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DG Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review 2021 – Done and Dusted?

In the Kratom industry, there are a lot of signs that give a vendor away as mediocre. Throughout the years, many different vendors have come into the kratom scene and disappeared just as fast because they focused on frivolities rather than real service.

Does DG Botanicals give the vibe of a sleazy vendor? Well, this DG Botanicals review will be discussing whether we think they’re shady or not. And you’ll also see why you should be extra careful before buying kratom from any vendor, not just DG alone.

Who Is DG Botanicals?

DG Botanicals is an online Kratom vendor. It is believed that DGB, Inc owns the business. However, this claim is anything else, but real. Why do we say so?

DGB is a Colorado-based company registered as a home service appliance installer. It’s even worse when you realize that the Better Business Bureau mentions them as a trucking company without accreditation.

Yes, it is possible, although not legal for multiple companies to register the same name. But there is still no documentation showing that DGB, Inc is involved in the health and wellness supplement business either as a manufacturer or a distributor. What is even spookier is that potential customers cannot access their official website.

At some point, their website showed only prompts that stated their online shop is unavailable. Currently, it only informs potential customers to check for a full inventory by sending them an email, while mentioning their preferred method of payment.

Nobody is sure if they’ll come back or not as their website has been the main contact for their customers for a while. But, currently, nobody is sure about the state of things and whether they’ve packed up like other shady kratom vendors. However, the main thing to note is that they have poorly serviced a lot of Kratom users and customers with their poor salesmanship.

Not to say that they’re entirely awful, but the products they sell may not compete with many industry bestsellers. Yet, you’ll still find some kratom users who say they still have some of the best strains. DG Botanicals have been around for a while and, for some users, they sell good quality Kratom strains.

DG Botanicals Kratom Products

DG Botanicals package most of their products as kratom powder. That’s their main method of packaging. Their products are packaged neatly to prevent contamination. Even when their customers complain about other things, they rarely complain of contamination.

You can get a wide range of strains of Kratom from DG Botanicals. They ensure that their products are properly sorted out and tested for purity. Despite the purity tests, the company is not limited to providing only the strongest strains available.

They also stock some weak Kratom strains which are popular amongst many new Kratom users who are just testing the waters. Some of the products they offer are:

Green Borneo

Green Borneo is a strain most people prefer because of how easy it is for beginners to use. They do not reduce the quality in any way. Because of this, people who aren’t so used to consuming different kratom strains will feel comfortable using it.

Bali X

Bali X is an amazing strain for newbies. They package it with durable materials and the product is of high quality. Very fine for people who are just starting. This product is among their popular kratom variants, so they make sure it comes with good shipping so the users can get their products fast. In fact, they often have a special shipping service for Bali X Kratom and that means users can get their orders soonest.

Premium Maeng Da

This strain of Kratom is also of high quality. Getting this strain means you’re enjoying one of the best strains of DG Botanicals Kratom. This strain is a little stronger and is not suitable for new Kratom users. It is best for Kratom users that are experienced and are aware of what they want.

White Bali

White Bali’s strong point is its feel and aroma. This is why it is one of the most popular kratom strains amongst their customers. They check the ingredients to ensure that customers are only buying safe and pure Kratom. The quality is the same both for new and repeating customers.

Premium Green Thai

Despite not being many people’s choice, it is still a popular product from this company. Maybe the few users keep coming back to purchase repeatedly.

Red Indo

If there’s one product that people place frequent orders for on DG Botanicals, then it’s the Red Indo. Many review articles mention it often and it has been said to have great quality.

Red Kali

This is a popular strain across the Kratom industry as many users love to buy it. Having this product on their page goes to show how committed DG Botanicals are to give their customers products that will produce good results.

Super Green Malay

This strain is also among their best sellers that can easily compete with those sold by other vendors. DG Botanicals also facilitates fast shipping for this product to ensure customers receive it soonest.

Weak Strains

While the company may have high hopes for the performance of their products, some users are not having it that way and have mentioned that some of their products are weak.

These are some of the strains that have been tagged as weak. Weak strains are mostly strains of kratom product batches that do not elicit or trigger any strong effects on the user. Some users have claimed they did not feel it was potent enough when they used it.

Aside from complaints about the weak strains, some customers have spoken up about the low prices of a kilo which they offered in the past. They claimed that those kilos were not quality enough and that the company no longer provides that option. Some have gone on to say the weak strains are often mild, bitter, and hollow.

