EC Botanicals Review

A Trusted Review of EC Botanicals

The rush of vendors into the kratom business has left some buyers perplexed. There’s a dilemma of not knowing what Kratom vendor to buy from and how to spot legit sellers. A lot of people get confused when it comes to where to get a good Kratom. As years go by, the need for trusted Kratom dealers increases.

We’ve seen a lot of people ask: “How reliable is EC Botanicals?

Getting to Know EC Botanicals

EC Botanicals is short for Eastern Carolina Botanicals. This is a family-owned company that has been in the Kratom business for about four to five years now. So far, this company has gotten lots and lots of recommendations from satisfied people who have used their product. These customers say they got great quality from them and shared the good news with other people.

This vendor is reputed to have a wide range of kratom strains, where buyers are sure to get their favorites. With this company, you can find many regular and rare strains that you might have looked for in other places. They have the safety of their kratom powder as one of their topmost priorities. Also, the privacy they give to their users is quite commendable.

EC Botanicals claims to get weekly supplies of Kratom from local farmers to give their users a fresh taste at all times. They also claim to get their Kratom tested once every three months, with the strains cultivated and harvested from farms where harmful chemicals are not used.

EC Botanicals also mentions that their products go through Heavy Metal Analysis. This is to make sure there’s no heavy metal or harmful substances in what their users consume. Another claim on the part of this firm is that their website is scanned frequently. This is done with security in mind so they can provide their users with all the security they need.

Kratom Strains and Online Shop User Experience

The website of this company needs some improvement. It is not the ideal website anyone would like to surf so long as online Kratom stores are concerned. A lot of things look like they need to be fixed on the website. It is stated on the website that users should at least be up to twenty-one (21) years of age.

They may require photo identification of users for verification in certain cases. On the flip side, the customer service of this vendor is quite good. The customer reps are said to be professional when dealing with clients and nice to work with.

EC Botanicals deals on different Kratom varieties, be it blends, capsules, extracts, and powders. They are good when it comes to stocking the kratom strains their users need. Their Inventory is quite good. Well, here is a list of some of the products you can get from this vendor:

  • Yellow Borneo and Yellow Vietnam
  • Premium White Borneo
  • Red Sumatra, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, Red Aceh, Red Horn, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Hulu Kapuas, Red Borneo V3.0, Wicked Red
  • Green Hulk, Green Vietnam, Green Bali, Green JongKong, Green Sumatra, Green Malay, Green Borneo Premium, Green Maeng Da, Green Elephant
  • White Sumatra, White Hulu Kapuas, White Maeng Da, White Horn

You will also find CBD amongst their products, as well as Twilight Blend, Gold Bali, Purple Indo K Blend, Hemp Bears, Penergy Blend, Hush Kratom Ultra Shot, Maha Red and so many other products.

EC Botanicals Pricing and Quality

With the wide range of products this company has and with the number of people they sell to, the pricing of this firm can be said to be fair. Some users say the pricing is very affordable. They are also known to give great discounts and nice deals that leave users wanting more of their kratom powder and other varieties.

For a price of $6.00, you can get about 25 grams of the strain of your choice. You stand a chance of getting awesome discounts with your coupon code. Testimonials have it that you can get rewarded with bonus points which can be gotten for doing different things on the site. These tasks include setting up an account, completing referrals, reviewing their products, and other stuff.

Another plus for EC Botanicals is that they have a lot of payment options. This makes it easier for users to place their orders and do business with them. Users usually say that the price of the products is good for the quality of the products they sell. Now let’s talk about quality.

One of the leading factors that attract buyers to this company is the quality of their Kratom. These strains have been described in a positive light using words such as “superb”, “great”, “amazing”, to mention but a few. There is this satisfaction people get when what they purchase is exactly or even better than what they ordered. And when that is not the case, the buyer usually develops a feeling of regret, anger, and bitterness.

Users have it that this vendor has been consistent in selling quality kratom for a very long time now. However, it is important to mention that there have been a few situations where people complained about the products they purchased from the company. Since the majority carries the vote, I think it is quite safe to say that this company knows its way around the quality of its kratom strains. So far, EC Botanicals has got you covered when it comes to delivering fresh, quality kratom powder with a wide variety of strains and more.

