Hill Country Kratom Review

Hill Country Kratom Vendor Review 2021

Looking for a Hill Country Kratom vendor review? Then you’re at the right place.

Over the years, we’ve seen comments from Kratomites all over the world that indicate how much of a fantastic herb kratom is. However, to fully enjoy this organic phenomenon, you must consume only the best quality kratom. Finding a Kratom vendor who supplies a quality powder can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if you are new to the industry.

To bypass that challenge, you can start by going through vendor guides like this one. Get to know more about these vendors so you’ll know if they have what you want.

So in this piece, we will be doing a Hill Country Kratom vendor guide for rookies and enthusiasts. Hopefully, this review will help you decide if you should still patronize this vendor or not.

About Hill Country Kratom

Hill Country Kratom is a small-scale online Kratom vendor. The decision to keep the business small was the owner’s, even though there had been expansion opportunities. Hill Country Kratom may also be referred to as HCK Wellness. They have been in the Kratom business for the past few years and, since then, have maintained a reputation for quality.

Some years back, HCK Wellness suffered some huge financial loss. They were the target of a police raid and this caused some serious setbacks to the business. As of then, not many people believed they could recover from such a loss. Thankfully, however, they are back in business, better than ever, and are still fulfilling their promises of supplying the public with top-quality Kratom.

Logging onto their store online reveals a website design that’s colorful and simplistic. The whole structure is easy to navigate and well-planned. HCK’s website has images of fresh Kratom leaves that are enticing to the eyes and meant to amp up the buyer’s interest. The simplicity of the site makes it easy for users to find their way around. So, whatever you’re looking for, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding it.

Kratom Strains Available at Hill Country Kratom

HCK sources their Kratom Strains from Indonesia. As already stated above, this vendor commits to selling only high-quality Kratom. In 2017, they bagged an award from Kratom Chronicles for trading the best Red Vein Kali.

However, this vendor is not really known for variety. They sell only two strains of Kratom. But these two are manufactured with care using the strictest measures. They include:

Although we are sure that Hill Country Kratom (HCK) is capable of expanding their product list, they rather focus on improving the quality and expectations of what these two strains that they’ve become popular for. Apart from Kratom, Other products offered by HCK include:

  • Shungite EMF Blocker
  • Moringa Leaf Powder
  • Calm- Natural Vitality (Combination of Magnesium and Calcium)

HCK Wellness Kratom Prices: What Will it Cost?

Although Hill Country Kratom isn’t the cheapest vendor you can find around, their products are worth it. They sell at the same rate for both strains they offer. You can get 113 grams of Kratom for $45 while 227 grams of Kratom go for $70.

What about deals, discounts, and coupons? Well, their customers are always incentivized through deals and discounts. HCK knows how much buyers love freebies and have learned to use them to their advantage. They offer mouthwatering cuts off of large purchases to keep old customers excited while working toward attracting more prospects. Keep in mind that their coupon codes are now available on their website.

Another exclusive feature of this vendor is that they give their customers gifts on their birthdays. So if you place an order on your birthday, the company will send you a gift alongside your package.

How to make payment to Hill Country Kratom

HCK (Hill Country Kratom) provides a variety of ways through which payments get processed. When looking to validate your order, you’re allowed to choose whichever method you find convenient. The payment methods include:

  • Cash
  • Personal check
  • Postal money orders
  • Bitcoin
  • Money grams wires
  • SKRILL account
  • Western union transfer

Shipping and Delivery Services

This company ships orders using USPS or USPS Priority Mail. Their shipping services happen to be swift based on what customers say. Most orders take a maximum of two days to arrive and that’s because shipments normally get processed immediately once payment validation gets finalized.

The cost of shipping is zero, so you don’t have to pay any extra cash to have your products shipped. After your Kratom has been shipped, the company sends you a tracking number via email. This tracking number will allow you to keep an eye on your shipment as it moves.

Customer Service When Buying Kratom From HCK

Hill Country Kratom tries to ensure that consumers remain satisfied with both its products and its services. Therefore, they offer top-quality Kratom, making sure their products are affordable and shipping for free.

Occasionally, they also offer discounts all in an attempt to make their customers happy. Buyers are very free to call or send an email to the company to lay a complaint about an unsatisfactory situation. You can contact them to make suggestions about areas that need improvement if there’s a need to do so.

Another way of contacting them is by visiting their website and filling the “Contact Us” form. This way, you can make inquiries about shipping services and return policy.

Is There a Refund Policy?

Sadly, there has not been a clear refund policy made by Hill Country Kratom so it could be a bit tricky to tell how they operate in this regard. However, according to their website, customers should feel free to contact them on any issue, including terms of return.

This information was stated with a promise that they would be willing to solve whatever issue it is you have. This means that asking for refunds or replacement isn’t entirely out of place. So if you are unsatisfied with the Kratom package that got delivered, just contact the company, speak out, and discuss the terms of the exchange.


Buying from HCK Wellness automatically means you get quality even if they operate on a small scale. A lot of customers in the past have referred to them as a reliable brand. However, this vendor seems to be a bit pricey when compared to other vendors in the industry. There is also no solid proof yet that they test their Kratom to ensure purity. Added to these is the fact that their product packaging isn’t the sleekest out there, especially when compared to what you can get from other top-rated vendors.

If you don’t mind all these somewhat minimal downsides, then by all means consider buying from Hill Country Kratom. Besides, they have an excellent customer service structure in place ready to serve you.

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