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Is Kratom Legal? – All You Need To Know About The Legality Of Kratom

For enthusiasts, buying kratom isn’t as difficult as it used to be many years back. It’s now easy to access this Mitragyna Speciosa magic on online stores, as well as brick-and-mortar shops. However, the one subject that seems to create lots of controversies has to do with the legality of kratom. It’s not uncommon to find people engaged in discussions around the question – “Is Kratom Legal?”

And with kratom popping up almost everywhere, including health stores, smoke shops, and even online, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us that you have questions about the safety of kratom powder and if it is even legal. While some health professionals may tell you that kratom isn’t safe, it’s usually trickier to answer questions concerning its legality.

So, we thought it best to help you find the answers to this question. If you’ve been asking “is Kratom legal near me?”, we’ve got you covered. This guide discusses the issues surrounding kratom within the scope of the law in the United States and around the world.

Where Does The DEA Stand Regarding Kratom?

Concerning kratom, we are yet to see any concrete actions from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and that’s because the topic isn’t that straightforward and remains a gray area.

Some health professionals believe that kratom could play a role in curbing the high rate of opiate addiction in the US. But there still are others who believe that its psychoactive characteristics could actually drive more individuals into addiction while endangering the public.

The only way to have an understanding of the problems surrounding kratom is to learn more about this substance. In the health sector, quite a lot of doctors think that, just like opioid painkillers, kratom has some properties capable of impacting the nerve cells.

But we still cannot dismiss the findings from research that explain more about kratom and suggest that the substance may lead to addiction among other side effects according to claims.

As of now, kratom enthusiasts basically use it for recreational reasons with the substance and other related products being banned in some parts of the US. Yet, kratom in some other parts of the world is treated as a controlled substance.

You might then wonder why there are so many gray areas with the laws being unclear in the US concerning Kratom. In the past, a federal level ban on kratom was mooted by the DEA but eventually got discarded so that health researchers could fully examine kratom in a bid to understand what the potential dangers really are and provide concrete answers.

So, it’s safe to say that there’s insufficient information about kratom on which the DEA can make a decision and it won’t do so until more findings from research give them a strong ground.

Is Kratom Legal Near Me?

In this case, your location in the US will determine whether or not kratom is legal near you because the legislation concerning kratom varies from state to state. You will find that some states consider kratom to be an illegal substance while it is controlled in some others. However, many states consider kratom a fully legal substance.

Remember that just a couple of years back, concerns about the effects of kratom lead to its being termed a “substance of concern” by the DEA. But this has always been the case for new stimulants on the market during their early stages. Such new substances always raise concerns because of uncertainty over how they work and what their effects are.

However, there have been more findings from research to debunk any evidence that kratom has very adverse effects on users other than what you would normally experience if you used caffeine. So, it’s no surprise that kratom is being classified as a food product in many states.

But despite having the food product classification, we’ve still seen some states place restrictions regarding how kratom is sold and used, with the restrictions extending to online kratom vendors too.

Kratom might be legal in most states but you’ll also find some counties and cities that have either controlled or banned the possession and use of kratom within these States.

The situation in the US States

In the United States, Wisconsin, Vermont, Rhode Island, Indiana, Arkansas, and Alabama are the 6 states that have outrightly banned the sale, possession, and use of kratom. So, if you reside in any of these states, you should know that all matters relating to kratom are illegal.

In Tennessee, we just saw kratom legalized but it can only be used if you’re above 21. Kratom is legal in New Hampshire and Illinois but only for those above 18. The only exception is Jerseyville in Illinois because the authorities there still consider it illegal to buy, possess, or use kratom.

The situation isn’t any different in Colorado where the law states that kratom is legal just like the above-mentioned states, except in Denver. That’s because the authorities in Denver have placed a ban on kratom for human consumption. So, it’s possible to buy and sell kratom as a non-food product.

The same also applies to California as it is totally illegal to buy and use kratom, with San Diego being the only exception because the authorities there also consider all kratom-related matters to be illegal. Mississippi and Florida also have similar cases as both Union County and Sarasota County have placed a ban on kratom. Except for these counties, kratom is legal in these states.

Kratom is legal in all other US states.

Is Kratom Legal in Canada?

Just like you find in Denver, Colorado, the laws of Canada do not permit the use of kratom for human consumption. That means it is considered illegal in Canada to sell kratom as food. It is only legal to buy and use kratom in Canada for non-consumable reasons such as for incense.

But despite the law being against using kratom for consumption purposes, you still find some consumers who use incense as an excuse to obtain kratom and then use it in private.

Is Kratom Legal in Europe?

As it appears, kratom strains seem to be considered “not legal” in many European countries. But that isn’t to say that they are entirely illegal, so you might want to check out what the local laws consider legal or illegal regarding purchasing and using kratom. This is important, especially for locations like Italy, the UK, and Ireland.

But in Sweden, Russia, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, and Denmark, kratom is illegal and you are banned from purchasing and using this substance across these countries. But for other locations in Europe, the restrictions seem to be more relaxed and there are legal sides to kratom.

Is Kratom Legal in New Zealand and Australia?

Kratom has Schedule 1 substance classification in New Zealand which makes its importation exportation illegal. But certain situations permit the use of kratom and only when a doctor prescribes it for medically viable reasons. Other than that, kratom is very much controlled or even illegal in New Zealand generally.

Kratom is illegal in Australia and you are totally banned from growing, buying, possessing, or using kratom in any way.

Is Kratom Legal In Asia?

The legal system varies from country to country in Asia with restrictions on kratom enforced in only a couple of them. The only places where kratom is banned include Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Japan, and Israel.

Kratom is legal in Hong Kong, China but legislation in other parts of China remains unclear as to whether or not kratom is legal. Although there isn’t much information at this time, it’s safe to say kratom appears legal for now.

It is considered illegal to grow kratom in Thailand where this substance has a category-5 classification just like marijuana. But with more findings and knowledge of how beneficial these plants can be to human health, these regulations are currently being reviewed. So, beginning in 2020, it is still illegal to grow kratom but not illegal when it comes to medical use potential.

Why Kratom Is Not Legal In All Locations

For a fact, kratom is being applied medically in certain locations but it still retains its reputation as a potentially addictive substance that can have adverse effects on consumers. As of now, the FDA is yet to find proof of therapeutic benefits according to the claims of kratom enthusiasts. And until the findings from studies and research prove otherwise, the credibility of kratom for medicinal uses will continue to be questioned.

Like with all other stimulants, kratom may have potential side effects and this has led some counties, cities, states, and countries to place a ban on the substance. The goal here is to keep citizens and residents safe from any adverse consequences that may arise from using kratom.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to see that discussions revolving around the legal status of kratom can be likened to stepping in murky waters. it’s a tricky situation – one that the authorities are determined to take as much time needed before reaching a vote.

Deciding what really is wrong or right about kratom seems quite complicated. Only time will tell how the situation regarding the legality of this substance will unfold.

In the end, we’ll have to wait it out until the findings and results from different studies and research provide a solid basis on which to decide whether or not to make kratom fully legal. Until then, kratom will remain legal or banned but that depends on where you reside right now.

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