Herbal Salvation Kratom Review

Herbal Salvation Kratom Review 2021

The past few years have seen mitragyna speciosa grow in popularity. All around the world, this herbal supplement serves different purposes. If you are a regular user of Kratom, you definitely want the best quality. This review tells you all you need to know about Herbal Salvation Kratom.

You can find a wide range of Kratom products from so many online Kratom vendors. No matter where you are in the world, Kratom sellers happen to be abundant. But finding one that you can trust to provide only the best quality can be challenging. Protecting your health and safety relies so much on getting your supply from a vendor that is reliable.

Herbal Salvation is talked about in Kratom communities and online forums often. Offering a plethora of Kratom strains, we thought it logical to conduct an analysis of them. So, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Herbal Salvation. The information in this guide should help you determine if they are worth buying from.

Herbal Salvation has now migrated to ViableKratom.com

For many years, Herbal Salvation conducted its online operations from Herbal-Salvation.com. But now, it has a new domain which is Viablekratom.com.

This new domain gives you access to a bigger collection of many different products and services. Some of these offerings were absent on the previous website. You will also find that the brand new website has more improved UX. Some of the products you find a viableKratom.com are capsules, Kratom extracts, shots, and tinctures. Some of the Kratom products also have four times the previous strength.

Another exciting side to the new domain is that customers can qualify to receive loyalty reward points of up to 10% of their order. Viable Solutions (which we will also refer to as the popular Herbal Salvation) has a long-standing history.

But before we continue our review, we need to make something clear. Herbal Salvation Kratom brand operates under Viable Solutions, LLC. But you will still notice that another company still makes use of Herbal Salvation and the branding also looks similar. At this moment, Viable Solutions seems to have dropped the name which you will only find on its established URL.

Keep in mind that any products which carry Herbal Salvation branding are not in any way related to Viable Solutions. Going forward, if you’d like to visit Herbal Salvation online, simply go to ViableKratom.com.

Read the official press release from Herbal Salvation here

Herbal Salvation Kratom – A Proper Review

Let’s talk about the brand itself first. Then we can go on to discuss their catalog and whether you can rely on them to supply quality Kratom powder and capsules or not.

The online store known as Herbal Salvation is known as a supplier of organic medicines and supplements. One such organic product is Kratom. The activities of this online seller are influenced by interstate commerce laws.

That in itself creates a good feeling about this vendor if you are looking for a trusted supplier. That’s because these laws serve to make sure that Herbal Salvation operates safely and legally. Another thing to note is that Herbal Salvation ships its products to different areas in Canada and the US. Based out of Idaho, they also boast a large pool of loyal customers.

They also have an extensive collection of organic products and medicines. So you will find tinctures, teas, lotions, balms, soaps, supplements, and powders in their catalog. Apart from these herbal products, the vendor also gives customers access to certain tools that make it easier to use their products as a part of your everyday life. That includes access to capsule machines, empty capsules, and digital scales.

Thanks to their commitment to helping individuals benefit from a more improved lifestyle using organic products. They’ve now become a great choice for customers that reside in Canada and the United States.
Next, let’s talk about their Kratom product line.

Viable Solutions (Herbal Salvation) Kratom Product Line

You’ll find different Kratom products on their online store such as Kratom extracts, Kratom powder, and tinctures among others. From white and green veins to red vein Kratom, Herbal Salvation has so much to offer.

Some interesting Kratom strains include Plantation Maeng Da, Maha Kali, Gold Reserve, and a host of others. To help you understand more about their most recommended strains, we will tell you a bit about some customer favorites.
Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend so much to acquire them. The best part is you can also benefit from discounts. Check out some of the very best Kratom to buy from Herbal Salvation below:

Thai Maeng Da

Many Kratom users consider this variety to be a smooth one as it is a derivative of Plantation MD. Thai Maeng Da is a favorite for users who desire overall stimulation and mood enhancement, as well as clear-headedness and energy. Keep in mind that Thai MD doesn’t come with the jittery effects of other substances like caffeine.

Green Vein Maeng

This Kratom strain has an interesting alkaloid profile and impacts the body and mind. Being a Bali extract, you can turn to it for mood boosts and a relaxing feel. Some other users say it helps them find relief for the pain. And others say it provides energy bursts when needed.

