Gold Bali Kratom Review – Everything You Need to Know

Gold Bali kratom comes from red strains that have undergone an extended drying phase. The drying process causes the change in color to golden and enhances the effect. Gold Bali kratom distinguishes itself from other strains due to its gentle impacts and sweet aroma. The leaves are first exposed to sunlight to attain its gold …

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White Indo Kratom Review

The arrival of Kratom took the internet by a storm. Unfortunately, with little information on this ‘new legal high’, myths and misconceptions of its origin, properties, and effects are being tossed from every direction. Well, what is this literal ‘Holy Grail’ that has remained elusive from the world for centuries? There have been debates over …

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Yellow Thai Kratom Review

Yellow Thai kratom is a rare strain in the market with high demand. Some people believe that it comes from kratom leaves harvested at a mature stage of growth. However, the most accepted concept is that the yellow color results from different drying techniques of white and green kratom leaves. Yellow kratom could be white …

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Green Thai Kratom Review

Green Thai kratom is somewhere between white and red strains. As kratom leaves mature, they turn from white; for new growth, then green and eventually red. Since green is between red and white, it is always viewed as blending the two strains. Some people believe that red is too slow and white is too fast, …

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Green Malay Kratom Review

Green Malay Kratom Review – A Time-tested Botanical

Many patients are now looking for more organic ways to tackle their health issues. That’s true, especially after they get to find out how much harm pharmaceutical medicines can cause. That’s why we thought it necessary to do a Green Malay Kratom review. Yes, Kratom has become a go-to alternative for millions of people around …

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Green Bali Kratom Review

Green Bali Kratom Review

Green Bali kratom is incredibly popular in all parts of the world, and it has a reputation of being among the most consistent of all strains. It is ideal for beginners. It blends the properties of white and red Bali strains perfectly. It is known for giving moderate effects while retaining its potency. Green Bali …

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