Beaufort Kratom Review

Beaufort Kratom Vendor Review 2021 – Legit or Scam?

Kratom is staking a huge claim in the herbal supplement market as a fast-rising ethnobotanical hotly demanded by enthusiasts. And as a result, there’s been an increase in the number of suppliers or sellers of Kratom online like Beaufort Kratom.

This influx of vendors means you’ll find both trustworthy and dubious sellers that want to rip buyers off. This is why you must be careful before patronizing any of the vendors you see on the internet. For starters, avoid buying kratom from vendors that do not have positive reviews.

So you probably came across Beaufort Kratom during your search and you’re wondering if they really are legit. To make your quest for a good Kratom vendor easier, we have put together this review on Beaufort Kratom for your consideration. This guide will focus on the qualities of Beaufort that determine whether they are reliable or not.

Who Founded Beaufort Kratom?

This online vendor commits, like every other reputable vendor, to sell high-quality Kratom to its customers. Asides from that, they are involved in extensive research and knowledge building to make sure their users enjoy even better Kratom.

The founder of Beaufort Kratom, Mike, started this company as a result of the difficulties he faced when trying to find Kratom sellers that offer clean and pure products. Based in the US, Beaufort Kratom found that the drying process accounts for many of the issues associated with the quality of the powder. Some Kratom sellers sun-dry the herb which increases the risk of contamination. Mike then went on a quest to find suppliers with better standards and eventually found a farm that had a special indoor room for drying kratom.

Beaufort Kratom considers their customers’ feedback and creates a means to engage them. They strive to ensure that every buyer gets a superb experience while using their kratom powder. Asides from having top-notch customer service, Beaufort only sells fresh Kratom powder. And this is possible because they carry out onsite drying of the leaves and even monitor it after shipping.

The company has its operations based in Port Royal Island, South Carolina. Keep in mind that you can buy in-store and if you prefer that to shop online, the service is still the same. There are many more reasons that we’ve noticed drive their patronage and we’ll talk about them in the sections below.

Beaufort Kratom Strains and Varieties To Look Forward To

You can find a wide variety of products from this vendor as they do not specialize only in Kratom. But when it comes to Kratom, they stand out from other vendors because they are one of the few that have a drying facility. They are active players in all processing stages which is why it’s easy for them to always sell fresh Kratom.

Beaufort Kratom also sells kratom capsules which gives you a whole different experience from powder. This is especially nice for consumers who have a hard time ingesting the raw powder. Here some of the hottest strains you can find on their online store right now:

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng Da is one strain that is popular among Kratom users because it is a balanced strain that comes with the ability to act as a mood enhancer. Users comment on its relaxing effects while highlighting how helpful they found it to be in relieving anxiety and depression symptoms.

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da is a strain of Kratom powder famous among consumers as a possible way of finding relief for the pain. Normally known for its relaxing properties, users say it can be a stimulant too when ingested in larger quantities.

Yellow Maeng Da Kratom

Yellow Maeng Da is another strain that’s become popular amongst enthusiasts. Asides from pain relief potentialities, Kratom lovers also mention it’s used as a stimulant and stress reliever.

White Maeng Da Kratom

White Maeng Da is another well-sought strain you can find in the Beaufort Kratom store. Users love it because they say, it boosts energy and provides stimulating effects for those who need an extra push to get things done.

Other Products

Other products in the store include Yellow Hulu, Green Sumatra, White Dragon, White Bentuangie, Super Select Green Bentuangie, and Evergreen Maeng Da Kratom. But that’s not all as you’ll also find kratom extracts, CBD products, reclamation bundles, variety packs, and Adaptogens among others.

Besides the impressive Kratom strain line up and the Kratom extracts, there is a regular offer of Beaufort Kratom 50 for their customers.

They also make bundles of Kratom products for those who can shell out $80 for a special Extract package of three vials and 10 ounces of 50x FST. Asides from the herbs and extracts, they also have Beaufort merch like t-shirts.

Beaufort Kratom Prices, Quality Control, and Safety Measures

For a vendor that sells carefully dried Kratom, their prices are quite on the low side. This may put some potential buyers off as they may become skeptical due to the very low pricing structure. However, Beaufort Kratom still sells high-quality kratom notwithstanding how inexpensive they are.

Over the years, Beaufort Kratom has continued to demonstrate its love for its customers by maintaining lower prices. Often, people who use online vendors have reservations about the high cost of Kratom powder but cannot say the same when ordering from Beaufort.

At the Beaufort Kratom store, it costs $20 to purchase two full ounces and $80 for half a kilo. When compared to the prices of other vendors, however, the bulk kratom deals are not as cheap but you’ll still find it to be quite affordable.

