Carpos Botanicals Review

Carpo’s Botanicals Vendor Review – Is This Seller Reliable?

Kratom users over the years have been faced with the problem of locating good Kratom vendors amongst the many that parade themselves online. This is still an existing problem for many.

One secret to finding a vendor that sells quality Kratom is to check out what other patrons have to say about them. In that light, we’ll be reviewing Carpo’s Botanicals for the benefit of those who would love to patronize them. Let’s see if this company is worth buying from.

Introducing Carpo’s Botanicals

Carpo’s Botanicals is a Kratom vendor located in Washington. This vendor believes in meeting their client’s demands by providing high-quality kratom. The seller states that products sold are of good quality and say that they exercise care in selecting and sourcing every strain. Any product found affecting the company’s reputation is removed from the line.

They even mention that they’ve maintained consistency and quality over the years by ensuring that all products have undergone independent lab testing.

What Kratom Strains Do They Sell?

This vendor won’t impress you that much if you’re a fan of diverse strains. That’s because they only stock Red Kali and Green Kali Kratom powder. Although they may decide to increase the number of products in their store later in the future, they’re currently not going to serve your need for a diversified range of kratom.

This vendor also offers free samples to the customers who intend to try their products. This is evidence of their confidence in what they have to offer. Customers can have a feel of the kratom strains to know which suits their taste before they can proceed to make their intended orders.

Despite not having a large Kratom product line, Carpo’s Botanicals deals in other organic and natural products. Both their Kratom line and other herbs are of good quality and have been processed by professionals. The other products you can find in their store include:

  • Body herbs
  • Mind herbs
  • Mushroom extracts
  • Resin necklaces

All these products are manufactured under strict ethics and regulations. The vendor tests them for contamination and quality in the lab and anyone that is found below par immediately gets discarded.

Product Prices and Payment Options

There are three different prices for three Kratom powder sizes available to their customers. You can get Kratom for:

  • one ounce at $10
  • ¼ of a kilo at $38
  • ⅛ of a kilo at $68

This vendor offers its customers ease of payment by providing more than one payment option, including Cash, Check, and Money Order.

Delivery and Shipping of Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom

Although Carpo’s Botanicals is located in the US and serves customers in the US, it does not ship its products to all states in the US. The following states are exempted: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin.

Also, their customers are entitled to free shipping of their orders to their different locations. Customers receive their products faster because of the quick delivery process. This goes to prove that they render amazing services. The company uses different shipping and delivery methods to ensure that their customers receive their orders in good condition and at faster rates too.

Carpo’s Botanicals Guarantee Policy

Carpo’s Botanicals provides an extra layer of trust for their customers by offering a 30-day guarantee on products purchased from them. This means that they’re extremely certain that the products they ship to you are free of any problems.

But the guarantee is put in place to ensure that you are not affected should you receive the wrong products. you’re also protected if your orders got omitted or if the product you received had already expired. The one-month protection clause is a measure that will attract the trust of prospective buyers.

Customer Service and Reviews

Carpo’s Botanicals are known for putting the needs of their customers first. This means that every interaction you have with this brand is deliberately tailored to meet your needs and serve you better. Doing so has helped them to build an amazing reputation and improve their ratings in the kratom industry.

Every Kratom vendor needs to have a sound customer service structure in place to calm all reservations that potential customers and patrons may have about them. Aside from discussion about their products, customers can also get advice and guidance about Kratom and how to use it from this vendor.

What about customer reviews? What are previous buyers saying about them?

Well, on many online forums where kratom is discussed, patrons of this seller express their satisfaction with their services. Many of them are quick to mention how the strains they purchased from this vendor are some of the best they have had. From what we see, the company has stacked up quite a good reputation among kratom users.

What We Like About This Vendor

There are several things to appreciate about Carpo’s Botanicals. This vendor is one of those companies known for supplying high-quality Kratom. They ensure their products undergo thorough processing by qualified personnel.

Their customers are sure of receiving products that are organic and free from contamination and heavy metals. Aside from putting in extra efforts to ensure smooth production, they subject all their products to lab testing to ensure complete safety.

The quality of Kratom supplied by this vendor cannot be overemphasized. Their Kratom strains are known to be potent and effective. And being that they sell both Kratom strains and other important herbs, we believe they are doing quite a great job at the end of the day.

What Could Be Better?

There are still some negatives about this vendor despite the good qualities.

Many vendors can provide high-quality Kratom at quite affordable rates but the product prices of Carpo’s Botanicals are somewhat on the high side. This somehow affects their patronage as most customers prefer to buy from those with lower rates.

Also, their lack of diversity is one reason they may be in some prospects’ bad books. Most people are not often impressed with the idea of having only two strains to choose from.

Even though this vendor has three payment options, some customers still feel it is not enough as they don’t offer credit card payments or allow cryptocurrency.

Is It Safe To Patronize Carpo’s Botanicals?

This vendor has been in the industry for several years and has gathered the experience and reputation needed to succeed in the business. Despite the few negatives about them, they have earned a good number of customers in the industry and have the potential to go even higher. So you can patronize Carpo’s Botanicals if you are convinced about their services.

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