Herbal RVA Review

Herbal RVA Review – Should This Vendor Be Trusted?

Kratom has been getting lots of attention and that’s because of the different purposes it serves users. For centuries, Southeast Asian natives have used the leaves of the plant. What they mostly did was to chew on the leaves to get the desired effects.

All around the world today, this herbal supplement serves different purposes. If you are a regular user of Kratom, you definitely want the best quality. Getting quality Kratom powder or capsules relies on your ability to identify a trustworthy seller. So this review tells you all you need to know about Herbal RVA.

Who are Herbal RVA?

Although they have an online presence, Herbal RVA is located in Mechanicsville, Virginia. They are known for having many strains of Kratom. Still, their website has a weird aura around it that makes some customers see them as fake.
Their website does not have certain important information and this means they need to work on an upgrade.

However, if you intend to buy Kratom from Herbal RVA you need to go through as many reviews as you can. They are known for having cheap prices but then, can we vouch for the quality of their kratom products? Let’s see.

Herbal RVA Product Line

There are different blends and strains of Kratom. But their products are not just displayed on the website openly. When you go to their site, you are greeted with a plethora of tea, spices, and even scented candles. It’s more like a distraction from the actual thing they deal with which is Kratom.

This means, to see their products you will need to type “speciosa” in the search bar. This activates the site to make all the available strains visible for the customers. Often, customers will see strains like Borneo, Premium MD, Vietnam, and Bali. Not to forget the presence of strains like Green Aceh, Green, and Red Jongkong, White and green Sekayam.

Sometimes they have blends but it runs out of stock as quickly as it comes. One of the blends that are often sold out quickly includes the Big Bang “herbal tea” made from moving Green and white strains. RVA Kratom sells their Kratom at a fair price than other Kratom vendors.

It costs 9$ to buy 100 grams of moringa powder. The same quantity of turmeric powder and black pepper go for $5 and $8.40.

Although they’re not fully Kratom, RVA Kratom sells these herbal remedies to help with immune-boosting and inflammation. These herbals can be found in capsules or powders.

Most of the other Kratom strains by this vendor can relieve users of pain and increase energy levels. These are the key strains of Kratom products that can be gotten from this vendor:

Royal Bentuangie

Some people agree that using this strain of Kratom boosts their concentration and focus, while also making them calm.

Red Vein Thai

This strain is sold in a 250g pack. The package costs $69.99 and comes in a powder form. People use this strain because it is believed to improve mood and boost energy.

Bali Indah

Bali Indah is sold for $69.99 per 250g. It comes in a powder form and is also sought after by customers because it improves your mood.

Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom

This Kratom strain comes in a. 25g packet. It is sold for $13.29. People love this strain because it is said to help reduce anxiety.

White Vein Indo

The White Vein Indo is packaged in powder form. The RVA Kratom sells it for $69.99 per 250g. It is touted to be a pain reliever and also adored for the tranquility users of the substance get

White Vein Maeng Da

Aside from being one of the most popular Kratom strains, Vein Maeng Da is also one of the most powerful. It costs $13.29 for a 25g pack. You can use it as an anti-inflammatory in your joints. It also doubles as a great energy enhancer.

Plantation Maeng DA

This strain of Kratom is sold at $14.99 for a 25g pack. However, it is a combination of 30% white vein and 70% green vein. The scent is quite different from all other kratoms.

White Vein Borneo

This White Vein Borneo is sold in 25g. People use it as an energy booster. Oftentimes, the people who take it are those who spend long hours at work.

Baik Bali

RVA Kratom sells the Nail Bali strain for $11.99 for every 25g pack.

Some other Products by Herbal RVA

Apart from Kratom products, these vendors sell other natural items like turmeric and moringa. Here are some of the natural substances you can find on their site:

Moringa powder

This herbal product is derived from a potent plant Moringa. It is an anti-inflammatory and stops infection while also boosting the immune system. Moringa is native to Africa, especially West African countries. The package is in a powder form and every 100g of the product costs $9.


Mostly popular in India, turmeric is often dried, powdered, and used for cooking in households. Some people use it in their natural skin care products, to reduce inflammation and stop cold. RVA sells 100g of turmeric for $5.

