How Long Does Kratom Last

How Long Does Kratom Last?

Though several factors determine how long the Kratom effect can last in the system, the truth about the effect is dose-dependent. It means if you take high doses, the effect will last longer and vice-versa. Kratom is used for informal medical use to treat pain temporarily, especially by the natives of the South Asian region and a few westerners. So How long does kratom last?

It is estimated that the metabolism takes about 24 hours to break down Mitragynine to half its concentration in most people. This happens through a process called half-live. However, this process can be quite variable from one individual to another. Medically, it takes 5-6 half-lives to get rid of a drug from the system. But newbies cannot be compared with chronic users. For a person using kratom for the first time, eliminating it from the system can take an average of 5-6 days. On the other hand, a person who has used Mitragynine several times will have a longer detectability window.

How Long Does Kratom Last in the System

While kratom has recently attracted tremendous attention among the westerners, the question of how long can the plant’s strains last in someone’s system has received varied answers.

Essentially, different strains come with varied effects, and so do doses. For instance, some strains can give mild stimulation, while others give high effect. The lasting duration can vary from one person to another, depending on whether their system has adapted to the drug or not. For newbies, the effect can last longer. However, several facts contribute to making a wholesome conclusion on how long the Kratom effect lasts.

Many people who are curious about how long kratom can stay in their system have a fear of failing a blood test. Contrary to many people’s expectations, the only sure way of passing a drug test is to stop doing drugs altogether. On the same note, the key to getting wholesome answers to the question on a drug test is doing research.

Kratom and Mitragynine

Kratom, Mitragyna speciosa, has a long history in the Southeast Asian countries, specifically Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Unlike the western countries, which are only familiarizing with the plant, Southeast Asian dwellers have been using kratom for quite a long time as a recreation option. The use of kratom in these parts has also featured medical and social-religious purposes for centuries.

There are several ways through which kratom can be consumed. Traditionally, Malaysian peasants used to chew the leaves to achieve stimulation while working. But as more innovative ways of consumption came, now people can take the herb via more innovative methods. Capsules, tablets, and extracts are some of the most recent ways.

How Kratom Treats Opioid Withdrawal

When kratom is administered in low doses, a mild stimulation is achieved, while high doses give sedative effects just like the opioid. This is the reason some kratom users find it a good pain reliever or an alternative to opioids. For those who want to curb withdrawal syndromes related to opioids, kratom seems to be convenient for self-medication. How long does it take to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms using kratom? It wholly depends on the dosage and the strains.

Strong strains can curb the situation fast. The reverse is true. However, when taken in high doses continuously, kratom can cause dependency.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

How long does kratom stay in your system is evaluated by the dosage and strains. The effects also differ from a fresh user to an experienced one. As per expert kratom users, The effect of kratom begins from 10 to 15 minutes upon taking.

Small doses of kratom last for about two hours while high doses can stay up to around eight hours. There is a potent effect for about two hours on small doses of about four to five grams. On the other hand, eight to seven grams result in longer-lasting effects. The peak effect of kratom is believed to creep in within 1.5 to 2.5 hours after taking.

The effects of kratom are heightened when taken on an empty stomach. If a person takes it after eating, kratom is not much effective. Food changes how long kratom lasts in the system. Additionally, if the stomach is full, it takes a longer time for the effect to kick in since the herb has to dissolve in the stomach first.

Kratom’s Half-Life

Since there is limited research on kratom, its half-life is unclear. However, depending on the conducted research so far, kratom’s half-life can last for about 23 to 24 hours. So, it takes around one day for someone to deplete 50% of kratom in the system. Consequently, it would take 5 days to eliminate the amount of kratom in the body.

Many people tend to consider how long kratom lasts in the system when they are on the verge of stopping its consumption. For instance, someone who needs to stop using the substance could be worried about the withdrawal symptoms and how long they may last. Another issue that may bother someone using kratom is the duration it takes for the substance to be depleted in the system if they are about to take a drug test. It is okay to worry though kratom does not show in many common drug tests.

According to the current research, the fastest half-life of kratom’s alkaloid is two hours, which means it can take about half a day to achieve full elimination. However, on the higher half-life spectrum, it can take nine days to achieve full elimination.

What Factors Affect How Long Kratom Stays in the System?

Like any other substance, some factors would determine how long kratom lasts in your system. The main factors that would ultimately determine how long Kratom alkaloids remain in the body system are:


Young people have a quicker elimination half-life compared to older people. This is the case with kratom as is with many other orally ingested substances. It results from renal function and other factors such as physical changes and administration of other medications. It is logical to take into account that if you are over 65 years of age, the Kratom effect will last longer in your system compared to a younger person.

Body Fat

A person’s percentage of body fats is another factor that can influence how long kratom’s alkaloids can take to be eliminated from the body system. Mitragynine in kratom is soluble in fat. So, a person with a high-fat percentage in the body is more likely to retain Kratom metabolites for a long period. On the contrary, a well-hydrated person can eliminate the alkaloids through urine quickly.

Food and Water Intake

As observed above, fat is highly soluble with kratom. So, if you eat a high-fat meal and take enough water, it’s obvious that the result would be a fast absorption of the alkaloids and consequential fast elimination. Also, high-fat foods take kratom fast to its peak level and lower it at the same speed.


Some genetic makers affect how enzymes function. That also affects metabolic processes. Subsequently, Kratom’s half-life is directly affected.

Renal function, metabolic rate, and urinary pH are factors that influence the rate at which substances are eliminated from the body. Kratom is not exceptional.

How long does Kratom Remain Fresh?

Just like any other pharmaceuticals, kratom has enemies. Some of the greatest enemies of kratom are light, moisture, and extreme temperatures. These factors can drastically reduce its shelf life if not taken care of. However, it is possible to extend kratom’s shelf life from a few weeks to over a month through proper storage.

Kratom can remain fresh for weeks at least if the right storage measures are taken. An example that can be a good direction for proper storage is the capsules. They keep the powder dry and maintain the quality at its best.

Additionally, when directly extracted from the trees, the quality is much better than the substandard one found in some of the markets.

Kratom properties change if stored under bad conditions. Temperature, humidity, and other extreme conditions change the effectiveness of the substance. Kratom exposed to bad conditions eventually loses its core properties. If you wish to keep your kratom fresh for a long period, keeping it in good condition is the way to go.

When exposed to air, kratom reduces its quality by slowly losing its primary properties. Therefore, storing them in air-tight containers or boxes is recommended. To ultimately preserve its quality, it’s wise to seal the container properly and keep it in hygienic conditions.

Storing Kratom For a Long Term and Proper Use

Storage affects how long kratom can last. Storing kratom for the long term means extending short-term storage. To attain this, seal your kratom with a vacuum sealer and put it in a freezer. When the time for use comes, retrieve your kratom from the freezer and let it warm up to room temperature before use. However, when pulling out your kratom from the freezer, be careful to check any deterioration leads like mold, loss of scent, and faded colors. Though it is good to store kratom for future use, it is important not to overestimate how long kratom can last.

It is inevitably advisable to explore how long kratom lasts in your system and how it works of kratom consumption. Since the strains are a new introduction to many people, a lot of them do not fully understand it. And even those who understand it or the users sometimes fail to observe the disclaimer. Apart from giving users a “high” effect, the side effects are adverse, especially when high doses are taken.

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