Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom Review

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review 2021

Kratom has become a well-known herbal supplement for many, hence the emergence of online kratom vendors like Golden Rule Botanicals. Although the sale and use of Mitragyna Speciosa are still banned in some parts of the world, several other locations don’t have any legal regulations against enjoying the full benefits that this ethnobotanical has to offer.

Today, there are tons of kratom dealers available online and, every year, more of them continue to pop up. But of course, they aren’t all trustworthy. That’s because some of them sell low-quality ineffective products at very outrageous prices to woo unsuspecting buyers. Such companies are scammers and shouldn’t be allowed to thrive.

That’s why it’s pertinent to go through company reviews to find out whether a vendor can be trusted before patronizing them. Doing your due diligence will enable you to determine which of these suppliers are truly legitimate.

Golden Rule Botanicals is one such vendor that is often spoken for its products and services. That is why we have prepared a comprehensive review of this company so you get to see for yourself if the claims are legit.

Golden Rule Botanicals: Who They Are?

Golden Rule Botanicals was established by Brandon Bird. Even before the establishment of this company, Brando Bird was already a known kratom lover. He was inspired to build his own company after the shitty services he got from numerous other kratom vendors he had patronized in the past.

Brandon realized that those people were mere scammers and wolves in sheep’s clothing. So he was determined to give fellow consumers just what they deserved as regards Kratom. After numerous research and experiments, he created Golden Rule Botanicals. This vendor focuses on delivering high-quality kratom to its customers along with exceptional services. Since its setup, Golden Rule Botanicals has continued to make waves in the kratom industry.

The services from this vendor are provided almost directly by the founder. Hence your phone calls to lay complaints or make suggestions will most likely be attended to by Bird himself. Imagine getting information from such an expert? This kratom vendor will provide you with the most accurate information and walk you through anything you need, including choosing a Kratom strain that would work best for you.

Every month, Golden Rule Botanicals imports Kratom in bulk from southeast Asia to the US. As you probably know already, Kratom is not grown in the US even if most customers reside here. They import only the freshest Kratom to ensure that you get nothing less than the best.

Kratom Strains Available At Golden Rule Botanicals

One of the reasons that Golden Rule Botanicals has gotten to where they are today is because of their ability to make so many Kratom varieties available always.

These Kratom strains are all in powder forms and they include Three Kings, Three Wise Men, Maeng Da, Wintermint, Mother’s Helper, Yellow Maeng Da, and Murry’s Meow Mix. You’ll also find Pink Tiger, Green Maeng Da, Doublemint, Pink Bison, Orange Thai, Pink Thai, Bubblemint, Orange Malay, and Hit By A Truck strains.

Other interesting strains include Orange MD, Pink MD, Father’s Helper, Thrison, Pink Sumatra, Balendi, Kama Sumatra, Thai-Fecta, Green Bison, Pink Indo, Sundown, Spearmint, White Binson, Clone MD, Thrison, and Tiger Blend.

Product Pricing, Method of Payment, and Billing

At Golden Rule Botanicals, product prices are affordable and always fixed. You don’t have to get yourself worked up trying to figure out what each product costs as the pricing system is transparent enough. For every:

  • 1 ounce of Kratom, you pay $8
  • 2 ounce of kratom, you pay $16
  • 4 ounce of kratom, you pay $29
  • 8 ounce of kratom, you pay $48
  • 12 ounce of kratom, you pay $62
  • 1 pound of kratom, you pay $62
  • 1 kilo of kratom, you pay $148

Payment for purchases can be made using Money Order, GreenBeanPay, electronic debit, and every major credit card. Customers get billed only once and that is during checkout. You will not be asked to pay extra fees other than what was stated on the price list. Unless otherwise stated, on no account are customers made to pay any intermittent fees.

Shipping, Return, and Refund Policy

As of now, Golden Rule Botanicals does not ship any of its products to Wisconsin, Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Vermont, and Rhode Island. They also do not offer international shipping services.

Shipments from Golden Rule Botanicals are done only through USPS. Although they have very little or no control over how fast deliveries through USPS are done, they promise that their packages normally arrive between 2-3 working days. However, there are times when USPS may not send shipments or when deliveries might arrive long after their expected date.

This vendor is particularly known for having the interest of their customers at heart. They have put together a system that makes it possible for customers to return any unsatisfactory purchases previously made. Once the item is returned, such a customer is entitled to a full refund.

