Earth Kratom Review

Updated Earth Kratom Review 2021 – Any Red Flags?

Kratom is no doubt making waves in the organic products market. And as the number of users increases, we’ve continued to see a corresponding rise in the number of vendors selling kratom online. One such vendor is Earth Kratom!

However, not all online Kratom vendors are genuine, and not every company sells high-quality kratom powder. Due to the rate of influx, customers must take steps to scrutinize a vendor before making their purchases. That’s why we want to help ease the stress of digging for information yourself by creating a guide about Earth Kratom.

This review about Earth Kratom will help you make up your mind on whether to buy Kratom from this vendor or not. We’ll talk about everything from background story and product collection to shipping information and prices. So stick around.

About Earth Kratom

Earth Kratom can be regarded as a newbie in the industry. Even though it seems to showcase great kratom powder varieties, it happens to be an offshoot of an older distributor.

Earth Kratom sprang up from MBBR Distribution located in Myrtle Beach, SC. They are quite famous for their special blends and happen to be one of the major suppliers of bulk Kratom to the local shops in the US. Their reach is so wide that almost every smoke or vape shop in the country seems to have a few products from Earth Kratom powders.

Although they’re famous amongst other distributors, they have gotten some mixed reviews overtime. Some customers have extolled their products and services while some do not feel so satisfied.

The older company came into the kratom industry quite early around 1999. Although Earth Kratom (a newer branch of the mother company) just debuted in 2017, the old reputation still precedes them. Their popularity came as a result of their special blend, Trainwreck. This blend contains more than 11 strains of varying colors. Even now, Trainwreck is still bringing them recognition although customers still have many other products to choose from. Earth Kratom currently has popular products like:

Almost all of their products are available in capsule and powder forms. If kratom powder and capsules do not work for you, feel free to check their bottles of 12ml kratom liquid extract. People who have difficulties swallowing capsules or who cannot endure the relatively harsh taste of kratom powder prefer buying the extract.

However, if you are new to Kratom, understand that all Kratom strains have different properties. So only make your purchase after you have done clear research on which one is best for you.

Earth Kratom Prices – Affordable or Unreasonably High?

Earth Kratom sells Kratom at prices that we believe to be fair and even less than the average market price. A 30-gram bag of Trainwreck Kratom sells at $12.99 and this price is neither too high nor too low. Despite having affordable prices, they still give out reasonable discounts on bulk buys.

You’ll still find customers who feel that some of their prices are high. But it is safe to say that $19.99 for 1.06 ounces is quite affordable and even cheaper than most other vendors. Some vendors sell 20-25 grams of Kratom for about twenty bucks.

For those who intend to buy Kratom in bulk, this vendor sells $129.99 per kilo. And although this may not be the most competitive price for bulk products on the market, it appears to be fair enough. Their prices are very much in the middle, especially if you consider that selling wholesale kratom is what contributed to their becoming famous.

The reason you’ll find their products in many local smoke and vape shops is because of their prices. Earth Kratom offers great prices for orders above 100kg. So if you’re buying their products from local stores, it might be more expensive than what you get when you order from them online. Keep in mind that you’d be wrong to generalize and say that their prices are high simply because you bought it at a local store. The prices depend on the quantity you’re ordering.

For powders, you get:
30g – $12.99
100g – $34.99
250g – $49.99
1Kg – $129.99

For capsules
65ct – $19.99
150ct – $34.99
300ct – $54.99
1kilo – $199.99

For liquid extract bottles
9.9g – $19.99
Ten bottles of 9.9g – $179.99

Earth Kratom Shipping and Delivery Policy

So far, this vendor probably has not been at its best in terms of shipping, especially judging from customer reviews. Earth Kratom provides free shipping for their customers all over the United States and they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and return.

Despite these amazingly nice gestures, some customers still have complaints about not getting their orders. While some complained of delays in the shipping process, others mentioned that their orders never got shipped. Some of the clients all tried to reach Customer Support but mentioned that it didn’t help their situation either.

Although this vendor ships to states within the US and some other countries, some locations in the US are exempt from their services. We are referring to states like San Diego, Indiana, Alabama, and Vermont that do not receive products from Earth Kratom.

Earth Kratom uses three shipping methods, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Buyers who want extra-fast deliveries choose UPS Extra but keep in mind that it costs a little more than the average shipping rates.