The above information about the quality of the product was all given by users. It is also written on the website that the Food and Drug Administration is yet to examine the products from this company. As of now, we strongly believe that it would do a lot of good when kratom powder undergoes rigorous testing with the results published as well. And if you’ve got any underlying ailments, it’d be best to see a healthcare professional before consuming Kratom.

EC Botanicals Packaging and Sale Discounts

According to the information gathered on the state of delivered products from this company, the packaging is great. And not only the packaging but also the presentation. From the pictures seen, the firm uses aluminum foil pouches for wrapping up their kratom powder and varieties. Since their products are top-notch, their packaging is expected to be the same. In this regard, they didn’t fail to meet our expectations.

EC Botanicals is reputably generous with their deals, sales, and discount. For every purchase you make, you accumulate points. The points accumulated depend on the type of kratom strain or variety you order. That’s because the points for each product vary and are what qualify you to receive a discount on your orders. This is a sales technique you don’t get to see from a lot of small-time vendors.

Buyers use their coupon codes to get a certain range of discounts whenever they place orders. The more your orders, the more points you earn. EC Botanicals has mastered the art of making tempting offers and deals.

The Shipping and Delivery Policy of EC Botanicals

The process of ordering is not complete until the shipment gets to the doorstep of the buyer. There are many payment options this company uses, this makes the whole process easier and faster.

EC Botanical does not engage in free shipping. There is an exception to this though. It is said that they do free shipping for first-time customers with orders up to $20 and above.

When you pay for your products, they are shipped to you within twenty-four (24) hours. They neither ship on weekends nor the same day payment is made. When you place orders on public holidays, Sundays or past 9 am on Saturdays, the shipping will take place the next business day which is Monday. This company only ships and delivers in the United States.

Users have testified on the safety of the products delivered to them. When you place an order from them, and what you get is not what you asked for, the company allows you to return the product within thirty days. The shipping method is the United States Postal Service (USPS) priority mail. When it comes to timely shipping, EC Botanical hardly fails.

With these said, it is advised for the company to find a way of making deliveries during the weekends. If they can meet this requirement, I’m sure they will do better than they have been doing.

EC Botanicals Return and Refund Policy

When you order kratom from EC Botanicals, some mishaps or unfortunate situations may occur. It could be that, in the course of processing and shipping, the products happened to develop a fault. If such happens, EC’s refund policy allows you to make a move to return such products.

So if the Kratom you got is not what was ordered, you only need to contact the vendor and you will have your money refunded. The company does not accept some of its products back from customers if the package has been tampered with already. You’re only allowed to return goods that are still intact.

While attempting to send the kratom back, the vendor says you have 30 days from when it was delivered to do so. EC Botanicals will then review the situation and, if the shipment error originated on the part of the company, they will give the buyer a full refund.

The Upsides and Downsides of Buying From This Vendor

The first and foremost upside of this firm lies in the quality of their kratom powder. They stock fresh Kratom shipped in every week just to give buyers the best they deserve. Their consistency in providing quality products all year round is what impresses many. This also gives them a large clientele as we’ve noticed they’ve also got repeat buyers.

When compared to other companies, EC Botanical has a wide range of products that other companies do not. Another plus to this is that they provide top quality at very affordable prices. They’ve also added juicy deals and discounts to serve as incentives to buyers.

EC also says that it sources Kratom grown and harvested in chemical-free environments. Not even pesticides are allowed to be used on such farms and this ensures safety for consumers. They also say that all their batches go through Heavy Metal Analysis and other tests before they are sold.

So far, people hardly complain about their products. Their website is protected as they say the site is scanned regularly. Unlike a lot of vendors, EC Botanical uses a lot of payment forms to do business. This makes processing deals and ordering very much efficient.

The customer service of this firm is outstanding with users saying that they are professional, nice, and warm. Their timely response to the needs of their customers is quite good. And the packaging of their kratom shipments looks great, added to the fact that they deliver on time.

As of now, EC Botanicals only delivers goods in and around the United States. But they could improve by expanding their services to deliver to other parts of the globe where Kratom is deemed legal. This vendor can also do better by working on their shipping policy to see if they can start shipping out kratom powder on weekends.

Is EC Botanicals Worth Patronizing?

According to the reviews from the buyers, this company is amongst the best around; so, they are worth patronizing. You can give them a try if you need a vendor that has real positive reviews from customers.

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