The following strains have been tagged as DG Botanicals’ weakest strains:

  • Bali X
  • Green Borneo
  • Premium Maeng Da
  • White Bali

Although everyone will have different experiences with their products and strains, some people have not been impressed by these shortlisted strains.

DG Botanicals best strains

Yes, the company is being plagued with complaints from users who do not feel happy with their orders. There used to be a time when all their products bagged good remarks and reviews.

Green Indo from DG Botanicals is very popular amongst users because it has a pleasant scent and is known to provide excitement. Some other products from DG Botanicals that have gathered great reviews from Kratom users are:

  • Premium Green Thai
  • Red Indo
  • Red Kali
  • Super Green Malay
  • White MD
  • White Thai

DG Botanicals customer experience

While some other kratom sellers just wanted to sell their products as quickly as they can, DG Botanicals made it easy for customers to make their purchases. This means that people can make their orders without having to deal with many online forms or customer service interference.

They package many of their products in different packs that supply the amount of kratom strain you ordered. This is way different from what other vendors do. This means that you’re paying for the exact quantity that you receive. The company also tried to remain active on some sites like Reddit or other kratom forums where kratom is a big subject. They did not fail to keep in touch with their customers and accept criticism and review.

When the website was available, it was easy for customers who wanted to buy their products to look through it and find details of the strains they wanted. There was hardly any chance of making mistakes with choice strains.

Is DG Botanicals different from other vendors?

Like you already know, there are more than dozens of companies out there claiming to sell high-quality Kratom powder. But there are still different reasons why you may want to use DG.

They have fast shipping and even faster delivery for some products. This means your product gets to you quickly. Users also feel the company has done well with handling complaints. It shows the company understands their client and their interaction is often done through emails. To add to that, they review and respond to any social media page that calls you to it.

Sometimes, they make posts about themselves and their business on Reddit both for advertisement and to check for their market popularity and acceptance.

Just as we’ve been saying, DG Botanicals are famed for their express deliveries. This stands them out especially as most vendor sites do not make prompt deliveries to local customers. Although their products’ prices are high probably to make up for the speed their customers enjoy the fact that they do not have to wait too long for their orders. And even better, they’re getting speed and okay quality.

Their fast delivery is even more noticeable as they have set up things in place to ensure that they’re not overwhelmed by large others of any single product. So even if all their customers decide to only order just one particular kratom strain for a while, and in large quantities too, no worries. They’re capable of taking on many orders without selling substandard products or going out of stock.

Product Variety

You can get many kinds of Kratom from DG Botanicals. People love the fact that they have many decent quality kratom strains. While people may react to these products and strains depending on their personal preference and experience, there is always the option of switching to another strain if you feel like the one you ordered did nothing to impress you.

Truth be told, kratom does not have a hard and fast rule when it comes to the effect. Your natural mood might affect the product’s quality and experience. Still, DG botanicals look out for customer reviews and often take note of the negatives so they can make improvements when necessary.

They ensure that measures are put in place to only provide products to customers in pristine condition. Apart from having a wide variety of kratom strains, DG Botanicals sort their products properly for people to choose with ease. Some of the strains that have been regarded as weak are often tagged for beginners. This makes it easy for people to choose the products that suit them.

The Company Website Issue

Even though this company has been in the kratom business for several years and have gathered many customers for themselves, they still have troubles with their website. Other online Kratom vendors can be easily reached through their websites, but not DG. They’re known for always having availability issues with their site.

Worse, at the time of writing this review, their site is down and no customer can order products from the site. However, their contact route has shifted to email and the social media platforms where they operate from.

Because users often have trouble accessing their sites, it is not easy to get reliable information about the vendor. While some companies offer discounts to their customers, this vendor is not into any reward channel. They make it compulsory for their prospective buyers to sign up as a member before placing orders and yet they do not offer promo codes or rewards.

Customer Feedback

There’s a lot of mixed reactions to this vendor’s services. But what stands out is the number of call-outs they’ve received regarding their price. Some users say their products have outrageous prices and are overpriced. Some users also claim they’ve gotten good batches and bad batches from the same vendor. There are also those for whom DG Botanicals works without any complaints.

Do I entrust my kratom needs to DG Botanicals?

While there are some good things about the vendors, in terms of product quality and popularity, it seems that the cons outweigh everything good that can come out of them. You’ll have to deal with the high prices, problematic online stores, and issues with the potency of the strains. It is up to you to decide but the truth remains that there are much better vendors out there.

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