Christopher's Organic Botanicals Review

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Review 2021

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is one of the kratom vendors that has successfully reached an enviable height in the industry. Their success is attributed to their hard work. Having been around for such a long time, they have built a solid reputation and gained the trust of consumers both far and near.

Who is Christopher’s Organic Botanicals?

This company was built on the idea that “healthy living and natural products are the way to help and heal the body and mind”- Christopher.

Unlike many other kratom vendors, Christopher’s Organic Botanicals do not concentrate on flashy web designs and complex slogans. They keep it simple, after all, their products and services speak for themselves.

They do not make use of unnecessary exaggerations on their website to impress prospective clients. Basically, what you see is what they are. They promise affordable high-quality products and that is what you get with them. A detailed description of every one of their products is provided on the site, carefully stating the difference between each strain.

Kratom Products Available at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals

This vendor supplies a wide variety of kratom products all year round. Some of them include:

White Riau

Just like with every other Christopher’s product, the price of this strain ranges from $17.00 to $150.00. It is very limited in supply and hence regarded as special. The rarity of this Kratom variety can be attributed to the fact that it is raised in a small area and is very difficult to find.

Christopher’s Organic always gets its Riau products from the Riau area of Indonesia. According to lovers of this strain, it is best consumed during the daytime.

Yellow Vietnam

This kratom variety is a product of an old and tricky process that results in a totally exclusive alkaloid profile. Yellow Vietnam is one kratom product that you can easily get in this vendor’s store. It is harvested from the Vietnamese tree. It has continued to grow since then, serving as a great source of kratom. According to consumers, it keeps you going all day long.

Red Maeng Da

This type of kratom is highly recognized for its power and potency. Its power notwithstanding, it still bears a balanced alkaloid profile. The content of alkaloids in this strain is relatively high. It is probably the strongest Red kratom available and is known to produce a relaxing effect when consumed. It can also induce euphoria among consumers. According to testimonies, the Red Maeng Da is perfect for the night.

Red Agatha

Red Agatha was produced by a group of farmers in Indonesia. Their goal was to produce something different from every other kratom product around and they did achieve this goal. According to a review from consumers, the Red Agatha is similar to the Red Maeng Da in a lot of ways. They are particularly suitable for nighttime and late evenings.

Yellow Maeng Da

Yellow Kratom is the result of an ancient and complex drying process that leads to a unique alkaloid profile. Christopher sources their kratom directly from Southeast Asia using fair trade practice. They ensure that the result is a consistently high-quality product. A good daytime strain as mentioned by consumers. The alkaloid content is very high. Often referred to as “the strongest” Yellow Vein available.

White Maeng Da

Christopher’s White Maeng Da is a no. 1 seller. They get this kratom product straight from Southeast Asia. They ensure trade practices are fair enough and provide high-quality kratom for customers. The White Maeng Da is made to undergo a series of tests to ensure it is pure and free of fillers. Consumers maintain that it is ideal for the daytime.

Red Borneo

This Red kratom has powerful alkaloid content and very special properties. Because of this, it has become quite popular amongst kratom lovers. It was originally obtained from Borneo. Borneo is a big island located in Southeast Asia. After Greenland and New Guinea, it is the next largest island in the world. The island is divided between Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

White Indo

White Indo Kratom is obtained from Indonesia, on a kratom tree that normally grows in the jungles. Sometimes, this tree crosses with nearby Borneo trees to bear a special hybrid. As long as this kratom variety is obtained from Indonesia, it’s alkaloid content remains consistent. According to customers, this strain is fit to keep you going all day.

White Vietnam

White Vietnam was initially gotten from Vietnam. The trees are found beside the Mekong river. It is a very common stain, probably among the most popular ones. Vietnam for Christopher’s store is normally gotten from Vietnamese trees. These trees are grown in the forests and the reviews from customers show that this kratom variety creates a highly stimulating experience.

White Bali

This variety of Kratom is well-known for its ability to boost energy. Unlike other kratom strains that have a connection with their location, the White Bali isn’t grown in the Bali region. It is rather gotten from a thick forest in Borneo and Sumatra. It is called Bali because it is normally sent to Bali for delivery. According to customer reviews, this strain is best consumed during the daytime.

Green Malay

Green Malay is an Indonesian strain. However, it is very close to the Malaysian borders and therefore has so many similarities with the ones that were grown in Malaysia. Leaves from which this Kratom is obtained contain a very high level of Mitragynine. Customers maintain that this strain of kratom is very potent.

