Daniel Barnes

What Does Kratom Do?

According to FDA research, kratom is an antagonist that connects to mu-opioid receptors in the brain. They affect the same receptors as heroin and other painkillers. So What does kratom do? The two major alkaloids in kratom mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine interact with the opioid receptors to produce seductive pleasure and reduce pain, especially when …

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Stem and Vein Kratom

Stem and Vein Kratom Powder – Is It Worth It?

Stem and veins, also referred to as Tulang, Leaf Bone, or S&V, are the kratom leaf veins and petioles commonly extracted from kratom powder. With origins in the South Pacific Islands, Kratom is a natural substance that has gained considerable popularity. Many individuals use kratom only to increase their energy levels. However, several others are …

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The Most Euphoric Kratom

Kratom is perhaps one of the least documented supplements in the market, and whatever information is available on the internet is misguided. Before discussing the most euphoric kratom strains let’s see what euphoria and kratom are? Since its recent internet breakthrough, the substance has enjoyed a lot of attention even clouding the legalization of marijuana, …

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Kratom Austin – The Best Places to Buy Kratom in Austin, Texas

Countless vendors avail Kratom products to users in Austin, making it easy for anyone wishing to buy. Kratom Austin surpasses many other places. Suppose you have been wondering where to get Kratom in Austin. Here is a legitimate answer to your question. You can freely buy Kratom in Austin from several genuine vendors. However, legality …

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Kratom and Suboxone

Before we delve into this article’s details about kratom and suboxone, it is imperative to admit that researchers and scientists have failed us big time when it comes to ascertaining the medicinal properties of kratom. Wait, do kratom products have medicinal properties? Well, there are two versions of this story. The first story comes from …

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