Gold Label Kratom Review – Red Flag Alert

In need of a regular supply of your favorite kratom strain? Then try virtual kratom stores. Online vendors seem very much like the most convenient option. You only have to sit in the comfort of your home, go through seller websites, place your orders and get them delivered to your doorstep. Less stress, more pleasure.

Gold Label Kratom is an online kratom vendor willing to offer such services. But the problem here is that Gold Label isn’t as famous as most vendors online. So that implies a significant limit on how much information people can access concerning them.

However, this review has been created to provide as much information as possible about this mystery brand. In the end, we’ll help you figure out if this vendor is worth it or not.

Gold Label Kratom Facts That Will Make You Cry

Gold Label Botanical Kratom is an original product from Pure Extract Lab, a company that distributes liquid shots, as well as kratom extracts, via an online portal known as Jack B Goods. 

The activities of this vendor remain suspicious because, firstly, they don’t have an official site that they operate from. Secondly, there is no proof showing that this company is listed as recognized by the Small Business Administration. One disturbing fact is that Gold Label Kratom is not a registered trademark. This vendor is also not approved by Consumer Reports. There are a lot of bodies and corporations that small businesses are allowed to be registered with for authenticity within the United States, but it doesn’t seem like Gold Label was ever registered with any.

Their mode of operation seems quite abnormal and doesn’t appear to be in line with what you’d expect from trusted kratom vendors. Rather than sell directly to consumers, Gold Leaf Kratom relies on the services of other smaller businesses that serve as middlemen in the industry. This isn’t entirely a bad thing because we know of some other established kratom vendors that have adopted this method. Preferably, others choose to distribute their products using different social channels online.

But it’s bad enough that Gold Label Botanical specializes in kratom extract without letting the public in on their methods of extraction. They also claim to be a GMP complaint, but no evidence has been provided for the general public to verify their claim. At this point, we have nothing with which to verify their standards, method of testing, or location of facilities.

Gold Label Kratom Product Line

The product line is another interesting or rather confusing thing about this vendor. A typical Kratom brand would always distinguish between kratom veins and strains. But Gold Leaf Botanicals doesn’t do this. All they offer is the Gold Label brand, popularly known as the Gold Maeng Da.

Their products are mainly available in capsules, although you might also get kratom powder, liquid extracts, and tincture extracts according to some review sources. Like we mentioned at the start of this piece, this vendor does not have an official website where you can make purchases. Hence, sales and purchases are probably made through brick-and-mortar vendors, making it hard to really ascertain what their products are. 

From what we know, their main product seems to be the Gold Label Extract capsules that come in packaging devoid of important details. All we know is that the company says its pack contains premium quality dry leaf. 

What Will It Cost You?

As expected of every headshop brand, Gold Label Kratom is not sold at a standard price. Individual headshops or smoke shops can decide to set at whatever prices they choose to. 

Also, since these prices are constantly changing, you might want to look around at more than one vendor until you find the best deal. It wouldn’t make sense to just buy from the first site or vendor you pop into.

Extract Capsules (10 counts)

The standard retailing price of a 10-count package is $9.99. But you can find this at different prices at different retail shops. However, prices normally range from $8.99 – $12.99.

Retail Case (12 packs of 10-count capsules)

This pack is mostly sold at smoke shops and headshops. The standard price for this amount of kratom is $119.95, but some online outlet stores sell it for less than that.

Extract Capsules (120 counts) 

The standard retail price for this one is $79.99. Just like the 10 count extracts, it’s sold by different vendors. So prices could be a little higher or lesser.

Are There Coupon Codes Available?

Coupons make the cost of products a lot cheaper because they take some percentage off the selling price. But coupon codes are not readily accessible for brands as much as they are for vendors. As of now, Gold Label Kratom is not an exception. To get a coupon code for this brand, your best bet would be to find a vendor that retails these products and also offers coupon codes.

What People Think About Their Products and Service

Gold Label Kratom provides very little or no information about themselves on kratom Reddit. They are also not on any of the other popular online forums. In fact, it seems like the only place to find customers saying anything about them would be on different distributor sites.

These reviews are about the only thing that gives an idea of this vendor’s activities online. Of course, these customer opinions can always be faked, so we’ll ask you not to take them too seriously. 

When it comes to customer service, since there is no direct contact between this vendor and its customers, it is often difficult to tell the kind of relationship they have. They don’t even have a valid social channel that often serves as a common ground for customers to interact. 

However, if we were to go with the available consumer reviews of Gold Label kratom capsules on Jack B Goods, then it seems that their products are quite satisfactory. 

Bottom line: Is Gold Label Kratom Worth It?

Of course, we would always prefer vendors that are transparent in their dealings, but Gold Label Kratom has a lot of red flags and will need to put in some work to clear up the doubts in the minds of buyers.

Now, according to comments made by customers, Gold Label capsules provide satisfaction, but there’s no way to really tell if those reviews are genuine. Some groups of people may have been found giving false testimonials, either for monetary benefits or other reasons. They claim to sell high-quality kratom but have no proof of testing. This vendor also does not offer coupon codes, except you find a vendor that’s willing to give you some sort of discount. 

If you are hell-bent on trying out this brand, especially if you’re a first-timer, then we’d advise that you start with the 10-count pack. Test the waters to see how murky it is before jumping in. True, customer reviews are the only tangible information we have about Gold Label. But with all the red flags so far, it’s best to protect your health by finding a more reliable vendor that you can verify and trust.

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