Choice Kratom Vendor Review

Choice Kratom Review | Best Vendor For Your Kratom Needs?

To harness the fantastic benefits of Kratom, you must purchase your strains from a reliable vendor. There are lots of sellers in the industry and this creates a risk for Kratom users. That’s because one could fall victim to dubious companies that provide low-quality kratom if not careful.

Some vendors claim to have pure and high-quality Kratom strains free from contamination. Eventually, however, they fall short of expectations after patronage.

To avoid falling for cheap scams or getting ripped off, customers need to research vendors before making their purchases. This review of choice Kratom seeks to help you decide whether to buy from this vendor or not.

History Of Choice Kratom

Choice Kratom is also referred to as Choice Botanicals, so we will use this name interchangeably in this guide. They have been in the industry since 2010 and are located in Houston.

The brand had a bit of a rough start but has since grown to become a force to reckon with as some say. The owners, William Cosgrove and Christopher Durbin began selling kratom and other products like Blue Lotus, CBD, Kanna, and nicotine salts. Soon, they became rated as one of the best Kratom suppliers in the industry.

This brand was able to reach out to direct suppliers in Southeast Asia and has since been known as a good store, supplying potent kratom. Their popularity transcends the online space as they’re also among the favored brands in smoke shops, vape stores, gas stations, etc. around some US states.

Choice Botanicals Products and Kratom Strains

As said earlier, this vendor is known for selling quality Kratom powder. However, they also offer capsules, extracts, and other herbs. Choice has been consistent with improving their product quality rather than just packing different random organic products into their store.

You’ll find different Kratom strains and their main blend, Rising Phoenix. Check out some of the strains that Choice Botanicals have to offer:

  • Bali Kratom powder
  • Maeng Da Kratom powder
  • Choice 500 Kratom capsules
  • Rising Phoenix Kratom capsules
  • 20:1 Kratom extract
  • Red vein Maeng Da extract
  • Green Apple Maeng Da liquid

The 20:1 Kratom extract is a unique one from this vendor. It focuses on having highly potent strains in small sizes capsules. Oftentimes, the capsules are vegetarian and customers find it impressive. They’re always a different size from the other Kratom capsules.

Because their Kratom strains are not so diverse, users who are reliant on a particular kind may not find what they want all the time since some strains tend to go out of stock or become scarce. However, based on reviews, most people tend to put up with that.

Due to how potent their kratom is, we recommend beginners be careful with how they ingest them. As of now, this vendor does not provide any information on lab testing so customers can verify that their kratom is pure and free from contamination.

Choice Kratom Product Prices

One reason why people are may not be too comfortable patronizing Choice Kratom is their higher-than-usual prices. Some users mention that their good quality comes at exorbitant prices.

A 100g pack of Maeng Da powder sells at $49 and many people will rather look for cheaper alternatives. But most people who have bought their Red Vein Extracts believe that the effect is worth the price. You can get 1kg of Kratom powder at $399.99 but it’s a bit more expensive when you consider the prices of some other popular kratom stores in the industry.

The starting rate for Choice Kratom is $20.99 for 15ml. Customers who want a bottle of 100 capsules will have to pay around $69.99 for it. And to buy 30 capsules, patrons will spend $24.99.

Undoubtedly, this vendor has high-quality stuff, but it is also not possible to ignore the fact that their prices are kind of steep. Although some overlook the price because they can afford it, others claim that this vendor exploits their patronage, and we feel the same.

But what about Choice Kratom discounts and coupons? Customers can get lots of discounts from this vendor by using their coupon code. You can find them with a quick Google search online.

Payment Method

The good thing about this vendor is that they allow customers the ease of payment. Some other online Kratom vendors offer just one or two payment methods but, with Choice kratom, you can pay via these other options:

  • AMX Credit Card
  • Cashier’s check
  • Gift Cards
  • Money Order
  • Zelle
  • Wire Transfer

Choice Kratom Shipping and Customer Service

Choice Kratom does not have specific channels for sending out customers’ products. Although it’s majorly USPS, they also use other channels. However, the company is known for shipping orders fast and regularly.

Note that Choice Kratom also accepts product refunds within 30 days of purchase. But if you buy something during clearance sales, you no longer have the right to return it. As of now, we don’t know how long it will take for your order to arrive since there’s no mention of a delivery period on the website. They also recommend getting shipping insurance if your return involves products that exceed $75. That’s because there are no guarantees that your returns will arrive safely.

This vendor offers quality customer support to buyers who reach out to them concerning any issues. According to their patrons, the wait time before their queries got resolved was fair and reasonable.

Where Does This Seller Need To Improve?

Choice Botanicals sells herbal products that are of high-quality and their kratom happens to be very potent. They offer a wide range of payment options and fast delivery all around the US.

But that doesn’t imply that all is perfect about how they operate. There’s still room for some improvement at this time. For instance, their kratom range isn’t as diverse as other vendors and some customers are not comfortable with that. Also, there’s the fact that their prices are quite steep, which is something people will consider to be discouraging. Most people would not want to shell out so much money for quality Kratom strains if they can get it for lesser amounts elsewhere.

Should You Buy From Choice Kratom?

Choice Kratom’s strength lies in the quality and potency of the products sold. This brand amplifies its presence in the industry by focusing on those two features. If you need to buy Kratom strains from a brand that’s known for potency, then Choice Botanicals Kratom should be on your vendor list.

Try out a few of their products and then decide which you’re going to stick with. But you may choose to ignore them and buy someplace else if you don’t feel comfortable with other aspects of their business.

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