Inland Botanicals Review

Inland Botanicals Review – Kratom Strains, Pricing & Shipping Info

It is not an easy task to live up to the expectations of kratom enthusiasts in the US and around the world. But you’ll come across a few vendors that do their best to stick to standards. That’s why we thought it logical to do an Inland Botanicals review to see how they match up to user expectations.

Hence, we have prepared a comprehensive review to help you gain insight into this vendor. This piece contains all the important details you need to know. You’ll also find sections about the varieties of kratom strains the company offers, the company’s policy, and what customers have to say.

Getting To Know Inland Botanicals

Inland Botanicals is a kratom vendor based in Texas. They operate fully from Corpus Christi and are not just your regular kratom vendor like every other vendor out there. They are a complete herb brand from all indications.

Now thanks to their high reputation, they have a large fan base online. Most of these loyal customers always have something good to say about their blends and would rather not patronize any other kratom vendor than Inland Botanicals.

The mission of this Kratom vendor is something we’ll refer to as simple and focused. The goal is to ensure that customers have a relaxed, friendly platform on which to access high-quality organic products. This vendor gets its regular supply of kratom powder and strains only from the most trusted sources in Southeast Asia.

According to claims, all of their strains are 100% pure and are devoid of preservatives and other chemicals. Every batch imported undergoes a series of tests by 3rd-party labs. The lab test is done to enable the vendor to detect harmful stuff such as heavy metals, contaminants, and salmonella.

No kratom strain is ever placed for sale online without having undergone prior testing. And apart from the general testing, their suppliers conduct lab tests as well. These tests help to ensure that every product meets the vendor’s requirements.

During summer and spring, there is always a provision made for holistic health practitioners and a certified Herbal specialist to come in and up the ante regarding this vendor’s operations. They provide you with health and fitness tips and guide you if you aren’t sure which strain will work best for you. Keep in mind that these extra services are free of charge and all you need to do is schedule an appointment.

Inland Botanicals believes so much in standard and quality and promises their customers only the best. So, their lines are always open to customers for complaints and suggestions. They believe that customer feedback is the only way they can keep up with the good work.

At Inland Botanicals, every customer gets treated like family. They believe in the freedom of speech and expression about anything and everything. This vendor does not sell kratom products to persons less than 18 years and their products are not FDA-approved. As such, keep in mind that kratom purchased from this vendor is not meant for treatment or diagnosis.

Kratom Strains Available at Inland Botanicals

Inland Botanicals has a lot to offer. They not only sell kratom powder, but they also sell CBD, detox packs, and body bars, thanks to their partnership with

Some of the most popular Kratom strains available from this vendor include:

  • Golden Maeng Da
  • Red Borneo
  • White Borneo
  • White Indo
  • Green Horn
  • Red Bali
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • White Thai
  • White Maeng Da
  • Gold Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Bali
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • White Bali
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Green Malay

Other popular blends from this vendor include; Solar Flare, Yellow Brick Road, The Bulgarian, Green Lantern, and Counting Sheep.

While the Yellow Brick Road is a mixture of gold, green and yellow leaves, the Solar Flare combines both gold, red and white leaves. The Bulgarian is a very rare mixture, it contains Green strains, Red strains, White Maeng Da, and a secret strain.

Product Pricing at Inland Botanicals – How Expensive?

A close observation of their pricing system will reveal one very interesting fact. Their prices start from as low as $4 for 10 grams and, of course, this is not something you get from every other vendor out there. But we know that very cheap prices raise questions about the product’s quality sometimes.

Since their prices are affordable, first-timers have the opportunity to try out as many strains as they want to without overwhelming their budgets.

25-gram packs are sold for $8 each and 50-gram packs are sold for just $12 each. A 100-gram pack will cost you $20 while a 250-gram pack will cost you $42.50. The prices keep increasing this way until it gets to $120.00 for one kilo which is a fair industry price.

For kratom blends, 10 grams is sold for $4.5 and $145 for a kilo. With just $29, you get 50 mg of Renewed Youth CBD. You can also get 225 mg of Rise and Shine for $50.00.

What About Inland Botanicals Coupon Code

Inland Botanicals makes shopping with them even more affordable with their different coupon codes. One of such coupons gives you a hefty 15% discount on your total purchase.

Most of their promotions can be found on the “Double M Herbals” forums and the “I Love Kratom” forum. Hot seasonal deals are also available, especially during the holidays.

If you wish to keep up with the happenings at IB, you can easily follow them up by subscribing to their newsletters. This should allow you to get firsthand information about new products and pricing. The best part is that you will even be notified when there is a special deal.

Sometime in the past, this vendor offered as much as a 50% discount to create a market rush and keep their stock fresh.

