Imperial Kratom Review

Imperial Kratom Review | The Vendor Making Waves in SC

With the words “Your Best Life Naturally” written in bold font on its website, Imperial Kratom is a vendor from South Carolina. Its goal is to help individuals explore the natural benefits that come from organic supplements.

This online store has a mission to stock only premium kratom strains while building more knowledge on how users can benefit from its products. In the long run, the goal of this brand is to help people defeat conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addiction, and more. And if you’re looking for something to boost your day or help you ease off stress, they might be of help to you. 

Who Are The Faces Behind Imperial Kratom?

It’s always logical to find out who the guys running your preferred kratom vendor are before spending your money. That’s because it’s normal to find online stores that have an anonymous team with no clear identity. This is usually a red flag and it’s something that you don’t want to ignore.

Imperial Kratom is currently run by a three-man team. First, there’s Clara, who happens to be the CEO and creator of the brand. From our knowledge, she stands out because she knows how to connect with customers in a caring and attentive way. She also doesn’t hold back from engaging with the different communities that the brand has joined. 

The second person on the team is Johnny. He’s in charge of customer service and production. Johnny attributes his positive disposition to his use of kratom. After battling anxiety and splurging on pills for a long time, he claims that Imperial Kratom powder helped him get off his addiction. That is what motivated him to become more involved. 

Finally, there’s a guy named Stephen who happens to be in charge of production and sales. That’s all we know about Stephen for now. 

Products Sold at Imperial Kratom

On visiting the website and heading to the “Shop” section, you’ll find that Imperial has grouped its products into a variety of strains. Apart from offering kratom capsules and powder, their collection also contains interesting blends and standard strains. 

The best part is that most strains come with samples. So if you’re just getting started with kratom, you might want to try out their capsule samples, which aren’t that expensive. Now let’s get a bit more specific about what products you’ll find in their capsule and powder ranges. 

The powder range contains strains like:

  • White Maeng Da
  • Nam Da
  • Super Green Malay
  • Napalm
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Ultra Premium Bali
  • White Hulu Kapuas
  • Ultra Premium Bali

The capsule range has interesting strains like:

  • Red Royal Bali
  • Nam Da & Napalm
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • White Maeng Da
  • Ultra Premium Bali
  • White Hulu Kapuas

So far, you will only find powder and capsule ranges listed on the website. The other product categories seem to be empty with this vendor promising that they will get them stocked soon. These other categories include:

  • CBD & extract blends capsules
  • Capsule and powder blends
  • Capsule extract blends
  • Capsule CBD blends

While there are no products listed in the four categories mentioned above, it’s okay to get in touch with them directly to ask if they’ve got what you need at their physical site. Just call them over the phone or send an email using the contact information provided at the beginning of this piece. 

What’s The Pricing Structure Like?

Yes, that’s another important determinant that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying kratom powder. Kratom vendors tend to have different prices for the same product and that’s all down to a few factors. The cost of sourcing, processing, testing, and packaging these strains is usually factored into the final selling price. 

At Imperial Kratom, we feel their prices are relatively fair, considering that you can get single strain capsules ranging from $4 to $48 and powders ranging from $20 to $195. These prices depend on your preferred strain and what quantity you’re looking to buy. They may not have a standardized price list, but Imperial Kratom has managed to maintain consistency. Let’s break it down a bit more so you can have a better idea of what you’ll have to pay.

Powder Prices

  • For $20-24, you can get an ounce of kratom powder
  • $75-110 should get you around a quarter-pound worth of powder.
  • For half a pound worth of powder, expect to shell out anywhere from $125-175
  • And one pound of kratom power sells for around $175-250

Capsule Prices

  • For as low as $6-8, you’ll get capsule sample packs containing 14 pills
  • $40-48 should get you capsule packs of 100 pills.

Are There Any Incentives?

Now, if you’re concerned about buyer incentives like discounts and promo codes or coupons, you won’t find any from Imperial Kratom. The only offer we could find in terms of freebies is a free shipping entitlement once your order exceeds a certain amount. But we hope to see this vendor roll out coupon codes and sales discounts in the future.

Shipping Policy

Once you validate your order, Imperial Kratom will ship your package to you. We couldn’t find much information about their shipping procedure on the website. However, they promise to ship your products for free if you buy kratom worth more than $100. 

Regarding what shipping service they use and how long it takes your products to get to you, get in touch with them via phone calls or email. They should be able to explain better what to expect from their shipping service.

This online kratom store doesn’t state on its website its policy concerning returns and refunds. Many reputable kratom vendors provide a money-back guarantee to their customers. But we can’t tell if Imperial Kratom accepts returns at this point. However, a quick call to them should help you know what to do if you somehow receive a faulty package.

Pros and Cons of Imperial Kratom


  • Very affordable pricing structure
  • More than 10 years in the industry
  • Has an extensive kratom collection


  • Website interface too basic
  • No proof of lab tests
  • Lacks money-back guarantee and free shipping
  • No live chat
  • Minimal product information
  • Refund policy not available

Customer Service – What Do People Think About This Vendor?

A quick browse through the kratom Reddit forums and other online communities will give you an idea of how the general public perceives this store. You’ll see that they stand out amongst users because of their exceptional customer service. 

Remember Clara, the CEO whom we talked about at the beginning of this review? She’s probably the one who handles customer communications. The opinions we’ve seen on social forums suggest she does a pretty good job at that.

It’s also interesting to note that they have a star rating pegged at 4.2 on Google, which is very good. These accolades do not only come from how they run their online business. Customers also seem to be impressed with how they conduct business offline. 

The nature of their customer service is summed up in the words of one user on Reddit who rated Imperial Kratom as the best. This user specifically stated that the customer service was amazing and their products arrived stem-free. 


✅ Work days/times: Monday – Saturday (9am-9pm) and Sundays (12pm-6pm)

  South Carolina, United States

(803) 285-0280

Bottom Line

Imperial Kratom may need to channel more efforts towards creating a better website and building trust through transparency. But they sell some really nice blends and offer samples as well. We’ve also seen that they have exceptional customer service. In the end, if customer reviews are anything to go by, you can start by getting some of their samples. This should help you decide whether or not to make them your preferred kratom vendor.

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