Club13 Kratom Vendor Review

Club 13 Kratom Vendor Review 2021

Most Kratom vendors claim to offer quality products. However, some of them make fraudulent claims, and it becomes difficult for customers to find good quality kratom products.

Club 13 is one vendor in the kratom online market known for its high business standards. But how do you know whether or not it’s safe to buy from them? At this point, it’s best to learn about their services and what to expect. That’s why we wrote this guide to help you.

Let’s dive in and get started.

About Club 13 Kratom – Strains, Veins, and Product Range

Club 13 is a Kratom vendor that has been in the industry since 1999. They have, for the past 20 years, been committed to providing exceptional Kratom quality. This vendor seems to soothe all the fears you may have about buying kratom from online vendors. Thus, lots of buyers recommend this store and testify to the quality of kratom they sell.

So What Strains are on sale in the Store?

The strains of Kratom you will find in this store happen to be unique, authentic, and highly regarded for their potency. This vendor does not seem to try to lure customers by stocking too many Kratom strains. They are rather focused on maintaining their products’ quality instead of pushing out too many inferior varieties.

Other select products have also been carefully produced and infused with Kratom. These include their CBD lines, and the goal is to cater to customers with special needs. Check out the more popular Kratom strains you can find in the Club 13 store right now:

Now, keep in mind that these strains are available in different forms at the moment. So you can buy the powder, capsule, CBD, or e-liquid variant.

Kratom Powder

We’ve noticed that many consumers prefer the powder form of Kratom. That’s because it makes it easy to bypass the somewhat harsh taste. You have the luxury of adding it into other beverages or mixing it into smoothies. Of all the powder form strains, Red Bali Kratom is the most preferred by their users. That’s because they claim it is more potent.

Kratom Capsules

At this point, there still are users who’d rather avoid the harsh taste. These customers choose to ingest Kratom in capsule form, something you find more among rookies than veteran consumers.

The Kratom CBD range

Asides from Kratom, Club 13 offers kratom strains in other forms to suit the needs of users who love CBD. They sell CBD tinctures that come in three different flavors. So buyers who love to vape have no reason to feel left out as CBD vape liquid is available for them.

Vape E-Liquid

The CBD vape liquids are not the only kind of vaping liquids available to customers. Club 13 sells several Kratom-based vape liquids for the three main strains (white, red, and green).

What are Club 13’s Kratom Prices Like Right Now?

Club 13 does not have the most competitive prices on the block, but that doesn’t in any way imply that they are the most expensive. So it’s more about their prices being somewhat in the middle.

Although some people have spoken out about not being able to afford their kratom, we still think it is not totally on the high side. Besides, the quality of Kratom strains that Club 13 offers are worth the price. Keep in mind that they claim to source their products from recognized farmers and then subject them to independent lab testing. That could account for the price surge, which is still fair enough.

The price for their Kratom powder starts at $10.99 per 15 grams. What you get to pay differs based on the order’s weight and what Kratom strain you choose. But the capsules are more expensive than the powder variants because they require more resources to get them processed.

Lab Testing and Results – How Safe?

Many vendors claim to carry out lab tests but do not show any proof on their website or allow their customers access to it. Club 13 stands out from that group as their website has a different section where customers can request lab results of whatever product they intend to buy.

As said earlier, this company subjects its products to third-party independent lab testing. They do this to ensure that their Kratom strains are potent and free from bacteria or heavy metal contamination. After requests, customers may have to wait anywhere from 24 to 72 hours before receiving the report. They do so to make customers confident about receiving clean, fresh products.

From where we stand, this company’s success in the kratom market results from its transparency and the quality of its products.

Customer Service and Experience – What To Expect

One good quality of this vendor is the friendliness they show towards their patrons, often rewarding customer loyalty through discounts and bonuses. Customers can access deals to enable them to buy the products at lower rates. Right now, you can get 5% off if you use the code: DAILYDEALS.

The customer reps treat their buyers well and do their best to ensure they give their customers an excellent experience. You can contact the Club 13 customer service team in two ways – Reach out to them via their phone number or use the email address available on their website to message.

Visitors to their website or online store do not complain about it because the sleek and professional design carries every piece of information about the vendor. Customers can also clearly access the products, delivery, prices, and others on the official website, On the website, visitors can read descriptions of the strains to choose the right quantity based on their desired effects with ease.

Shipping and Delivery – When Will Your Package Arrive?

It is difficult to find a vendor that provides good quality kratom while also offering fast delivery. But the customers of Club 13 admit that they receive their shipments relatively faster. All orders are entitled to free 3-day shipping right now.

What We Like About Them

This vendor is known for the many positive reviews by its customers. Our research across several Kratom forums indicates that their Kratom products might be of high quality and boast an excellent potent level. Their customers also appreciate that they grant access to their lab tests.

What Could Be Beter?

One major complaint that most people have about this brand is the seemingly high price. We believe that this price is quite fair and reasonable compared to the quality of the products they offer. But some people still think they could do better with how they price their powder.

Should You Buy Kratom From Club 13?

If you overlook the prices and focus on the strains and variants available for sale, Club 13 is one of the reliable kratom sellers out there. Their kratom range is not too wide to enable them to focus on the quality of what they offer. You may order the sample packs from this vendor and try them out to ensure their products suit your taste.

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