Shipping Policy, Locations, and Payment Options

Orders usually get shipped from Mondays to Fridays every week except on holidays. If your order gets placed by 2:00 PM PST, it will be shipped through USPS within one or two days. For express packages, orders get shipped on the same day if it gets to the post office before 2:30 PM so they can leave with the 3:00 PM shipment.

Orders may also be shipped on the same day using USPS First Class. If you have made Priority orders and want them shipped the same day, you just have to make sure your order gets to them before 3:30 PM PST.

As of now, Inland Botanicals sells and distributes kratom all over the United States except in a few states. These exceptions include San Diego, Vermont, County(Florida), District of Columbia, Jerseyville, Indiana, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Sarasota. This is mostly down to the legal infringements in these areas.

They also offer international shipping services, especially in Canada and Mexico. If you want your orders shipped outside the United States, you will have to indicate by choosing the international shipping option, or else your shipment will remain pending until you have met the requirements.

Payments can be made using crypto, money orders, and ACH. The company makes available credit card processing for its regular customers in many cases.

For new customers who choose to use ACH to make their payments, you might be asked to show your proof of payment before your order is shipped. This request is to help process orders faster because payments normally take more than two days to clear on the company’s end. If an ACH gets returned for whatever reason, the company will immediately address the issue. Every other subsequent order will be suspended until the payment has been cleared.

If payment is made by check/money order, the company confirms every payment even before the order is shipped. For more alternative means of payment, you can contact the vendor’s helpline.

For safety and security, Inland Botanicals maintains a limit of $500.00 for debit/credit card payments. If for any reason you want to place an order of more than that amount, you will have to send an email or place a call to confirm the purchase. Orders will only be shipped after purchases have been confirmed.

What’s the Return Policy?

All sales are final because of the nature of the products. However, since Inland Botanicals strives to give its customers the best services, some exceptions can be made. These exceptions are in very few cases where you’ll have to give a detailed explanation of why you are not satisfied with the Kratom you purchased.

And before a refund is made, the full unused package has to be returned to the company. If for reasons that are not considered appropriate you request a refund, it’s unlikely that this vendor will meet such demands.

10 Things We Find Remarkable About Inland Botanicals

  1. One of the most important reasons that people love this vendor is that they offer high-quality products. All kratom strains available in their store are devoid of additives and chemical flavorings.
  2. All of their kratom powder strains undergo prior testing before being displayed. This further adds to the credibility of the vendor and is proof that they are transparent and know what they do.
  3. Their shipping services are very fast and reliable. According to a customer, she received her orders so quickly that it’s easy to think they shipped it out to her overnight as it didn’t take up to 48 hours.
  4. Shipping prices are also very affordable. There are even times when they offer free shipping services, especially during promotions.
  5. Inland Botanicals has excellent customer service. Always willing to listen to customer’s suggestions and address their complaints, they’ve earned a favorable reputation in the kratom market.
  6. They have a wide range of strains in stock, ranging from red and yellow strains to green strains. This vendor is very ideal for consumers who are new to the industry and wish to try out different flavors.
  7. Their prices are affordable, although they are not the cheapest you will find around. Their prices are quite reasonable because their kratom strains are of good quality.
  8. This vendor works with reliable suppliers to make sure that they receive a fresh supply of kratom powder.
  9. Their packaging is always on point. It comes in a portable bag that can be resealed after opening, thereby preserving the freshness of the powder.
  10. Their web design looks quite captivating and user-friendly. So it is very easy to navigate through even for first-timers. You’ll also notice that the web pages contain detailed explanations of everything an average customer would want to know.

Some Possible Downsides

Granted, Inland botanicals is one of the most reputable vendors online. But they still might just have their loopholes and areas where they need to improve.

As of now, one major setback maybe that Inland Botanicals sells only Kratom powder. Not having other varieties like capsules may turn some potential buyers away. So customers who prefer capsules over powder might want to check out another vendor.

Final Verdict – Is Inland Botanicals Worth it?

Having read to this point, you probably have seen that Inland Botanicals is truly all they say they are. They offer high-quality kratom strains on a user-friendly platform to make it easy for buyers to get their preferred strains. This vendor has different varieties and blends of kratom in stock and that’s just what every kratomite looks for in a vendor.

The customer service is top-notch with friendly personnel attending to buyer queries. They also have very transparent policies and their shipping services are fast and convenient. Not to forget that all shipments come neatly packaged. This list could go on and on and this is probably why so many customers remain loyal to them.

So if you don’t mind spending the extra bucks in exchange for quality, then you should totally try out Inland Botanicals. But if you feel that the lack of capsules from this vendor is something you can’t deal with, there’s still hope for you. There are tons of other online Kratom vendors you can choose from.

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