Etha Kratom Review – Pressed Tea Tablets and In-house Blends

This review of Etha Kratom, officially known as Etha Natural Botanicals, introduces you to a Southern California brand set up with one goal in mind: To ensure that customers enjoy an extraordinary experience with Kratom. 

Every Kratom enthusiast understands that the quality of the Kratom they use depends on the vendor that they buy from. That buttresses the need to patronize only the right Kratom sellers. If you’re interested in this company and want to find out more about their pre-pressed tabs, in-house blends, and everything they have to offer, then hop in and let’s take you on a ride.

About Etha Natural Botanicals

Vendor Summary

  • Different unique blends can satisfy a wide range of customers.
  • Sample packs for their customers.
  • Products are sourced from local farmers in Indonesia. 
  • Render excellent customer service. 
  • Provides lab test results on their website. 
  • Does not have many of the basic kratom strains for individuals who do not have a thing for teas or blends.
  • Products are available in pressed tablets. Customers who prefer powder might have a hard time adapting to them.

Etha Natural Botanicals was formed from the collaboration between Alexander Karp and Victo Chung. Alexander has been dealing with a degenerative spinal disease since his childhood, while Victor Chung practiced martial arts, often sustaining plenty of injuries. These two individuals found relief in Kratom and were motivated to introduce it to more people.

People are quick to notice how well-built their site is. It is an indication that their service is entirely different from the average Kratom vendor. The website is informative and gives you a chance to learn more about the products. Another big plus for this vendor is the fact that they have received American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. This means that the products you get from them can be vouched for to be of good quality.

What Exactly Are Etha Kratom’s Products?

Their website is not the only unique thing that we’ve noticed. Etha packages Kratom tea in a pack containing pressed tablets. So far, they’re the only kratom company that does this and they believe it increases the potency of Kratom without adding any additives. 

Also, after listing their strains, they further provide descriptions about the efficiency and mode of action of the strains. Currently, they have more than 10 pressed tablets in their stores and the additional details help customers make the right choice. Here are the strains available on the Etha Kratom store:

  • Concentrated Full Spectrum
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Pure Vein
  • White Pure Vein
  • Green Pure Vein
  • NightFall Premium Fermented
  • Midday Botanical Blend
  • SunRise Premium Blend
  • Recovery Botanical Blend
  • Susan Ash’s Premium Blend
  • WorkOut Blend
  • Yellow Fermented Pure Vein
  • Sunset Premium Blend

All their blends are produced from a combination of several Kratom strains to create a special effect. This list of products shows how much they’ve studied their customer base and tried to come up with products that serve a wide range of users.

Does Etha Natural Botanicals Kratom Cost Too Much?

Although you may be lucky to buy their products using different deals and discount coupons, here are the normal prices:

  • It costs $7.99 to buy 8g containing 27 tablets of Kratom. 
  • You’ll spend around $27.99 to buy 100 tablets weighing 30g. 
  • For $49.99, you can get a 75g pack containing 250 tablets. 
  • If you like it big, you can get the 500g containing 1,667 tablets for $219.
  • There’s also the 1000g pack that contains 3,334 tablets and sells for around $329.
  • You can also choose the powder form, which sells somewhere between $19.99 and $189.

Keep in mind that these prices listed above are subject to change at any time, but this should give you an idea of what to expect.

So what payment options are available? Well, Etha Natural Botanicals does not accept payment via all channels. Customers can only pay through Green Money or Real Money checks.

Quality of Etha Natural Botanicals’ Kratom

This vendor sells only high-quality kratom. They ensure they maintain a high standard by importing straight from the local farmers in Asia. After that, they carry out the processing without the aid of any external body. The absence of third parties helps to keep the integrity of their strains and prevents contamination.

After production, they ensure their strains are tested for purity and safety in the labs, and the results are available online for customers to view. When you get your package delivered, flip the product to find a harvest lot number written on the label. With that number, you can head over to the site to find the certificate of lab testing for that particular product. 

Shipping and Delivery

After placing orders, this vendor ensures that you receive your package within two business days. Also, they send a tracking ID to their patrons. Currently, Etha cannot ship to certain states and some countries. They don’t intend for this to be a permanent situation and are working hard to expand the reach of their business and satisfy their customers.  

Do They Offer Any Discounts and Coupons?

Just like every vendor that cares for its customers, this vendor provides incentives in the form of discounts and deals to reduce costs. People who pay using Green Money checks get 10% off their orders. 

Another way that customers can get discounts from this kratom company is to subscribe to receive updates from their newsletter campaigns. The emails provide information that can help you snag a couple of discounts on your future orders.

Aside from that, there is a loyalty program that rewards customers for their interactions and transactions on the website with points that can be redeemed to help reduce the cost of Whatever you’re buying. Also, you can get 200 points for leaving an approved review on any of their strains.

What Kind Of Treatment Should You Expect?

Customers who have been in touch with this vendor’s customer reps report that they were treated like they actually did matter. The representatives try their best to respond promptly to all complaints or questions from customers

This brand is transparent and ensures its buyers shop in a stress-free environment. Their contact information is properly displayed in the contact section on their website if you wish to reach out to them.

Regarding customer reviews, when it comes to the reputation of this vendor, you will notice that most users rank them among their favorite vendors. Their popularity stems from the fact that they sell their products in unique pressed tablet packs. 

This creativity attracts a lot of customers to them. Although there are some negative reviews scattered here and there on the internet, it’s probably just a few cases where customers may have gotten their hopes unreasonably high about what to expect.

Is Etha Natural Botanicals Kratom good enough?

The Kratom industry is growing and more people are beginning to love the herb. This has led to a corresponding increase in Kratom sellers. For an already saturated market, Etha Botanical has already built a reputation and strong following. 

With some improvements on their products and services, they can be regarded as one of the best Kratom vendors in the industry. They have proof of testing and, with GMP certification, it’s safe to say you can trust them.

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