Black Pepper

This is also one of the natural products sold by RVA. It is used in a powder form and 100grams cost $8.50.

Ginger Powder

Ginger is popular for anti-inflammatory qualities. People also use it to improve weight loss and boost hair growth. It is sold for $10/100grams on the RVA website.

Tongkat Ali

This herb is mostly used to enhance libido and boost sexual performance. Users have also mentioned that it causes calmness, lowers nervousness, and anxiety.

Herbal RVA Prices and Discounts

Many of the products of Kratom have different prices but they’re easily affordable. However, the majority of the 250grams packages are pegged at around $69.00 on the website.

The other Kratom products that come in small packages have different prices like the White vein Maeng Da which goes at $13.29 per 25 grams while plantation products of the same quantity are sold at $14.99.

Comparing these prices with those of other companies and vendors in the Kratom market will show you how cheap they are. This affordability is easily their greatest selling point as some customers state that the reason they made orders from them was because of the low prices.

This could well be the case especially as they sell 100g of Red Info for $9.75 which is far from the average market price.

In the Kratom market, having low prices can cause the customers to think that the products being sold are not pure. This can make them assume that they are laced with other additives and substances which may not be good for their health.

For Herbal RVA, this concern may or may not be disputed because they do not try to show their customers how pure their products are by sharing lab test results. Most people are worried that they do not even do such tests.

Herbal RVA has in the past given out coupon codes and discounts to their customers. When you place an order with the coupon code they mention on their official website, you get a 10% discount.

Apart from the discounts and prices of Herbal RVA Kratom, there has been no mention of any other information about the coupons on the website.

Customer Service And Shipping

Another thing that makes the Herbal RVA vendor stand out is the fact that they have great customer service. They are committed to making sure that their customers get the exact products they ordered with all the necessary information.

When you place an order with them, they reach out to the customers again to confirm and follow through with the orders. Also, if they make a mistake as a result of poor understanding, Herbal RVA takes the entire responsibility and they make sure they fix the situation. They are always active.

Another interesting fact is that the vendor has an easy refund policy. This sets them apart from others in the market. On their website, they indicate that their customers can return the product to them. The only condition is that it has not been opened and the return happens within 30 days of purchase. If you open the seal and try to request a refund after 30 days, they will not grant you that.

Refunds are usually disbursed after three working days of filing. But when you want to file a refund, you must establish contact with the vendor first.

Also, they have a great shipping policy. Herbal RVA Kratom vendor claims that they deliver all their products within 24 hours. But customers will also need to understand that it may take longer depending on the quantity of product and distance.

However, despite the acclaimed excellent shipping policy, there is not much on that showing on their website. Some reviewers claim that packages are often delayed up to 10 days. This may not be something worth canceling them for, but it may be bad if you need the Kratom urgently.

Social media, Reviews, Customer Relations & Support

You can find herbal RVA Kratom on Facebook and their website. But then, some customers have complained recently about not being able to access the website in some regions.

Since their website is currently having accessibility issues, people can only access them through email. This poses a problem for them as it means that any issue encountered will not be swiftly responded to.

Also, they usually advertise a 30-day satisfaction guarantee but their policy of not accepting products that have been opened may be contradicting that. Think about it, how do you tell if a Kratom shipment gives you satisfaction when you do not open it to taste it?

There are certain reviews by customers that the Herbal RVA Kratom vendors dare not post on their platforms. While the customers express happiness on the low prices of their product, others are skeptical, feeling that their Kratom has a poor-quality.

Should you Buy from Herbal RVA Kratom?

When you go through most of the customer complaints and reviews, it is easy to join the bandwagon of reviewers that say they are not trustworthy vendors. Even though they have dirt cheap prices, they sacrifice the quality of their product to make that happen. And when it comes to consuming Kratom, quality is one of the most important things.

Other vendors make sure all their products are subjected to frequent tests to check for quality and purity. They publish the results on their websites. This transparency makes them more reliable than vendors like Herbal RVA Kratom. The choice to patronize them is yours if you prefer the low price to quality.

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