Captain Kratom Review: Is This Seller a Headshop Brand?

Captain Kratom, also known as Captain LA, is a vendor that came into the industry in 2006. The owner started this business after a trip to Thailand where he discovered the bright sides of Mitragyna Speciosa and felt the need to introduce this wonder herb to US residents.

Now, if you decide to buy kratom, you need to verify the quality because whatever you ingest can either boost your health or have adverse effects. 

We know that many vendors are not entirely truthful about the quality of their strains. So if you’re considering buying kratom from Captain Kratom, guides and reviews like this one can help you understand what you’re getting into when dealing with a seller

Since Captain Kratom has been in the industry for years, it’s easy to assume that they’re trustworthy. However, we want to look into their operations to see if they’re truly reliable. This review will help you decide if they are worth patronizing or not.

Is Captain Kratom a Headshop Brand?

There have been debates concerning the status of this vendor as to whether they operate on the same level as headshop brands or not. However, we think the debates may have been brought about because of the kind of packaging their products have. 

Captain Kratom sells to wholesale buyers, so this means that it’s normal to find their strains in some smoke shops and headshops. But individuals are allowed to patronize them as well, by visiting their online store. 

This is enough evidence to show that they do not operate in the same league as headshop Kratom sellers. However, it is quite disturbing that this vendor, despite being in the industry for over a decade, has not received an American Kratom Association (AKA) certification. 

What Strains Can I Buy From Captain Kratom?

The company doesn’t have that many strains and only showcases a small product collection, including Bali, Maeng Da, Thai, and Vietnam. The pack of their Maeng Da strain has ‘Gold’ written across it, which probably indicates that it is the gold variety. It is quite surprising that they sell such a rare variety but don’t even stock simple, regular varieties like green, white and red. 

The company has different sections on its website for both capsules and powders. The powder page allows you to choose from only three sizes; 15 grams (25 capsules), 30 grams (50 capsules), and 60g (100capsules). Although the description indicates it is a powder, the packaging is quite confusing and looks like capsules.

Captain Kratom also does not specify the colors of the strains on their pages. This is not a customer-friendly decision as it causes customers to become confused about the content of the packages when other vendors make sure to provide information as to whether their products are either white strains, red strains, green strains, etc

Keep in mind too that the brand has a unique CBD enhanced Kratom which you don’t find often sold in the stores of many other kratom sellers. 

So What Are Their Prices Like?

The prices of the different strains and products from this seller seem to be on the high side. As of now, they are offering their products at discounted rates, but we must admit that the prices you’re expected to pay are still way above the pricing structure of many vendors out there. 

The strains are available in three different sizes: 15g (25 capsules), 30g (50 capsules), and 60g (100 capsules). Check out the standard prices obtainable in their store:

For Powder:

  • $16.99-$52.99 for Bali
  • $19.99-$55.99 for Maeng Da
  • $79.99-$19.99 Powder Bundle
  • $16.99-$52.99 for Thai
  • $24.99-$60.99 for Vietnam

For Capsules:

  • $19.99 to $55.99 for Bali
  • Kratom CBD: $34.99 – $86.99
  • $24.99-$60.99 for Maeng Da
  • $19.99-$55.99 for Thai
  • $29.99-$64.99 for Vietnam

How Do I Pay For My Orders?

Captain Kratom accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. But customers who want to pay via money order, cash, or check will have to complete an order form with the right details and send it by fax to 716-299-6538. You may also send mail to the address below:

Captain LA Kratom

5145 Avenida Encinas #F

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Please note that you have to add the right contact information (phone number and email address). This is necessary so that Captain Kratom can reach out to you when processing the order if need be.

What If I Don’t Like My Package? Can I Return It?

Knowing that a vendor makes provisions for dissatisfied clients to return damaged or faulty products with the guarantee of refunds or replacements under the right circumstances can be quite a huge incentive for many buyers.

Captain Kratom allows customers to return their orders within 30 days of delivery for a refund. However, they will not refund shipping fees. But if you receive a faulty order or damaged product, this store will bear the costs of the shipping fees needed to return it and send you another package. They may also refund the money if you do not want a replacement. 

But keep in mind that every package must be in the original condition that you received it in before returning it, or else you might have to pay some additional fees. Feel free to call them for more inquiries about product returns and refunds. 

How Secure Is My Information If I Buy From Captain Kratom?

The company has put up the appropriate measures necessary to ensure the safety and privacy of customer details and buyer info from third parties and hackers.

Every piece of information and data submitted in the course of purchasing or interacting with the vendor is protected under their privacy policy. However, their privacy policy is subject to change from time to time, so we advise you to check for updates to see what’s new. 

Is Their Service Good? Any Bad Reviews?

There are different platforms and forums online where kratom users discuss their experiences with kratom vendors. Reddit is one such platform, and some of their customers on Reddit have given Captain Kratom fair ratings.

Some complain that the Kratom strains are overpriced while a few others seem to be okay with the packaging. There still are customers that feel it’s a good option for people who need to get their supply fast from local smoke shops. You won’t find any reviews on this vendor’s website, but it appears that they have a good reputation among other reviewers.

The company is accessible via the phone, email, and social media. The vendor accepts returns and compensates its customers for any mistakes on their part. Based on what customers have said and the findings from our research, here’s what makes Captain Kratom stand out:

  • A 30-day return and refund guarantee policy
  • A unique CBD enhanced strain
  • There are numerous payment options

However, their products do not go through independent lab testing and they do not mention the source of their kratom. People also believe that their strains are somewhat pricey and they do not sell a wide variety of Kratom strains.

Should you buy from Captain Kratom?

This vendor is not the best there is because you will most definitely find better vendors out there. Yet, they still are pretty decent. The brand has put in some long years of service in the Kratom industry, which may have come as a result of something they’re doing right. Although they are not GMP certified and fail to mention lab testing of their products, we think that Captain Kratom is worth a trial.

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