Green Indo Kratom Review

Green Indo Kratom Review

Green Indo is a strain from mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree found in the jungle of Southeast Asia. Green Indo results from the hybridization of two superior kratom strains, Maeng Da and Malay species of mitragyna speciosa. By combining these two parent plants, a more potent kratom strain comes into being. Green Indo is characterized by green veins running through the leaf. The green veins are a clear indication of the balanced alkaloid content, which makes it more potent.

What is Green Indo Kratom?

Green Indo, known appropriately as Green-veined Indo Kratom, is the new strain in the USA Kratom market.
This new notable strain has its origins in the Indonesian and Malaysian tropical regions in Southeast Asia. However, the best Green Indo kratom comes from the fertile soil of Indonesia forests. The soil composition plays a vital role in the molecular structure of Green Indo kratom. The green herb grows on the Mitragna Speciosa or commonly referred to as Kratom trees.

These trees are abundantly found in Indonesia and are locally known as the “Kali” derived from the term “Kalimantan.”

The Green Indo Kratom, like its other kratom counterparts, comes in three variations; green, white, and red. The distinction, for example, for the green strain, is in the green-colored vein seen down their spine. The vein color indicates the alkaloid concentration in the Green Indo leaves.

To obtain the Green Indo Kratom, the growers pick the leaves from young kratom trees with balanced alkaloid content for extraction.

The extracts full of alkaloids and flavonoids make it a highly potent stimulant used throughout history by the native tribes. They claim it has mild analgesic and emotional effects on your brain receptors once taken.

Physical Form

Mitragyna speciosa belongs to the same family as the coffee plant. It is an evergreen tree that grows up to 50 meters and 3 ft wide. The bark is smooth and grayish with an upright posture.

The leaves of the Indo kratom plant are ovate and dark green. The average weight of Green Indo leaf is 1.7g when fresh and 0.43g when dried. The flowers of mitragyna speciosa bear up to 120 florets.

Green Indo Kratom Alkaloid Content

Green Indo kratom has a high concentration of essential biochemicals. Some factors leading to high alkaloid concentration in Green Indo kratom include soil composition, harvest time, drying process, and other essential conditions.

Mitragynine is the most abundant alkaloid in a kratom leaf. It was first isolated in 1921, but its whole chemical structure was elucidated in 1964. Mitragynine is soluble in organic solvents such as acetone, alcohol, and acetic acid, but it is insoluble in water. Mitragynine occupies 66 percent of the total alkaloid content.

7-hydroxymitragynine is also another alkaloid present in Green Indo kratom in a small amount. It was isolated in 1993.

How is Green Indo Kratom Taken?

Different people prefer ingesting Green Indo kratom in different forms and different ways:

Raw leaves

Chewing of raw kratom leaves is the most ancient method of ingesting kratom. The natives used to chew kratom leaves to gain more energy to work for long hours. Even now, some vendors sell raw Green Indo kratom leaves. The main advantage of using raw Green Indo kratom leaves is the ability to enjoy all the alkaloids present in the leave.


Taking kratom capsules is the easiest and the most convenient way of enjoying your Green Indo kratom. The capsules contain accurately measured kratom powder, a factor that reduces the chances of overdose.
The only disadvantage of taking Green Indo capsules is that they are packed with little powder, and some experienced kratom users may require taking 10 to 12 tablets to attain their ideal dosage.

Toss and wash

Toss and wash are one of the fastest methods of ingesting Green Indo kratom. Here you place your ideal quantity of kratom powder on your tongue and wash it down with water. When using this method, you are going to feel the bitter taste of kratom. Toss and wash is not a suitable method for beginners.

Kratom tea

Brewing kratom tea is another ancient method of consuming kratom. Put your kratom powder in hot water and allow it to steep for 10 to 15 minutes to transfer all the alkaloids to the water. Use natural sweeteners such as honey to add flavor to your kratom tea.

Food, smoothies, and yogurt

Mixing Green Indo kratom to your food or smoothie will help you in masking its bitter taste. Taking kratom on an empty stomach helps it kick off into your body fast, but mixing with a decadent drink or food will protect you from some undesirable side effects associated with kratom use.

How Does Green Indo Kratom Work?

The Green Indo Kratom powder can be taken in water or mixed in tea to refresh the mind and body. It comes in other forms such as Ketum paste, pills, capsules, or pellets for quick ingestion into the body system. Green Indo contains biochemical that has psychotropic effects.

How Long Does Green Indo Kratom Last in the Users System?

Green Indo Kratom is working at the cell level in the body; it is essential to note its adverse effects, reactions, and how long it lasts in the consumer’s body.

Fifteen minutes is the general time the Green Indo takes to affect the body. Recommendations are to take it in smaller doses for effect to last at least two to three hours. However, if taken in larger quantities, expect at least seven to eight hours to wear off.

Additionally, a study on ten habitual users indicates the half-life -time required to remove the substance from the body and remain functional- of Green Indo Kratom in 24 hours. Meaning, at least a full week is needed to eradicate the kratom from the body completely.

At the minimum, the half-life is seven hours, which means complete eradication of the Green Indo from your body, set aside one and a half days. The most extended half-life can take 39 hours. Based on recent research, this translates into the alkaloids remaining in your systems for a maximum of nine days.

Factors Affecting the Green Indo Kratom Wearing Off Effects

Body Weight

For individuals with more fat proportion in the Body, Indo takes more extended periods to wear off. Why? Because mitragynine is a highly soluble fat that dissolves into fat cells of the body. A person with a high-fat ratio in the body has a high kratom metabolite retention rate. Likewise, if a person has lower fat content in the body, it will quickly clear kratom from the body. Hence the result mentioned.


Individuals will experience different half-lives due to some genetic markers and natural enzymes in the body. These genetically transmitted elements speed up the kratom elimination process in your body.


With age comes slower processing of substances in the body. For example, an older person requires extra time to remove the kratom from their system compared to a youthful person. A significant reason is functions such as the kidney slow down as you age.


It is hydrating the body after a Green Indo indulgence speeds up the exception process from the urine. However, please keep away from fatty foods as they lead to more kratom absorption and slow down Speciosa eradication.

Usage Frequency

Frequent users have longer half-lives as the highly potent substance has no chance to leave the body.
Whenever engaging in any substance use, the recommendation is taking precautions. Therefore, Green Indo Kratom intake requires precautions such as;

  • You are regularly hydrating your body to ensure proper eradication of the Green Indo Kratom.
  • A significant effect when using Indo is dehydration. Always ensure you keep your body hydrated to cope with the impact,
  • Taking the Ketum on an empty stomach enhances the effects.

Food slows down the absorption of kratom. Therefore, having a dose before any meals gives you a full euphoric experience.
Don’t mix it with other medicines – If under any medication, stay clear of Green Indo Kratom because a combination of the treatment and the herb might be harmful to your body.

How to Detect Green Indo Kratom in the Body

Speciosa is a legal herb in the USA to test its presence in the body; a blood or urine test is the way to do it.
Kratom is not easily detectable by many standard tests, but its alkaloids can be identified using blood and urine test. The drug can be detected using ten-panel tests within seven days of use. However, the results depend on:

  • Age
  • Health issues
  • Liver function
  • The amount of green Indo kratom ingested.
  • Fat percentage in the body

Otherwise, a hair follicle and saliva test should do the trick perfectly also.


When purchasing Green Indo Kratom, always be keen on its quality and potency. Trusted vendors online will offer all details needed for an informed purchase.

With research ongoing, a lot of the information available is based on user experience, with respective authorities yet to give a way forward for the now popular product. Caution is advised when using Green Indo Kratom, or any other related strain.

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