Earth Kratom often sends out all kratom powder, capsule, and extract orders on the same day that customers place them so long as payment has been confirmed. Also, the shipping costs are not constant but tend to fluctuate. The rates are usually determined by the location of the receiver and the weight of the products.

What About Their Return and Refund Policy?

As earlier mentioned, customers are allowed to return any packages that they happen to be unsatisfied with within 30 days. Doing so qualifies them to receive a refund. However, the product has to remain sealed and intact so you might want to bear that in mind.

Also, note that earth Kratom does not refund shipping costs. Customers who request refunds will have to wait for a review period. This is the time where the vendor undertakes a review and evaluation of the returned package. The objective is to ascertain the reason for the return of the product to ensure that the customer is eligible for a refund. Based on its policies, the company reserves the right to turn down a refund or return application.

Discounts and Coupons

We’ve noticed that this company treats its customers to frequent discounts and coupons. You can use coupons to get discounts when making payments. But that’s only if you can get as many as you can from certain companies that are permitted to offer Earth Kratom coupons. These Coupons can help you get up to a 40% discount on your purchases.

Not too long ago, in December, Earth Kratom was offering a 25% off coupon using the promo code: “Xmas”. Customers can also unlock a 25% off coupon by writing a review on the company’s website.

Customer Service, Support, and Website Experience

Customers can get in touch with Earth Kratom via email and contact number. However, most customers mention that they do not get straightforward replies from this vendor. While some are lucky to have been able to reach the customer service staff who had an interest in sorting out their issues, others had it differently.

Some mention that even after payment, they could not access the customer service representatives. These customers said they used both their websites and phone numbers but could not reach them. However, from more research, it is known that Earth Kratom does what it can to issue replies to their customers. However, it often takes a long time when compared to how some other reliable vendors interact with their clientele.

In the end, most orders that encountered delays eventually arrived for some customers. However, this may not be the general case for all customers with a delayed order.

What does shopping on the website feel like?

Although they are an offshoot of an older brand, Earth Kratom has its own website which does not provide a great user experience. Many customers notice that there is no consideration for new Kratom users. It’s almost as though the site is just targeted at retailers or experienced users. It does not have a blog section where users can go to find more information about whatever products they sell.

Clicking on the strains will only provide information that has to do with the basics of the product. So you’ll only find details like product descriptions, prices, strains, and quantity options. The website does not really provide in-depth information.

We also noticed that the site lacks an About Us section. This can leave site visitors wondering what Earth Kratom is and what they are up to. Their website does not answer basic questions like when they started their business, where they are, or how long they’ve been in business. It gives them a mysterious feel that most customers may not be comfortable with. Buyers would definitely want to know more basic stuff about a kratom vendor before they make purchases.

Earth Kratom Customer Reviews

When you run a quick search on Earth Kratom on the internet, it is easy to see customers state their opinion about them on several platforms. Although they have fair, even low prices, customers still have mixed feelings about this vendor.

However, the majority of the concerns are not on product quality. Most complaints from customers come from delays in shipping orders that were directly placed on their website. The customers who received their products do not have complaints about the quality of kratom they received, especially considering the price. In the kratom industry, it is often expected that a company with low prices will have some variations in product quality.

According to some customers, the process of making their orders and getting the product is not so impressive but the products received eventually make up for the hassle.

Based on our findings, here’s what we like about this Vendor. Earth Kratom has really affordable prices. The Kratom quality is also fair and does not reflect the seemingly low prices.

But what could be better?

Well, this vendor does not mention their Kratom source. They also do not state any information regarding tests carried out on their products to determine their purity. It’d make sense for them to do so to establish some sort of real credibility.

Would We Advise You To Patronize Earth Kratom?

It is easy to brand this vendor as a good one because their kratom powder varieties are good enough. They also offer many different Kratom strains at good prices. We believe that their pricing structure is one reason that users patronize them.

As a result of their good quality, despite the low prices, they have become one of the most desired Kratom brands in the industry. It is expected that they will improve their quality as time goes on.

However, it is left for you to decide if you are interested in buying kratom from Earth Kratom because they rank above average when compared to other sellers. If you can deal with having to wait longer than usual if your product gets delayed, then maybe you can take advantage of their fair prices.

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