Gaia Ethnobotanical Kratom Review 2021

If you have been following the kratom debate closely, it has seen some massive growth in popularity. From classification as a Level 1 drug by FDA in 2016 to a later declassification as food and supplement in 2017, the herb has had a rough journey, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it made it more famous.

Where can one purchase kratom? Well, you can buy kratom from your local smoke shop or at a gas station. These joints are less reliable, and it is always prudent to carry out due diligence on a store before transacting any business. However, there are dozens of reputable world-class kratom vendors out there.

One such vendor is Gaia Ethnobotanical Kratom, and this article highlights all there is to know about them.

About Gaia Ethnobotanical

Gaia Kratom, previous known as Mitragaia, is a Las Vegas-based kratom vendor. It has a large customer base and a great reputation if the over 500 Facebook reviews are anything to go by.

What makes Gaia Ethnobotanical Kratom Legendary


When we talk of class, Gaia Kratom is a top-class vendor. With the exponential growth of the kratom market, profit-centered vendors ventured in and took advantage of the unsuspecting users.

One major characteristic of these vendors is a poorly set up website that focuses on good looking kratom product images with poorly outlined content.

Gaia Kratom isn’t one of those. Their ergonomic website is easy to navigate and focuses on readability rather than graphic expressions.

Their homepage features all the necessary information with an about us page, an online store, a comprehensive FAQ, and well-outlined privacy and returns policies.


In such a new industry, the best gift a vendor can give its loyal customers is honesty. Gaia Kratom understands the value of transparency by posting their mission statement on the top of the page, which reads, “Our kratom powder is harvested for maturity and potency. We make sure to lab test each strain to ensure quality, cleanliness, and strength.”

The company goes the extra mile in implementing its statement by walking the talk, something evident for hundreds of user’s reviews on the internet.

Gaia’s Payment Options

Credits Cards

Unlike many other top-notch vendors, Gaia offers several payment options when checking out. Both credit cards and Visa cards are acceptable at Gaia Ethnobotanical and provide a faster means of payment. You should check with your credit card merchant if they accommodate purchases of supplement products.

Cryptocurrency Payment Option

Gaia Kratom accepts payment in the form of Bitcoin, Monera, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum classic. For you to use this payment option, you need to create a verified crypto wallet. As expected cryptocurrency payments are different from other forms, and the process isn’t straightforward.

Firstly, your wallet needs to have an amount higher than what you anticipate spending to cover the processing fees. Additionally, since crypto is very volatile, the value of the coins changes with the prevailing market prices.

The vendor ensures safety during the checkout process by providing a unique identification code, and the requested amount and the payments are verified independently on a different website to prevent the risk of fraud.

Crypto payments earn you a 20% rebate on your purchases.

Bank Transfers

Customers can also use the direct bank transfer option to make payments. Unfortunately, the vendor has limited the number of banks through which they accept payments due to increased fraudulent activities. This payment option takes longer to process, hence delays the shipping process.


MESH, payment option is also available for clients who are not able to make purchases using their cards or banks. Mesh, like PayPal, is a third-party payment company that facilitates online money transactions between customers and vendors.

The company is hosted by FDIC bank, and the transaction takes less than 1 minute. All that is needed is a funded MESH account connected to Mitragaia’s website. The report can be financed via PayPal or Zelle.

Money Orders

Lastly, Gaia Kratom accepts payments in the form of money orders. This option might seem slow as the money order has to be mailed to the vendor, but as expected, Mitragaia has a solution to that.

All you need is to purchase a certified money order from USPS, Western Union, or any other authorized dealer, fill in the necessary information, and take a picture of the dully filled order.

You can then send the photo as an attachment to the Mitragaia vendor for your order to be released instead of waiting for the order to be manually mailed.

Affiliate Program

Are you a kratom user in the marketing sector? Then, Mitragaia provides you with an opportunity to earn easy bucks by advertising their services on social media platforms, websites through their award-winning affiliate program.

