Jackson’s Kratom Review: Coupons, Deals, Benefits

One quality most Kratom users look out for when buying kratom is the transparency and excellence of the vendors. And if you are a Kratom lover, you’re definitely not an exception. Some sellers have an uncanny habit of mixing certain substances into their strains to increase the quantity and rake in more profits.

But being open and transparent are some of the reasons for the high rating that Jackson Kratom gets. They seek to provide all their customers with premium products. Wonder why we think so? This review will tell you more about this excellent Kratom vendor.

Jackson’s Kratom Overview

What you have here is a New York-based vendor that has been in the kratom market for over a decade. They have established themselves as a force to reckon with in the industry and can be trusted because their years of service have remained scandal-free.

Although most Kratom users can not be easily impressed, this vendor has still been able to win their admiration and patronage. We all want a company that pays attention to the very important details, such as buyer incentives, fair prices, high-quality Kratom strains, and top-notch customer service. Jackson’s Kratom brings along their unique vibe which appeals to everyone from what we see. People who have patronized them tend to have positive things to say about them.

But here’s one funny thing. Because of the name they bear, lots of people are sometimes quick to connect them to President Andrew Jackson. Well, that isn’t so much of a coincidence because the owner of this brand admires the former President and probably drew inspiration from his exploits. So it’s not surprising to see that the website displays the 7th president’s picture on the $20 note. It is symbolic and does not imply that their products are sold for $20. Apart from signifying that their location in the US, could be an integral part of their branding.

Since this vendor launched in New York, they have tried to make the residents adopt and adapt to Kratom. They’ve never heard of this ethnobotanical. So the company offers both wholesale and bulk purchases for patrons looking to resell or share with friends. Besides powders, they have different forms of Kratom and other accessories in their store. 

What the Website Looks Like

The store offers easy access and is modified to suit repeat buyers, but they could do better. The product descriptions are generic and buyers can not get the specific strains they want on the first try. So you might have issues picking out your favorite strain. Some have complained about experiencing zero success even when they attempt to utilize the onsite search engine.

Don’t even bother visiting the news section. That area of the site could surely use some updating. And there’s also a blog section that’s not the best in terms of providing useful info. What’s worse is that the blog last saw content in 2013. 

Products from Jackson’s Kratom Store

The owner of Jackson’s Kratom sources their products from local farmers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bali. There is a wide range of products but we wish it could be expanded to include even more strains. On their page, you can find crushed leaf strains, capsule strains, accessories, and ultrafine powder strains. Here are the available products/strains in Jackson’s Kratom store:

CapsulesCrushed LeafPowder Strains
Empty Gelatin CapsulesMaeng DaElephant
ElephantRed Vein BorneoEnhanced MD
Green MalayThaiGreen Malay
Maeng DaMaeng Da
Red BorneoRed Vein Borneo
Stem & VeinThai
Super Green Borneo

However, while they do a great job caring for customers and helping them through finding their best strain, they still do not provide details to prove they are concerned about the safety of their customers. There is no mention of good manufacturing practices or a lab test done to ensure the products meet the standards. Customers just have to rely on their words and the experience of others. 

Jackson’s Kratom Pricing Structure

The price range of Jackson’s Kratom strains stays between $18.95 to around $300 for two ounces and one kilo, respectively. These prices, when compared to others in the industry, are high. But they seem justified if the unique fermentation, drying, and processing systems used are considered.

The price for a kilo of their strains is quite on the high side. Yet, people with a low budget can make use of the other available price options. This vendor has a 0.6 kilo package which you can buy for $260. There are some discounts and mega deals that you can also hop on.

Aside from their normal products, they sell sample packs for kratom users to try out many strains at a go, all at a lesser cost. Well, even with the high cost of their Kratom strains, Jackson’s Kratom still sells lower than some vendors who offer outrageous rates.

So what about Coupons and Deals?

Jackson’s Kratom allows patrons to subscribe to the newsletter. This provides updates on any deals or discount vouchers that are available. Customers can also use Google searches to find coupon codes to get deals.

Delivery and Return Policy

There are no standard shipping costs when you patronize Jackson’s Kratom. But, people who desire an expedited service will have to pay for it. They do not ship to states in the US where kratom is prohibited. This vendor also lacks a return policy and the website does not display any refund policy. So they do not make provisions for customers to send back their orders after delivery should any issues arise.

Customer Service

To speak with a customer service agent, the vendor provides their address, phone number, and a contact form. We noticed that previous Kratomites who have related with their customer service staff had high ratings for them.

When you contact them, they will act as a guide to help you navigate the options and available discounts. They practically give you more info on whatever it is you desire to know about their business, so you can choose the most suitable product. Besides the main communication routes, you can also reach out to them through Facebook and Twitter handles. 

Many customers swear by this vendor. They mention them as one of the vendors with premium-grade Kratom. On public forums, people mention that Jackson’s Kratom is their very best, although they have issues with the price. Even though their prices are higher than industry rates, many buyers insist on patronizing them for their quality.

Jackson’s Kratom Spotlighted

What we like

  • This variety of Kratom strains in this vendor’s store is fair enough.
  • They offer regular discounts.
  • Shipping and delivery are free.
  • Excellent customer service

What could be better?

  • They do not display any lab test results on their website.
  • Their products are expensive.
  • There is no free sample pack.

Should you buy from Jackson’s Kratom?

Buying kratom from this vendor is something worth giving thought to if you are financially capable. They will give you your money’s worth. Although they are pricey, you can still buy them in small quantities at first. Then once you get comfortable, you can buy kratom in bulk from Jackson’s Kratom

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