Cali Botanicals Review

Cali Botanicals Review | Should Kratom Enthusiasts Trust Cali Botanicals?

Are you a Kratomite? Well, if you are, then you already know the secret to getting the best out of your indulgence. Yes, to fully enjoy Kratom powder, you must seek high-quality strains at all costs, even if it means buying at slightly higher prices.

And to buy top-quality Kratom, you need a vendor who is excellent and reliable. Going through Kratom vendor reviews is one of the ways of determining their level of reliability. That is why this review has been prepared to provide you with basic information about Cali Botanicals, one of the most spoken-about vendors in the industry.

About Cali Botanicals

Cali Botanicals, set up in 2013, began with the main objective of supplying people with the best available product. That is why even to date, they are still known as one of the vendors who supply 100% organic products.

All their products are harvested organically to ensure that the quality stays intact. One special feature about this vendor is that they have a close relationship with local farmers and are always in direct contact with them. This is not something you find with every other vendor. They usually get their regular supply of fresh Kratom leaves from farmers in Malaysia and Indonesia. The leaves are then handpicked, de-veined, and triple-washed in sterile water. After that, the leaves are allowed to dry in open-air before being examined.

These tests are carried out to ensure that the leaves are pure and potent. Unlike some competitors in the market, we see that all ingredients used in their production process are organic. And the best part is that they don’t impose extra payment on their customers to cover the expenses.

What Cali Botanicals Strains Can You Buy?

One reason that Cali Botanicals is recognized in the market is because of their extensive product list. Whatever you need, be it white vein, red vein, or green vein, they stock as many popular strains as possible. Below is a list of some of their most sought-after Kratom powder varieties:

  • Maeng Da Private Reserve
  • Superior Red Dragon
  • Bali
  • Ganesh
  • WildCraft
  • Premium Horned Leaf
  • Green Malay
  • Foglifter
  • Netflix Red Premium

Other than kratom powder, they also sell Kratom Capsules and Extracts. Some of them which are:

Product Pricing – Fair or Expensive?

Cali Botanicals understands that it is one thing to offer quality products but yet another to make them affordable. Making kratom powder pocket-friendly is the only way to ensure it gets to a larger part of the population.

That is why this vendor deems it fit to ensure that its strains are affordable. The prices of Kratom Powder range from $7.00-$130.00, depending on the quantity. So with just $7.00, you can get a pack of your favorite product.

From what we see, Cali Botanicals Kratom Capsules are affordable as well. And depending on the size and strain, their prices may range from $7.00- $52.00

Shipping Policy

Cali Botanicals provides secure shipping services for all its customers in the U.S. Their shipping services are not only safe but also fast. This company offers same-day shipping for orders placed before 12 PM PST. They operate every day from 9 AM to 5 PM, except on weekends. Their staff also will not operate during holidays.

The most common shipping method used by this vendor is Priority Mail Express. Once your order has been shipped, it normally takes 3 days or less to arrive. Note that this does not include weekends and holidays. The arrival time depends on how close or far your location is from the company. Urban residents get their deliveries faster but if you reside in more remote areas, your delivery might take longer. Note that Priority Mail Express attracts an extra fee.

Shipping occurs throughout the U.S except for states and counties where the sale and distribution of Kratom are considered illegal and punishable by law.

Secure shipping

This vendor ensures that every package sent comes secured in a resealable pack. The goal is to ensure that the freshness of the product remains intact. Doing so also helps to avoid damages en route. All packages undergo heat-sealing with the envelope firmly lined with an adhesive strip. That way, you can tell whether your package was opened en route. Packages also come labeled for customer’s convenience.

Insurance & Tracking

Every order made comes with insurance coverage. The cost of insurance in premiums is very affordable, usually less than $1. That should help cover all forms of damage and loss. The Idea was implemented to make sure customers have the peace of mind that comes with being covered. Tracking numbers are also provided for every order made on Cali Botanicals’ website. With this tracking number, it becomes easier to monitor your shipment and see where it is at any point in time.

Return Policy at Cali Botanicals

This vendor grants a 100% money-back guarantee, meaning that if you return any product you’re unsatisfied with, your money will be refunded fully. But you will be expected to fund the shipping expenses for your return.

If a product gets damaged or lost due to an error made by the company, you will get a replacement. In this case, the cost of return shipping is usually funded by the company. But if you don’t want the product to be replaced with an alternative, you may get your money back if you wish. Note that for Cali Botanicals to grant you a refund, you have to complete the return within 20 days.

Why Customers Like This Seller (PROS)

The first thing we noticed about this vendor is that they offer high-quality, tested kratom. Not only do they offer authentic strains, but their prices are affordable. You don’t have to dig into your budget too deeply to buy from them.

Another benefit of buying from this vendor is that they offer a full refund for returned packages. The shipping services are fast and reliable and, above all, they have the interest of their customers at heart.

What Customers Dislike (CONS)

Cali Botanicals does not ship on weekends. Suppose you run out of Kratom powder on a Friday, you will have to wait until the following week to get a fresh batch of supplies. Customers also have to pay for the cost of return shipping and this is not something that doesn’t sit well with some customers, even if it’s standard procedure

Should You Buy Kratom From Cali Botanicals?

Judging from all the benefits that come with this Vendor, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Cali Botanicals is a good vendor. After all, their kratom powder and other varieties are of good quality, while being affordable. Also, they have a very okay shipping policy. So if you think that you can put up with their somewhat insignificant shortcomings, then try them out by all means.

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