This can be white Indo, red, or green Indo kratom. Indo kratom is among the most popular and potent strains in the market.

It will cost you an average of $18.99 per Oz at the Authentic kratom store.

Ultra enhanced kratom

Authentic kratom sells ultra-enhanced kratom, which is kratom concentrates. This version of kratom is powerful but comes at a high price.

Ultra kratom can be in the form of extracts or tinctures and traverses across all strains. Unlike what you find in many stores, authentic enhanced kratom is of high quality and free of stimulant additives.

Exotic Kratom

Are you looking for customized kratom experiences? Exotic Kratom is Kratom laced with other related additives such as cannabinoids. This combination gives the best stints and comes at a reasonably high price. Very few stores sell exotic kratom.

Authentic Kratom Shopping Experience

Online Store Features

Overall, the Authentic kratom online store is pretty straight forward. The site layout is user friendly, with clearly labeled product pages neatly displayed. It is easy to browse through their items.

Additionally, their site has an education blog and a product review section, a great source of information considering that most of their customers are new.

The site has a standard shopping cart, and picking and dropping products is easy. The checkout process is simple, and the site has a responsive bot.

Prices At Authentic Kratom Vendor

Honestly, Authentic kratom prices are relatively higher than other top-flight kratom vendors. As the saying goes, cheap is expensive, and the vendor covers higher prices by ensuring that you get legit products.

The site measures its products in 0z. 1 Oz is 28 grams. The prices vary depending on the strain and variety of the product.

However, the vendor provides users who spend more than $50 with a discount coupon to cover extra costs. You also get free samples if you make a huge purchase.

Payment Methods

Authentic kratom accepts bank credit card links. Unfortunately, the PayPal option is not available due to regulations. The company is working on introducing crypto wallet payment options in the future.


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Authentic Kratom is its free shipping. What is the catch? Free shipping only applies to purchases of more than $40. For lower purchases, a flat rate fee is charged.

The vendor offers same day dispatches on orders placed before 2.00 pm Pacific time. It takes between 2 to 3 business days to get your order delivered through USPS. However, you get free faster air delivery via UPS if you make more than a $200 purchase.

Generally, Authentic kratom Shipping services are world-class, and many customers have termed them as reliable, and you can track your product online.

The company ships its products to all 50 states in the United States except for counties where kratom is illegal.

Additionally, Authentic Kratom provides international shipping to regions where kratom is legalized. Only local shipments are free. International orders take between 7-30 days to arrive on first-class International Mail while International priority mail delivers it in half the time.

Return Policy

Although a rare case, your order can sometimes fall short of your expectations; if this is the case, Authentic Kratom accepts returns as long as it is ten days from the day you received it.

Unfortunately, their refund policy is vague, as they only promise to do everything within their power if you request a refund. This means anything could happen.

Customer Protection

Online shopping can be risky if the vendor doesn’t guarantee safety on the information provided.
Authentic kratom has taken the necessary precautions to keep their customers safe on the internet.

Firstly, customers’ personal information is not traded to a third party for marketing purposes. Additionally, all clients’ shopping history is cleared as soon as the order is completed, and no user information is stored on the website.

The payments are processed and stored in a system encrypted by a top SSL certificate keeping fraudsters at bay. Since purchase history is cleared after placing the order, users have to contact support if they want to change their order or add another product.

Customer Support

Few companies are reachable on the weekends, and Authentic Kratom is one of them. They can be easily contacted through their email, phone, social media, or live chat on their website.

The customer support is friendly and responsive, with emails getting responses in the quickest time possible. This character of Authentic kratom stands out from hundreds of customer reviews. They give you the needed reassurance in your entire shopping process.

Authentic Kratom Promotional Deals

Authentic kratom offers mouth-watering deals to its customers. The values are classified into four categories each offering a different amount of free kratom upon purchase.

  • Try It: this offer is available for purchases between $50 to $75 and gives one free ounce of kratom.
  • Premium: If you purchase $75, then you get a free 2-ounce kratom powder of your choice
  • Best Deal: This offer grants you 4 ounces of kratom for free if you make a purchase exceeding $100.
  • Hot Deal: You get five ounces of kratom for free if you use more than $200 in purchases.

Pros and Cons of Authentic Kratom Vendor


  1. Quality Products: Authentic Kratom sells quality kratom products sourced from reliable sources. The products are pre-tested, with the company offering both personal and third party lab test reports. Contaminated products contain lethal metals such as lead and nickel as well as Salmonella bacteria
  2. Free Shipping across the United States: Authentic Kratom offers free shipping within the United States. This cuts off the shipping fee hustle
  3. Affordable prices: Based on their product quality, Authentic provides the best prices for good quality, although many people might find them outrageous compared to other vendors
  4. Outstanding Website: Authentic kratom website is reliable, and even a newbie will find it easy to navigate and place orders
  5. Reliable customer support: Authentic gives cutting edge customer support, which is not a usual case in many other companies.
  6. Gifts and Rewards: Repeat customers are awarded free kratom samples as gratitude for their loyalty.


  1. Vague refund policy: as earlier stated, Authentic Kratom doesn’t give a transparent refund process in case of returns or spoilt products.
  2. No sample packs: The vendor does offer sample packs alongside their products. Hence you have to stick with what you have purchased after opening it up.


From the look of things, Authentic Kratom will pass any test of legitimacy. Its reputation precedes it, while its quality products and world-class services speak for them. Getting a qualified and trustworthy store in the kratom industry is challenging, and Authentic kratom is such a gem.

If fast delivery, quality products, and top-notch services are what you are looking for, then Authentic Kratom is your answer.

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