Like we’ve already said, the top priority for this vendor is a consumer health and product quality. This is why they provide evidence of their products’ authenticity. They already have created non-negotiable standards and that’s why the vendor takes upon itself the task of drying the Kratom products to reduce contamination. This drying process is carried out at a location with special rooms set up and equipped for drying Kratom. Well-trained staff members are then assigned to monitor the process.

Besides ensuring that their Kratom strains are dried under hygienic conditions, more tests are carried out to check for contaminants, adulterants, and heavy metals. Every batch of Kratom in their store undergoes lab testing and one impressive fact is that they make the results of these tests available on their website. Customers are also allowed to make special requests to check the exact test results of the product they’re buying either through email or phone calls.

Discounts and Promotions

Asides from offering high quality for great prices, this Kratom vendor launches several promotional packages for customers. So you can visit their website and check for promotions before making your order.

Also, customers who follow this vendor on social media get early updates on discounts and special offers. Social media apart, Beaufort Kratom offers coupon codes for clients who give reviews of their services. These coupons activate discounts for customers by up to about 20% and only verified buyers are allowed to enjoy this privilege. They also launched a referral program that allows customers to participate in a draw to win a quarter kilo worth of kratom for free.

Customer Service – What To Expect

One thing people consider when buying kratom is the customer service policy of the company.

The Beaufort Kratom research team is always on its toes in its search for innovation. Customers do not have to go through much trouble to access them as they’re just an email away. And every kratom batch vetted and released undergoes thorough research and testing. This means you have almost nothing to worry about because safety is guaranteed.

Most reviews from customers show that their customer service is one of the reasons people prefer to do business with them. They are always accessible by mail and will have conversations about any of their products that interest you. Being highly professional, their team maintains professionalism during interactions with the customers.

Shipping and Delivery Policy

This vendor clearly states that they do not ship to some parts of the US. The best advice for you is to check if your location is on their shipping route before making attempts to patronize them. Doing so will save you from any disappointments. They ensure that their products are only delivered to parts of the US where Kratom is legal. So if you come from parts where the substance is considered not legal, you’ll have to sort yourself out some other way.

Their shipping hours are from Mondays to Fridays, between 11 AM and 4 PM. But orders taken on Saturdays have to be shipped by 11 AM. Every order that comes after 4 pm on the shipping days will move over to the next day. Beaufort Kratom ships via Express Shipping because of how reliable they are when compared to standard shipping. This means that if you’re using express shipping, your orders have to be placed before 11 am.

Beaufort Kratom uses USPS and UPS as it’s shipping contractors. The shipping fees also vary according to the kind of shipping service used, the weight of the products, and the location of the customer. Beaufort sends out all packages properly sealed to prevent contamination. This is unlike some other vendors and their customers have attested to this.

Every batch sent out for shipping is provided with a tracking number to allow customers to trace their products in the event of a delay. Also, this service comes with a guarantee that allows customers dissatisfied with the product quality to ship back (incidents like that rarely happen, anyway). It is important to note that every order above $175 will require signatures before shipping is processed.

Is There a Return & Refund Policy?

Beaufort Kratom provides a guarantee that enables the customers to return products they do not like. This guarantee is one of the hallmarks of reputable kratom vendors. However, refunds can only happen for batches that still have 85% of the original content. Once fully returned, customers can then receive a different product or strain. However, if the quantity being returned is less than the stipulated percentage, customers may have to accept a new product or strain of the same weight if approved.

Pros and Cons – Here’s What We Think

First, let’s talk about what we like about this vendor. Beaufort Kratom must be commended for its excellent shipping and customer service. They are also very much concerned with customer satisfaction and do their best to ensure that every buyer remains comfortable with their services. Also, unlike other vendors, they show clear evidence of the tests they carried out on their kratom strains as proof of quality.

Keep in mind, however, that the website of this company does not give immediate information on available products and prices. So customers will need to contact customer service for more information.

Is Beaufort a Reliable Source of Kratom?

Beaufort Kratom exceeds the expectations of many Kratom users. Most buyers regard them as their best source of Kratom in the country and it’s probably clear to see why that is the case. That’s because it can be hard to find high-quality products such as what they offer. The best part is that they sell at some of the most competitive rates ever.

Many customers feel at ease buying kratom from them knowing that after sourcing from real Kratom farmers, the drying process gets done in hygienic conditions. The fact that they also cater to people who prefer more than just Kratom by showcasing other valuable products on their site shows that you’re in very good hands.

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