Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Review

In this article, we look at one amazing online vendor, Happy Hippo Herbals. More juicy details ahead!

What is Happy Hippo Herbals?

Happy Hippo Herbals was established in 2013 and is based in Boise, Idaho, in the United States. The company has maintained a low profile through its non-aggressive marketing strategies, and its top-notch quality services attract a stream of new and repeat customers for them.

According to customer reviews on their site and elsewhere on the internet, 95% had positive feedback. This article looks into various aspects of the vendor and puts its reputation on scales.

Is Happy Hippo Kratom Good?

As customers, we believe that service delivery is the most critical aspect of any business. Any clients need to be assured of full support throughout the shopping process. Therefore, our review’s first step will focus more on the users’ shopping experience at the Happy Hippo kratom store.

After thorough investigations, it was clear that Happy Hippo kratom is second to none on customer support matters. The company responds to e-mail queries appropriately, exhaustively, and promptly. The support team pours their energy and time into providing any details to the customers through the phone line. The company even sends a handwritten thank you note with the order!

One last thing about the Happy Hippos’ support team is their honesty. They would not dare to coerce you to purchase if you are not comfortable. All they do is provide the required information and let you make a choice.

What more could one ask for? Honesty, politeness, timely, and caring; those qualities that describe Happy Hippo support, and there isn’t anything one could fault them for.

Kratom Cost at Happy Hippo Herbals

One thing you would notice about kratom prices in the industry is their inconsistency from one store to another. The rule of thumb is, high prices almost always translate to quality products. If you are a veteran, you wouldn’t mind paying that extra dollar for quality stuff, would you?

Since Happy Hippo Herbals sells quality kratom products, you will find their products’ prices relatively high compared to other small vendors. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Remember cheap is expensive!

If you are still undecided on the prices, remember that kratom from Happy Hippo only requires a fraction of what you will get cheaply from other vendors to stimulate similar effects. Additionally, enhanced quality requires less kratom; hence it is indirectly cost-effective. Nevertheless, the choice of your kratom experience is entirely yours.

Perhaps the main challenge with Happy Hippo is their limited payment options. The vendor only accepts payments through Dwolla, which is a less known payment platform. Additionally, Dwolla is only available in the United States, and making purchases outside the US is almost impossible.

The vendor has the capacity and legality to incorporate a credit card payment option, but for reasons unknown, it has not. The vendor includes the Bitcoin payment option whenever they have a promotion. Again, it is unclear why they haven’t made crypto wallet options available as a permanent payment option.

So when it comes to payment options, Happy Hippo has ample room for improvement.

The Ease of Ordering Kratom

Another integral part of a shopping process is the ease of ordering. Let’s face it, at the day’s end, kratom is an active product, and despite its production and sale being legal, regulations are controlling it. That’s why payment companies like PayPal do not offer their services to kratom merchants.

However, some top-class vendors have made the process of buying kratom seamless. This includes a simple but easy to navigate website with all the essential tabs on their home page.

Happy Hippo’s website can brag about that, with the only downside being the credit card payment option’s unavailability.

The search bar comes in handy when you have the product name in mind, and the checkout process is smooth with a standard cart. You can browse through their products section and check the powder, capsules, and liquids available. Their blog section is information-rich suitable for new users.

Shipping and Deliveries

Happy Hippo ships its products through FedEx express and UPS air across the United States. FedEx express takes up to 2 days to deliver the products at your doorstep while UPS air provides faster 1-day delivery.

UPS shipping options will cost you more than FedEx express due to fast deliveries. The vendor provides same-day shipping for products placed before 5 pm EST, for FedEx option, and 4 pm for UPS shipping. Additionally, there are no deliveries and shipping services on the weekends and public holidays.

Return Policy

Happy Hippo Return Policy obliges customers to return the products within 30 days of receipt. Customers are required to contact the store before initiating any merchandise returns, which should still be sealed and intact. The return policy requires that you mail back (with a tracking number) any products you are replacing or returning. The vendor only processes Credits and refunds after it has received the returned package.

Products Ranges of Happy Hippo Kratom

There are dozens of kratom varieties in the market. Picking a couple of favourites is a great starting point, and setting up a Rota for each of them, especially if you are a daily consumer. Additionally, different kratom strains have varying effects on the body; hence you want to consume the right kratom at the right moment.

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom understands just that and provides an assortment of kratom varieties at their store. It is impressive to note that the vendor even offers a newbies pack for beginners.

As earlier mentioned, different kratom strains burn at different speeds and you need to check out the strain burn time before making a purchase.

The most common Happy Hippo Kratom products are:

Happy Hippo Newbies Starter Pack

Are you a newbie and trying to find your way in the kratom world? Happy Hippo’s newbies pack is specifically designed for you. The pack contains fast, moderate, and slow kratom powder for starters. It also offers newbie prices, different strains, various effects, and multiple origins.

Superior White Hulu Kratom

Labeled ‘laid back and chill vibe,’ white Hulu is one of the top products at Happy Hippo that resonates with its label. The product offers exotic white kratom tastes and comes at affordable prices.

Green Maeng Da Superior Hippo

This isn’t your regular Maeng Da, and Happy Hippos green Maeng da will leave you in blues if you are not a regular user. It is a potent and fast strain.

Happy Hippo Superior Harvest Bundle (burns real fast)

If you are into kratom powder that hits faster in short stints, then you must have come across Happy Hippo Superior Harvest. This is an exotic kratom brand with enhanced alkaloid concentration. It is relatively pricey, but worth every dime.

White Borneo Kratom (Ghost Hippo)

White Borneo is a popular kratom amongst the Happy Hippo fanatics. Termed ghost hippo; this strain hits slowly but heavily.

Yellow Vein Bali Kratom (Fire Hippo)

Lastly is the yellow Bali, which unlike white, and Maeng da kratom is a slow strain in Happy Hippo. It is ideal when all you need is to focus on the tasks at hand. White and yellow kratoms are moderately priced at Happy Hippo.

The vendor has rebranded these strains with mystical names such as ‘ghost hippo’ but, at the same time, maintaining the initial names to avoid confusion.

Another impressive aspect is that Happy Hippo kratom products are classified into moderate, slow, and fast kratom. These are the rates at which the products take effect on the user’s body.

Happy Hippo Herbals Customers Privacy Statement

Happy Hippo provides a clear policy on the collection and storage of clients’ information. Firstly the vendor only deals with clients above 21 years and should provide proof of age.

The vendors collect personal information from online commenting areas, newsletters, and other sections that ask users to provide their e-mail addresses, names, and additional contact information.

Additionally, the site automatically gathers information on your device’s IP address, cookies, and browsing data. These data are later used for marketing purposes and customer experience improvement. However, you can opt to disable the cookies option, which gives the website owner the freedom to store your browsing information and monitor your browsing habits.

Lastly, the company only shares your personal information with law enforcement when required by a court. Additionally, affiliated third party sites can access this information for marketing purposes.

All in all, your personal information and payment details are safe with Happy Hippo Herbals, and you can request them to be deleted from the company’s database at any time.

Final Verdict

According to the reviews and comments online, Happy Hippo is one of the best Kratom vendors and is worth whatever online hype it receives. One characteristic that is constant amongst many reviewers is the vendor’s quality products. It is an excellent starting point for newbies and a strategic location to pitch your kratom tent.

The vendor guarantees value for money in all their supplies, as well as an unforgettable user experience. With the above information, trust Happy Hippo to deliver.

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