Green Borneo

This strain is popular among customers because it is balanced with long-lasting effects. It may serve as a reliever for pain, lifting the mood and bringing about a euphoric feeling. Green Borneo can boost energy and enhance performance. No better strain provides all-round but moderate effects other than this strain. As mentioned by customers, it is best consumed during the day.

Green Vietnam

Like every other green kratom, Green Vietnam is known for its balanced effects. Based on customer reviews, you could say that this strain is loved by all. It can supply the body with energy and it enhances both physical and mental performance. This kratom strain is obtained from Vietnamese trees, a tree that was introduced in Indonesia several years ago. Consumers say it is a great strain for the day.

Green Maeng Da

This strain is a common green vein strain. It has a very balanced alkaloid profile like most green veins and is quite popular amongst kratom lovers. These consumers often refer to it as the “strongest green” available vein.

Green Bali

This strain of kratom is widely available from almost every kratom vendor. It is therefore very popular and can be obtained easily so long as the country’s regulations permit. One interesting thing to note is that this product is not originally sourced from the Bali region. Actually, it is harvested from the thick jungles in Borneo and Sumatra. It is called Green Bali because, after this harvest, it is taken to Bali where the dispatch is made.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Products Pricing – What to Expect

One reason that Christopher’s Organic Botanicals was able to reach their present height is that their kratom products are affordable. They offer fair and reasonable prices for high-quality kratom.

Many other vendors charge exorbitantly for their kratom powder but this is not the same as Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. They charge a particular rate ($17.00 to $150) for Kratom powder. Of course, this price is affordable when compared to other vendors. Kraken, for instance, charges $21.99 for just 39 grams.

Payment for purchased products is mainly made through E-check. Note that the company issues a 7-day clearance on every new E-check. The same goes for checks that have not been used within 90 days. All these precautionary measures are taken to avoid bounced checks like they have experienced many times in the past. They also accept other checks and money orders.

If you do not like any of the options presented above, you can always offer to pay cash on delivery. This method of payment is popularly known as C.O.D. One disadvantage of this payment is that you will have to pay a little more compared to other means of payment.

Shipping Policy and Customer Service

Shipping processes start immediately when a customer completes his/her order. This is to ensure that these products get to the customer as soon as possible. As a way of showing gratitude, orders are shipped for free on every customer’s first shipping attempt. Their systems transfer data entered on shipping labels automatically. What this means is that if your order gets returned as a result of an error in your entry, you will be held accountable. You will have to pay the shipping fee if you want to ship again.

The cost of shipping for first-class depends on the weight of what you have ordered. Priority shipping costs $8.15 while Express shipment costs $24.75. This vendor utilizes USPS for all its shipments and deliveries are made every day of the week except on Saturdays and Sundays.

At Christopher’s Organic Botanicals, customers are treated like family. Customer needs and complaints are prioritized and promptly addressed. Thanks to their team of professionals who know just how to treat a buyer right.

They are always there to guide and provide useful information to enable consumers to make informed decisions. With this team of friendly experts, your purchasing experience feels as smooth as ever. For inquiries and complaints, customers can contact their service team via their email address. On occasions where this is not available, you can still call or text to get your issues addressed.

As a bonus package, customers receive a free extra 2 oz of kratom when they make orders above $50.00. And for every order above $150.00, you get 4 oz for free.

Does Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Test Their Kratom?

Every kratom product on Christopher’s store undergoes a series of tests to ensure that consumer health is not jeopardized in any way. The results from these tests may be posted on their official website for the public to see after which they can now be sold. Products undergo a test in different batches.

Because of some constituents of kratom, pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised not to make use of kratom. If you have any underlying health condition, you should endeavor to seek your doctor’s advice first before use. Note that kratom products are not intended for any preventive, curative, diagnostic, or rehabilitative purposes.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals FAQs

Q. How do we know when new stocks are available?

A. Restock updates are normally posted on the Christophers website front page.

Q. Do they ship orders to Canada?

A. Currently, they don’t offer shipping services for customers in Canada.

Q. Do they offer support via phones and emails?

A. Yes they do, but will never ask you to disclose personal information over the phone.

Q. Are returned items sold at cheaper rates?

A. No, returned items aren’t resold because Christopher has a strict adherence to quality regulations.

Q. Do they ship in discreet packaging?

A. Yes, they do ship in discreet packaging.

Q. Products I received don’t look like the pictures I saw on the website. Was it a mistake?

A. No. Product packaging may not look exactly like the products that have been advertised on the website. Pictures on the website are only used for sampling.

Final Verdict: Is Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Worth it?

In summary, this vendor offers high-quality Kratom. They prioritize the interests of their customers and their shipping service is one of the fastest. So, yes, trusting this vendor for your kratom powder is something you might want to try out.

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