Canopy Botanicals Review

Canopy Botanicals Review 2021 – All You Need To Know

If you want to buy Kratom, you’ll have to sort through many kratom vendors’ sites trying to figure out which one’s great and which is not. This is because you don’t want to get scammed or buy overpriced stuff. Yes, there are legitimate sites that still sell overpriced low-quality Kratom, and you wouldn’t know unless you figure out how to detect them.

Our Canopy Botanicals kratom review will help you see whether this seller is any different from those vendors selling overpriced stuff. Canopy Botanicals may sell good products at low prices but does this mean the quality of products they sell is up to standard? Is it even wise to patronize them? Stick around because we’re going to be unravelling that in this guide.

Canopy Botanicals Kratom Review

Canopy Botanicals use their low prices as selling points. Selling your goods at a low price can improve sales if the product has a good quality. But there’s another angle to that, if the price goes down so much, you might begin to fear that the product that you’re buying from the vendor is fake.

Canopy sells at a much lower price than most Kratom vendors. For instance, with $25 only, you can buy 250 grams of the White vein which is quite low compared to other sites. This means you can buy 25 grams of gold Bali for about $4 and that’s as dirt cheap as it gets.

Now, this cheap price comes with its benefits and downsides. Of course, you don’t expect that such a low price will get your mind-blowing Kratom, unlike brands that charge higher for exclusive products. This in no way implies that canopy is offering bad Kratom, it just means that if you intend to buy cheap Kratom, then you’ll just get a simple decent product.

Canopy Botanicals Kratom Collection

There are many varieties of Kratom but you can only find twenty different types in the canopy Botanicals store. Some of the products they sell include Maeng Da (Red Maeng, Green Maeng, and Gold Maeng).

You don’t have to expect any elaborate product from them, since they sell at low prices. Their products are harmless, decent and they concentrate on selling popular kratom strains instead of strange exotic ones. Despite that, they still have varieties that you will still like so you can try out the strains and save money at the same time.

Regular strains of Kratom are not the only thing Canopy sells. They pushed out a special x50 extract which is believed to have more strength and more effect than the regular types. This product is different from the normal Kratom strains and you should only buy it if you are aware of the effects because it can be pretty strong.

Apart from Kratom powder, there are a host of products that you can find on the vendor’s site like teas, seasonings, handmade soaps, and spices. They also sell herbal products like Oolong Tea. All these different products fall into different categories. Their prices and quality are not that different from the quality of Kratom sold by this vendor. You will also find some branded stuff on their website which includes water bottles and two kinds of hats.

Canopy Botanicals doesn’t always list the Kratom products on the site. If you visit their website and can’t find their Kratom listed on it, you will have to contact them through email or other available means of correspondence. It’s quite uncertain how long their products stay off the grid before being available again in the visible parts of the site.

If you don’t see them there, you can look through the rest of the site for their policies and customer service information. You can also navigate through the site with the search feature that lets you track the things you’re looking for when the products return on the display.

Canopy Botanicals Kratom Prices – Are They Expensive?

All strains cost the same. But the prices differ according to quantity. Customers pay 3.80 USD for 25 grams, 15USD for 125 grams, 25USD for 250 grams, and 79 USD for 1 kilo.

These prices are lower than those of other vendors. So if you want to buy affordable Kratom, look no further than Canopy Botanicals.

People who still want to get more reductions on the already low prices or who need discounts are also not left out. You can activate discounts on this vendor’s site by using certain payment methods. Any customer that makes payment through gets a 10% discount. They are given an 8% discount if they pay via ZellePay.

Do the Products pass lab tests and are they GMP compliant?

You must know this information about any kratom you choose to buy. On the part of the vendor, it shows that they’re committed to satisfy the customers and provide safe products for them. It also means that the customer feels safe when they place their orders knowing there’s something put in place to guarantee their safety.