Gold Reserve Bali

Known for its euphoric effects and mood enhancement, consumers can expect a lot from this strain. From energy increments, bliss, and motivation to positive feelings and mood boost, Gold Reserve Bali is also a go-to for users.

Maha Red Vein

We can speculate that Maha Red is probably Herbal Salvation’s best seller. The fact that farmers grow and nurture this strain on private lands makes it unique. There’s no reason to doubt that it’s a top-quality strain. Customers love it for many reasons which include relaxing and sedating effects.

Viable Solutions LLC also offers premium organic herbs. You can get great products at awesome prices but you just have to do some exploring on the website. In all, Herbal Salvation says that its products are tested for freshness, safety, and potency. From all indications, this is a good vendor to invest in as they assure you value for your money.

Is Herbal Salvation expensive?

So far, Viable Solutions (Herbal Salvation) doesn’t have an exorbitant price in structure. And this is something to be happy about, especially for veterans you will find that different Kratom strains have different prices. But it’s easy to get Kratom at $5. You may have to spend anywhere from $20 to $60 to purchase Kratom tinctures. And anywhere from $35 to $150 should get you Kratom extracts.

Mostly, you can get up to 1 kilo of Kratom powder veins for an affordable price of around $125. But it’s not uncommon to find some more expensive Kratom strains. Another deal to explore from Herbal Salvation is a mix of 8 different Kratom strains worth about 2000g. This mix should cost you around $280, give or take.

As of now, you don’t really get typical coupon codes from Herbal Salvation. But you can still enjoy other good deals. To illustrate, you may qualify to receive as much as 30% off depending on your payment method. You’ll also find great sales deals on different products.

What do customers say about Herbal Salvation Kratom?

From our checks, we found so many comments from consumers about this vendor. To be honest, finding so many opinions online wasn’t a surprise as Herbal Salvation Kratom has been around for quite a while. A little search on Kratom Reddit forums and other online communities was enough to find customer reviews.

From what we saw, it was difficult to spot any bad reviews about Herbal Salvation. Instead, we mostly found customers who had only positive things to say about this vendor. Many commended the high quality of the Kratom powder. One customer actually did rank them among the top sellers while another said they were on fire (not literally though, haha).

As said before, a simple Reddit search yields tons of reviews from loyal customers you have tried and tested the Kratom products of this vendor. The good thing about following online Kratom communities is that you get valuable information about any entity. Kratom Reddit forums are made up of beginners and veterans who share their experiences from which you can benefit.

From what we’ve seen, Herbal Salvation goes to great lengths to protect their customers. That’s a positive sign good enough to build trust.

Refund Policy – How does it work?

Any Kratom products that have been opened will not be accepted by Herbal Salvation. But unopened products will be accepted as long as you send it back to them within 30 days of your purchase. However, you will have to forgo a 10% fee to take care of restocking.

One of the features that most top Kratom vendors offer is a total satisfaction guarantee. But we were quite surprised to discover that you don’t get such with Viable Solutions. That notwithstanding, Herbal Salvation still boasts a pool of loyal and satisfied buyers. This should make you confident enough to buy Kratom online from them.

In 2018, Herbal Salvation got wind of a problem that had to do with possible contamination. They did not hesitate to swing into action. These are the risks that vendors have to deal with at different points in time in the Kratom industry. When such situations arise, the actions taken by the affected Kratom vendor can help you determine whether to do business with them or not. In this case, Herbal Salvation took care of the problem adequately.

Verdict – should you buy Kratom from Herbal Salvation?

Beginners and veterans alike know how challenging it can be when it comes to finding a reliable Kratom vendor. Being that mitragyna speciosa has become popular in so many lands, the market has become saturated with shady Kratom companies. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending your money on low-quality Kratom powder.

That is such a big risk because of the health implications you might suffer. You want to do your best to find and buy from a trustworthy online Kratom vendor. Another important factor to consider is whether your preferred vendor can guarantee a regular supply of different Kratom strains. This is another reason that we are impressed with the Herbal Salvation.

Don’t forget that they are in the business of offering a wide range of organic products and are verified by some US federal authorities. Herbal Salvation tests all their Kratom and herbal medicines. They work with independent third-party laboratories to verify the 100% purity of their products.

So, if you need a Kratom vendor that doesn’t back down on supplying high-quality Kratom powder, tinctures, and extracts, look no further than Herbal Salvation.

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