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Get Kratom Review 2021 For Rookies & Veterans

Looking to learn more about the Get Kratom Vendor? These days, it can be quite a challenge to find a reputable online kratom vendor. Most consumers have even been advised to go through online reviews and see what others have to say about their preferred vendor.

Although this method has proven to be effective in most cases, it’s not always easy to find a trustworthy review site. We’ve seen cases where companies pay random individuals to say nice things about their products.

So the stress involved in trying to differentiate fake testimonials from authentic ones can be discouraging. As advocates of high-quality kratom, we want to help you find the best information before you buy. That is why this review has been prepared to provide consumers with basic facts about a kratom vendor known as Get Kratom.

This should then make it easier for you to compare and contrast by yourself. For this review, in particular, we will tell you everything you need to know about this vendor and what to expect.

Get Kratom Background and Kratom Strains To Buy

Get Kratom was established in 2007, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and since then has continued to provide consumers with kratom powder and other variants. They have steadily built a strong reputation as high-quality kratom powder suppliers since coming into the industry. In addition to their quality strains, they offer prompt shipping services and awesome customer service.

Get Kratom is an online kratom vendor with a variety of kratom strains. Some consumers say that their products are really nice even though there isn’t any proof of product testing on their website as of now. Some of the strains available in their collection include:

  • Maeng Da
  • Red Indo
  • Bali Kratom
  • White Gold
  • Green Indo
  • Red Vein Kali
  • White Vein Indo
  • Gold Reserve
  • White Vein Kali
  • Sumatra Kratom
  • White Vein Indo
  • Kratom Sample Packs
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo
  • Natural Enhanced True Vein
  • Ultra Enhanced Red Kali

How Affordable Are Their Products?

Although get kratom is not necessarily the most competitively priced vendor around, their prices are still considered affordable. For an ounce of Kratom powder, expect to pay a fair price of $14 not including shipping expenses.

Different strains sell for different prices and product prices range from as little as $7.50 per kg to $234.00 for 30 kg. You might want to consider some other vendor and not buy from this company if you are looking to buy Kratom powder in bulk. Their bulk offers are quite pricey when compared to some other online vendors.

How Do You Pay For Kratom Powder?

Payment for purchases can be made through any of the following means:

  • Credit cards (Mastercard or Visa)
  • Crypto (Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin)
  • Money order
  • eCheck
  • Mailed checks

Get Kratom’s Shipping Services

The shipping process here seems fast and reliable. They offer same-day shipping for orders made before 2 PM eastern time and ship every day of the week except on Sundays.

Priority Mail shipments take about 2-3 days for buyers within the US. If you live within any of the major cities, you get your order within 2 days. However, for people who reside in more rural areas, the delivery time usually takes a day more. For Express Mails, shipping usually takes not more than one night but could take one more day if you live in remote areas. The amount of traffic in post offices also affects delivery time.

Although Express Mail might be the fastest shipping option, it is still not a guarantee that your order will arrive on the same day. If you need to have your orders delivered the next day, we recommend that you go with FedEx. This delivery company’s overnight deliveries have a 100% guarantee of arriving the next day. You can choose any of their two-night options (standard overnight and priority overnight).

Packages shipped using priority overnight are expected to arrive at their destination by 10:30 AM. It could extend to 12:30 PM for locations in the rural areas. But if you use standard overnight, it arrives by 3 PM in urban locations and 4:30 PM in rural locations.

FedEx overnight deliveries do not work over the weekend. If you are going to place your order on a Thursday evening or Friday, it is best to use USPS Express Mail because it will be faster and more affordable.

Q. When will my orders be shipped?

A. Orders are normally shipped on the same day before 2 pm Eastern time. Anything order made later than this time will be shipped the next day.

Q. How long does an order take before it arrives?

A. Priority shipping takes 2-3 days. In some cases, it might take a day more if the delivery location is in a remote area. Express shipping is made overnight to most locations.

Q. How do I make additional orders to my previous order?

A. This might not be possible because they do not save payment information on their sites. Therefore the value of an order cannot be increased after it has been processed.

Q. How do I add a Voucher to my order?

A. After shopping, you have to enter the voucher on the first page of the shopping cart. Make sure you add the voucher before you place an order.

Q. How do I utilize my loyalty points at Get Kratom?

A. To convert your loyalty points into a voucher code, log into your account and click the “My loyalty points“ link. The link is placed just below a pink box. You can now follow instructions from there.

What About International Shipments?

Get Kratom also offers international shipping services. For orders less than 32 ounces, you can either ship using Express Mail Services or the USPS. But if your order is more than 32 ounces, you can only ship through the Express Mail Service.

Charges will apply for international shipments and another discouraging thing to note is, for international shipments, FedEx is unavailable.

Note: For some states such as California and Pennsylvania, the law demands that consumers pay taxes for every purchase made. These taxes are normally included in the initial cost of products. And due to state laws that prohibit the sale and distribution of kratom, they do not ship products to the following states: Indiana, Vermont, Arkansas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Alabama, San Diego, Sarasota, Rhode Island, Oceanside and, Jerseyville.

What You Need To Know About the Get Kratom Return Policy

If for a valid reason you are unsatisfied with the quality or strain of Kratom delivered, Get Kratom grants you a chance to send it back. However, the return must be made within 30 days of buying the product and you will get your money back. But keep in mind that a sealed product that has been opened won’t be eligible for a refund. Although you may get a refund for products, shipping charges are deemed non-refundable.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy From Get Kratom?

Get Kratom might not be the biggest vendor around, but it could be worth a try. That is if you do not place too much value on transparency because this vendor has no proof of testing its kratom powder yet.

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