But this can not be said of Canopy Botanicals because they do not have any such information on their website stating that they have done lab tests. Even without the lab tests, they could have established some sort of assurance that they have been keeping to GMP standards but there is no such thing on their website to show they have met those standards.

No matter how basic any Kratom strain is, it can still be differentiated by the quality. The quality of Canopy Botanicals’ kratom is just fair but it is trumped up by the low prices. Their offers are not too high and they are bound by the types of Kratom they stock. But this shouldn’t pose a problem if you like what they have.

People have mixed opinions about the vendor if you start to observe the reviews. While some may find their services satisfactory, others still dislike it so you will have to look through the reviews properly to make your decision.

About Canopy Botanicals other Products

Canopy Kratom has more products that are in no way related to Kratom but they’re still of good quality. If you are interested, you can try to use their custom soaps or herbal teas. Just as expected, they are still cheap and some are even cheaper than other popular brands.

For this reason, they are a good way to get non Kratom products at a low cost. If you want to check for the quality and risk of their products without going straight to Kratom, you can get the non Kratom products at an affordable price.

This is even a good idea especially as they sometimes remove their Kratom products from the site. Their actions could make it difficult for people to see things and know how they usually display their products. But when you check the other products, you can then gain an insight into how their main Kratom products will look like.

Shipping and Return Policy

Apart from selling cheap Kratom, this vendor is also known for their fast shipping and delivery. It doesn’t matter what product it is, whether Kratom or handmade soaps, Canopy Botanicals ship every order pretty fast. Although they may not do it the same day, they process it fast and cater to the needs of their users.

The shipping and return policy is quite fair to the customers. They allow customers to return their products within fourteen days. But there is a caveat, products that have been opened and used are not accepted back and there will be no refunds on such products. But if the product is returned with an intact seal, it can be considered. But remember that Canopy can also replace bad Kratom products.

Canopy Botanicals Customer service and Social Media

Customer service is necessary for kratom vendors and customers. Although there haven’t been many comments on their customer service, you can find the email address of Canopy Botanicals on the front page of their site. You can use that to make direct contact with the vendor.

When you talk about Canopy Botanicals on Kratom communities and forums like Reddit, there are people (Canopy Botanicals spokespeople) who will try to create responses for Canopy Kratom. This helps them to deal with the Kratom problems they have which can not be fixed with normal email messaging. Although their money-back guarantee is not exactly set in stone, as a smaller company you will be able to strike a balance with them if there’s a need for that.

The only social media platform that you can find Canopy Botanicals is on Facebook. It doesn’t come off as great for them because they are not taking advantage of the opportunity to use social media to scale their business. So, they have not been recently active on Facebook which is also as good as them not being on the platform at all.

But they have a good option of allowing their customers to subscribe to a newsletter. The newsletters keep them connected with their customers and help maintain a cordial customer relationship.

Final Verdict – Is Canopy Kratom Worth Buying?

From the look of things, you may not be making a mistake if you buy Kratom from Canopy Botanicals. They are that small vendor that sells Kratom at low prices for a fair quality while also doing their best to ensure the samples do not contain contaminants or cause health problems.

You can also see that the kratom powder range is affordable and has many basic varieties. This makes them a good vendor for new Kratom users.

When you buy from Canopy Botanicals Kratom, you’re probably getting good quality because other Kratom vendors offer that, although at a higher price. In all, the good thing is you’re also not putting yourself in harm’s way. Therefore, the ball is in your court and you can decide on whether to go for the quality this vendor offers because of its affordability.

They also strike customers as honest and they have been able to accumulate a lot of positive reviews from users. These reviews have also mostly come from consumers who use their teas and non-Kratom products. This means if you’re just a Kratom beginner, then you can try them out.

Also, when you observe their site, you’ll see that their copyright reads “2016” meaning that they are legitimate and have been in the industry for around four years and counting. If a company has been able to stay four years in the Kratom industry then it means they’re doing good and you can patronize them after considering all the necessary factors.

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