Green Thai Kratom Review

Green Thai kratom is somewhere between white and red strains. As kratom leaves mature, they turn from white; for new growth, then green and eventually red. Since green is between red and white, it is always viewed as blending the two strains. Some people believe that red is too slow and white is too fast, while green is just right since it offers results moderately. Just like its name suggests, it is characterized by green veins, which are the main feature that differentiates it from other strands. Green Thai is the most potent and available strand in the market.

Origin of Green Thai Kratom

Just as the name represents, green Thai kratom originated from Thailand. Thailand is at the center of the Indo-Chinese peninsula, characterized by a warm tropical climate. It is grown in small farms and in the jungle, where the soil is believed to be rich in alkaloids. The soils in the forests and the wilderness are acidic, ideal for the high production of kratom with a significant concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, the essential compounds any kratom.

Green Thai was initially used as a stimulant by laborers in the rural areas of Southeast Asia. However, due to the kratom ban in 1943, green Thai strains from Thailand are now grown in Southeast Asia. Most genuine green Thai kratom vendors source their kratom from Indonesia, where expert farmers grow and pick the most mature leaves, dry them and grind it into powder. The experts dry the leaves in the sun and shade to ensure that they do not lose their aroma content.

Propagation of Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa plant is tall trees growing up to 100 feet tall. They grow natively to the tropical areas of Southeast Asia. It isn’t easy to propagate the plant away from tropical climates. The plant does not thrive in cold regions. However, in cold areas, you can grow it in a container to protect it from freezing.

You can use seeds or cuttings to propagate, but they both have a low success rate.

Many vendors sell kratom seeds. Make sure you buy fresh kratom seeds from a reliable vendor. New sources are believed to be more viable. When germinating your seeds, ensure that your soil is rich in nitrogen since kratom plants are heavy feeders. Avoid flooding your plants, and do not expose them to the scorching sun. You can grow them on a shade of an adult tree to protect them from direct sunlight. Once the seeds start sprouting, keep them warm by covering them to offer some greenhouse effects.

Cut a twig from a mature kratom plant and keep it in water. Always keep your cutting warm until it starts sprouting. You can use a plastic bag to cover your young plant to keep it warm. If you can provide your plant with the best conditions, the cutting should develop faster than the seeds.

Is Green Thai Kratom Legal?

If you are traveling, you need to understand where you can bring your green Thai and where you should not, to ensure that you are on the right side of the law.

Since there is no conclusive research on kratom in the USA, its legality is not always exact. It is federally legal in most states in America, although some states have banned the growing, procession, or selling of the product. In other countries, kratom laws vary. In Italy and Ireland, kratom laws differ from one town to another. Other countries like Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, Singapore, and many others use any kratom product is illegal. In Africa and China, it is not clear whether kratom is legal or illegal.

Forms of Green Thai Kratom

Green Thai kratom comes in different forms. Here are some of the most common kratom forms;

1. Leaves

Some people, mainly native Thailand, prefer chewing the leaves when fresh. Chewing fresh leaves ensures that you benefit from all the alkaloids in the kratom leaf. Some vendors also try to preserve the leaves, and you can buy from them.

2. Liquid Extracts

Some vendors prefer selling kratom in liquid form. The leaves are blended carefully and preserved in the right concentration to allow you to enjoy the benefits of the product. If you do not want the leaves’ bitter taste, you can add sweeteners such as honey or sugar to make it more appealing. You can also choose to blend your Thai green leaves and make your concoction at home.

3. Tinctures

The use of tinctures allows the green Thai kratom processors to achieve a high concentration level. The processors incorporate alcohol to increase concentration. Usually, alcoholic extracts with high ethanol concentration are used. The remedies are placed in a jar and are soaked with alcohol and are left there for some weeks. The pot is shaken occasionally to increase the concentration of the solution. A Green Thai kratom tincture is technically a controlled kratom and alcohol solution.

4. Green Thai Kratom Powder

Many kratom sellers are known for selling kratom in powder form. There are many ways of consuming Thai green powder, a factor that makes the most popular method. The powder is highly versatile, which makes it easy to use.
You can add the powder to your tea or any other drink. You can also use the powder to make your capsules. Many people prefer kratom powder because it is cheap, especially if you buy it in bulk, it is easy to store, and it mixes easily with drinks. The use of kratom powder is a matter of preference and choice; here are some ways of using green Thai kratom powder:

5. Kratom Tea

Using green Thai kratom powder in brewing tea is the easiest and most common technique. You can add kratom powder to your black, white, oolong, or green tea and allow it to steep to avoid the bitter kratom flavor. Mixing kratom into your tea is also the right way of boosting caffeine and its intended impacts on your tea.
Add green Thai kratom powder to your smoothie and food.

The bitter kratom taste is always challenging. You can mask the flavor by adding your kratom powder to your smoothies or your food. In this case, you will not taste it but feel the impacts.

6. Green Thai Kratom Capsules

You can buy empty capsules and fill them at home. It might be exhausting and messy, but eventually, you get the right results. Making your capsules gives you the liberty to measure your ideal serving. Or you can choose to buy the already packed pills from vendors.

7. Toss and Wash

This is a standard method among experienced users. Put kratom powder into your mouth and wash it down using a beverage. This is a hard way of consuming kratom powder, but it delivers results instantly. It is important to note that toss and wash are not recommended for beginners.

8. Smoking

Smoking kratom is possible but inadvisable. Smoking kratom can cause long term negative impacts on your lungs and capillaries.

Chemical Composition of Green Thai Kratom

Alkaloids are a particular type of plant chemical. They appear in a large variety in mitragyna speciosa. Green Thai kratom has a high alkaloid concentration, a factor that makes it one of the most potent kratom strains. Research shows that different plants have different alkaloid concentration levels, and the same applies to kratom plants. The two most active alkaloids in green Thai kratom include:


This alkaloid appears to be the fourth position of the most abundant alkaloids in the kratom leaf. It makes up to 2% of the total alkaloid content in the green Thai kratom leaf. It is also responsible for most of the effects of kratom.


Mitragynine is the most abundant alkaloid in kratom leaf, making up 66% of the total alkaloid content. However, the mitragynine concentration level varies from plant to plant depending on the time of harvest, growing conditions, and drying techniques. Research shows that the level of mitragynine is higher when the leaf is green. The green Thai kratom is known for its high mitragynine concentration, making it the most desired and significant strain.

Other green Thai kratom alkaloids include:

  • Paynantheine: This is the second most abundant alkaloid in kratom leaves. It makes up to 9% of the total alkaloid content.
  • Speciogynine: It makes up to 7% of the total alkaloid content making it the third most abundant alkaloid.

Other minor alkaloids in green Thai kratom include:

Speciociliatine, mitrafoline, mitraversine, stipulatine, 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, corynoxeine A, Mitraphylline, Isomitraphylline, Speciophylline, and others.


The color of kratom you use depends entirely on your taste and preference. However, Green Thai kratom is always believed to have the most balanced benefits compared to other strains. Sometimes, the results may vary even after using the same color kratom, depending on the quality, location, and harvest type. If you are yet to start using any kratom type, please carry out detailed research to realize its benefits and dangers. In many cases, green Thai provides optimum results, especially if you can buy the best kratom quality.

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