Eden's Ethnos Kratom Review

Eden’s Ethnos Review: Should You Trust a Vendor With No Website?

Are you trying to find out more about Eden’s Ethnos? Yes, they have no website but does that disqualify them from being tagged as a reliable vendor?

You see, kratom users love the substance for many different reasons. That’s probably the same for you too. But the many great reasons for indulging in Kratom would not matter anyway if you’re unable to find high-quality Kratom powder that can provide those effects you seek.

One of the most challenging parts of using Kratom is finding a trustworthy vendor that you can entrust with your money. Locating pure Kratom in the industry is becoming harder with the influx of different sellers.

However, some vendors promise to deliver quality, and it is left for buyers to scrutinize them to know how true such a claim is. Concerning that, we want to put Eden’s Ethnos, an online Kratom vendor, under the spotlight to determine whether they are reliable or not.

About Eden’s Ethnos

Eden’s Ethnos is one Kratom vendor that has a good history with the agro sector, operating in the industry since 2016 in San Francisco. They have been an international partner of Trade Key, supplying fresh Kratom powder to users.

While it may seem that their kratom is on the higher spectrum of the industry price, they have a unique and diverse range of strains. They have been able to gather lots of positive reviews, especially as you can compare their business model to the likes of companies like Amazon.

The fact that they also pay sufficient attention to customers is a plus, but they have their shortcomings too. We will discuss these possible downsides later on.

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Strains

Now you’re thinking. Are their strains authentic enough for you to try them out? We’d say yes! This vendor sells the regular Kratom strains like:

To even cater to a larger group of customers, they introduced products like:

And they even sell Kratom from other brands like White Rabbit Kratom, Kratom Therapy, Kratom Infusion, and Captain Amsterdam.

Most of the Kratom products on sale from this vendor happen to be rare, making it one of the reasons that they stand out. Also, the packaging of this product leaves nothing to be desired. When buyers view the package, they’re quick to endorse the product as one of high quality.

However, this vendor fails to mention anything about the laboratory or medical tests being conducted on their strains. Given their negligence towards indicating purity, nobody is certain that they stick to GMP standards.

Eden’s Ethnos Payment Options

Customers are usually not aware of the prices of the Kratom sold by this vendor until they contact them directly. This is a big deal because other Kratom vendors display the costs of their products right on their website.

This is not possible for Eden’s Ethnos because they do not have a website. Going further to inquire about their prices reveals that the cost happens to be on the high side. But they create an easy payment plan for customers and also offer provisions for returns and refunds.

Customer Service and Buyer Reviews

There are many reviews from patrons that show clearly how this vendor operates and which will guide you if you intend to patronize them. There may be a little bit of dissatisfaction if you concentrate on getting information about the brand’s description, products, and dosage information because their website is currently down. Still, they have a fair presence on social media platforms like Facebook.

The mixed reviews for this vendor show that it is possible to get high-quality products and good customer service from them. Generally, they’re seen as average because they fail to put certain things in place.

Although this vendor has no website in operation, customers still seek them out through their social media pages where they’re still very much active. A quick search on Eden’s Ethnos will reveal much-contrasting information about them. People have lots to say, but the main issues are that the company does not have an exact structure with which it operates.

Eden’s Ethnos is the place you go for various exotic Kratom strains. You can decide to give them a shot if you’re willing to let the reviews from other customers and patrons be the deciding factor.

Pros & Cons Of This Vendor

If anything is appealing about this vendor, it is the fact that it acts like a Kratom museum of sorts. Simply put, rare and exotic Kratom strains can be found in their store.

But they do have problems with product display and information. Also, customers do not know the price of their products until they reach out to them. They seem to not be bothered about using their website to improve their customer service. While their website is down, Eden Ethnos does not provide an email for contact. They only offer a form for prospective clients to fill and wait for feedback.

Also, aside from the company’s vagueness, they do not provide lab test results to show that their strains are free from contamination. They also have failed to indicate whether they adhere to GMP guidelines or not. This is not impressive, especially as most vendors love to win their customers’ trust by providing evidence of purity.

What We Think – Should You Buy Kratom From This Vendor?

Every Kratom user deserves to have top-quality strains that can provide the much-desired effects. This is why we encourage intending buyers to do their due diligence on any vendor before going on to patronize them.

If you desire to find a vendor that can bring you rare and different strains, Eden Ethnos may not exactly be an A-lister. Apart from the fact that there’s a little sense of vagueness and lack of transparency, this vendor generally does not have a bad reputation.

From everything we’ve discussed so far concerning the features of this vendor, it is safe to say that they’re just average. This means that the decision to either patronize them or avoid their services rests entirely on you. If you’re experienced in the industry, you can risk giving them the benefit of the doubt, but new Kratom users may want to look elsewhere.

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