However, a customer who wants to return an order made must do so within 14 days of purchase. The returned package must also contain at least 90% of the original purchase made. Now, before returning any purchases, a call or a written message must be sent to the company as well. This is to let them know beforehand that you will be returning the kratom you bought. Customers should keep in mind that they are responsible for any extra costs incurred when returning a product. So this means that the company will not pay for return shipping.

In some cases, due to some unforeseen circumstances with USPS, an order does not get to a consumer. When such happens, this vendor will give the customer an exact replacement of their order. Expect this to happen around 14 days from the previous shipping date.

If both shipments arrive, you will be asked by this vendor to pay for the replacement package. On a few occasions, USPS might mark a product as “delivered” yet the customer may not have received it. If this is the case, the company will not offer a full refund until the issue gets resolved

Golden Rule will also not be held accountable for customers’ mistakes such as duplicate orders. Therefore, they will not accept returns of any duplicate order. Before returning any items, customers are expected to get in touch with the company’s staff ( 480-414-4532) and provide a detailed reason for wanting to return the item.

After the company has seen your reasons and found them satisfactory, you will be given a return address. With this address, you can now mail it back to them and send the tracking number to When the company receives the returned item, a refund will be made within 24 hours.

The method of refund is usually the same way payment was made. For instance, if you used a credit card in making your purchase, the money will be sent back to your card. Depending on what bank you conduct transactions from, refunds are normally gotten after 5-7 working days.

Customer Service and Website Design

This vendor claims to offer a 24-hour service to all its customers. So if you are ever confused about any of their services or their mode of operation, they are just a call away. You can also leave messages in their inbox via email and they will respond promptly.

Golden Rule Botanicals is always willing to help customers through any difficulty they may encounter while on their site. And you’ll notice this mostly when trying to place an order. This is yet another reason why customers get glued to this vendor.

When it comes to their online page, the homepage is aesthetically and colorfully designed. It is structured in a way that makes it very easy to navigate. Even newbies wouldn’t have a hard time getting what they want. If you need to place an order, every information you require is displayed. Their website provides detailed information about what the company stands for, their kratom strains, terms & conditions, and every other policy you might want to look into.

What We Love About Golden Rule Botanicals

According to reviews from several kratom consumers, Golden Rule Botanicals may stake a strong claim as one of the best. This notion is not farfetched and there are reasons why we think so.

First, Golden Rule Botanicals makes available only pure Kratom strains. Consuming their kratom in relatively lower servings might have almost the same potency as larger servings of the same product from a different kratom vendor. This is, at least, what some customers think. There are even users who say that their strains taste better than kratom from several other vendors.

Golden Rule provides prompt response to complaints and suggestions sent to their email. This kind of personal touch is just what a customer needs to build trust in a vendor. The company also offers a wide variety of Kratom strains. So whatever you want, whether red, white, or green vein, Golden Rule Botanicals seems to have the capacity to provide it. For those who are new to the industry and aren’t sure about what and what not to try out, Brandon and other experts are there to give you really good advice.

Additionally, they sell at prices that we believe are competitive enough. Their prices are relatively more affordable than what you would be eligible to receive with other online vendors. And that’s especially if you have a coupon code.

We’d say that this vendor makes life a whole lot easier and spicier for its customers. They give you varieties even when you pay very little. With just the price of one kilo, you can get up to 36 different Kratom strains, all in a single order.

With this, you can try out different varieties at a time. Rotating between different strains is both advisable and healthy. That’s because it’s said to help lower the risk of creating tolerance which happens when you repeatedly consume a single strain for a prolonged length of time.

Their delivery service is quick and efficient and you won’t always have to wait longer than you are meant to. You get your orders just in two days or even less. Since Kratom shipments from Golden Rule Botanicals seem to be of high quality, consumers hardly ever complain of any bad experiences.

What could be better?

Although this vendor is considered one of the best online vendors, there are still some areas that might require improvements. Golden Rule Botanicals does not provide detailed testing information about the kratom strains on their website. You know how important it is to conduct tests on kratom powder using third-party labs. Doing this helps ensure safe consumption for kratom users.

But it’s not just enough to conduct tests. Reputable kratom vendors online must go the extra mile by publishing test results or making them available at the request of customers. Not doing so, to an extent, reduces the credibility of this vendor.

Lastly, Golden Rule Botanicals does not offer international shipping services. Therefore it is almost impossible for consumers who do not reside in the USA to buy and use their Kratom products.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy From This Vendor?

Summarily, we’d say that Golden Rule Botanicals is a good kratom vendor online. They offer positively recommended kratom strains and have great customer service. These also come with affordable and reliable shipping services. They may have just a few downsides but if you are willing to overlook that, then you might want to try this vendor out.

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