The vendor pays dividends based on the number of clicks received from your site or the number of sign-ups through your referral links. Now, you can buy kratom from the money made from affiliate marketing.

Their affiliate dashboard is easy to navigate, and users can also sign up for newsletters that offer continuous updates.

Gaia Kratom Coupon

Every once in a while, Gaia offers coupons on different products or sales. It is prudent to check out for coupons on their website as some can cover as much as 50%. Unfortunately, vouchers are provided periodically for non-popular products.

Their coupon partners are couponxxo and coupon Up To.

Lightening Fast Shipping

Gaia Ethnobotanical offers same-day shipping services for orders placed before 3 pm EST from Monday to Saturday. Any order placed afterward will be shipped the next working business day. The company doesn’t offer these services during public holidays.

Priority shipping takes between 1 to 3 days, depending on your location. The time might vary depending on preexisting conditions at the USPS.

Additionally, the vendor offers a faster express shipping delivery with a money-back guarantee if your order arrives later than the two days promised.

Customer Service

Gaia Kratom understands the game rules, and one of them is keeping a customer satisfied through a prompt, helpful, and knowledgeable support team. The team will seamlessly solve your payment challenges, your missing shipment dilemma, and resolve other common grievances that may arise in the system.

They can be reached on a phone, email, a responsive chatbot, and via mail.

Gaia’s Product Portfolio

Let’s take a closer look at the very best strains currently offered by this vendor.

  • Elephant
  • Green Asia
  • Green Brunei
  • Green Batak
  • Red JongKong
  • Plantation Red Maeng Da
  • 8-In-1 Kratom Blend
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • 50X Black Diamond Extract
  • White Horn

Elephant Kratom

Elephant Kratom is named after the plant’s large leaves looking like elephant ears. The products are sourced explicitly from overgrown trees in the wild, as they are the only ones that can produce large leaves.

Elephant Kratom is sourced from Borneo, Vietnam, and Indonesian forests, and the tropical tree can grow as high as 30 meters. The strain is a full spectrum rivaling top strains such as red, green, and white veins. The vendor offers 30 reward points on elephant kratom purchases, worth $1.5 to be used in subsequent transactions.

Green Asia Kratom

Green Asia kratom is carefully harvested and processed through fermentation by top producers in Asia. The strain is of high quality and is closely related to green Malay.

Green Batak Kratom

Green Batak is a rare strain of kratom closely related to Green Sunda. The strain is mild and burns slowly. It has a great aroma and can brighten your day.

Brunei Kratom

Another unique strain on Gaia’s strain assortment list is Brunei kratom. The strain grows in the wild forests of Brunei and has mild effects and quite some fragrance.

Plantation Red Maeng Da

The mode of farming considerably alters the alkaloid composition of kratom. Red Kratom is one such herb. It delivers a heady aroma and hits quite hard, definitely not newbie-friendly.

Red JongKong

Red kratom from Kalimatana Barat is pure gold at Mitragaia’s stores. The strain is a depressant and good for sleep. JongKong is a unique strain considering that Red veins are highly stimulative.

Red Hulu

Red Hulu provides a joyous and long-lasting blissful experience. Specifically, the Kapuas variety of red Hulu is in a class of its own; no wonder it is a pricey commodity.

White Horn Kratom

White horn kratom is one of the famous horned leaf kratom strains, named after horned shaped leaves of kratom subspecies.

White horn kratom is famed for its mood elevation hits and is commonly referred to as those who seek a pleasant lifestyle. The product powder, capsules, or tincture have the same effects and maintains its exotic aroma.

Pros of Gaia Kratom

  • Fast deliveries: Unlike many vendors, Gaia keeps their word on extra fast deliveries
  • Various payment methods: Gaia has a wide range of payment methods

In Conclusion

Gaia Ethnobotanical is a world-class kratom vendor with high customer satisfaction. Despite going down in 2016 due to regulatory challenges, the company rebranded itself and came out to claim its position at the helm.

The company sells a wide range of quality products, providing lab test results on its website and four different payment options. Gaia is definitely a must-try vendor!

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