Boosted Kratom Vendor Review

Is Boosted Kratom a Safe Source For Your Kratom Needs?

In this piece, we will be talking about a company that’s more of a supplier than a Kratom vendor. That’s Boosted Kratom.

If you’ve heard about them in the past, then you know by now that they supply Kratom powder and leaves said to come from the Southeast Asian region. Today, you’ll find their products selling across various smoke shops, distributors, gas stations, and head shops. 

Boosted Kratom supplies different powder strains and some have it that they experience the desired effects after using their powder. That’s to say this brand probably delivers quality Kratom. However, there is reason to be skeptical due to the shady reputation that most smokeshop dealers have. Head shops are known to sell cheap, low-quality Kratom, so it makes sense to do some research about Boosted Kratom’s products before buying. 

Gladly, we’ve made some findings and put together some helpful information that contains all the facts we could find about this brand. The sections that follow will discuss all there is to know about this supplier right now.

Who is Boosted Kratom?

As of now, there isn’t that much information about this brand. But your search through various review sites might lead you to some content online that says a thing or two about them. Yet, it’s still hard to find real reviews from previous buyers who have used their products. And that’s why it’s difficult to tell if Boosted Kratom sells quality or not.

As you read different articles online that try to give information about this supplier, you will notice that they try to sell on information about Boosted Kratom offering a satisfaction guarantee, cheap prices, and potent stuff. But, as earlier mentioned, it’s hard to tell what their customer service experience feels like and if they deliver on such promises.

Boosted Kratom Product Catalog

Here’s the thing – You won’t find any website on the internet owned by Boosted Kratom. One possible reason could be because they just distribute Kratom products and do not operate like regular Kratom vendors. But one website, in particular, that tends to pop up whenever you search for Boosted Kratom is This might just be one of the biggest sellers of products from the company.

The product catalog of Boosted Kratom has more than 30 variants comprising Kratom powder and capsules. You will find that they sell most of the regular strains such as Red Bali, White Maeng Da, Green Hulu, etc. Aside from those, they also have some special features of which Trainwreck powder happens to be a signature product. 

All strains available from this vendor come in capsule and powder forms. You can buy anywhere from 60 to 1 kilo of Kratom powder but they package and seal the capsules in special bags available in 65 counts or 150 counts.

Pricing and Promo Deals

It’s quite a challenge to find Boosted Kratom prices on the internet. This is mostly down to the fact that they have no real estate online. Without a website, finding all their products in one place with their prices displayed isn’t feasible at this time. There’s no way to tell how much you would have to spend to lay your hands on their products. And with next to no partner vendors showcasing their products, you have to dig deep to find tangible information.

Boosted Kratom’s business model shows that they operate as a distributor. That could mean that you will spend much less to get their Kratom than if you were to buy from a regular vendor. Since their products are peddled by bulk buyers, it’s only logical for this company to lower the prices so that retailers can make good profits. 

Can you get access to promotional deals and coupon codes? Well, that is impossible at this time since the company lacks a proper website online. So you can’t use a checkout page or complete actions that entitle you to discounts and promos. But you could have some luck finding a vendor online that sells Boosted Kratom capsules and powders willing to give discounts.

Reputation Online

We could find no real reviews from customers about Boosted Kratom. So if you’re critical of Kratom brands, this should be a major red flag for you. But there could be another angle to this if you think about it. The company has a brand name that may not really be friendly to search engines.

That’s because of the different pieces of content developed around “Boosted Kratom” as a keyword. So what you’ll mostly find may relate to third-party advice about how to boost the effects you get from Kratom instead of information about the company. However, it’s still a bit usual that one can not find any information about the brand even on online communities like Reddit. 

Can You Get Customer Support at Boosted Kratom?

There’s no need to get your hopes up when it comes to receiving customer support from Boosted Kratom. So long as there’s no website of its own, it will always be a hassle getting access to their contact information. We’ve heard some people talk about a satisfaction guarantee being offered by the company. But if there’s any truth in such claims, then that may only have been possible sometime in the past.

There’s no way to reach out to the team at Boosted Kratom. The best you can do is interact directly with whatever vendor or headshop you buy your supply from. So if you order their products from any store and notice some defects, just get in touch with your source. That’s about it.

Verdict – Is Boosted Kratom a Shady Vendor?

Being that Boosted Kratom boasts quite an extensive collection of products, it’s nice that they have the potential to become a reputable brand. Unfortunately, they lack a website, which makes it hard for many buyers to reach out to the company to place orders. We wouldn’t count on them if we were seeking a serious vendor, so we advise you not to raise your hopes.

Considering that they are not that easy to locate online, you’ll have to put in so much effort to find a shop to sell you the capsules and powders. And with no way to get in touch if you have any issues, you’re basically on your own here. Finally, not seeing any reviews online from previous buyers means that you’re better off not risking it. 

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