Klarity Kratom Review

Review of Klarity Kratom – Should you patronize them?

The Kratom industry is growing and lots of vendors are now seeking to cash in on the ever-growing consumer base. However, not all the kratom for sale companies are genuine and sell quality Kratom. That means buyers have to take extra care to ensure they purchase Kratom powder from the right source.

Klarity Kratom is an online vendor, popular for certain reasons. Yet, this review will seek to delve into their operations to discover if they really can be trusted or not. Kratomites, let’s roll!

Who is Klarity Kratom?

This vendor is located in Los Angeles, California, and people seem very familiar with the company because their strains are available in many other stores. The Kratom strains available on their online store are sold in either capsules or powder form. Klarity Kratom focuses on the sale of wholesale kratom, serving more than 5000 vendors and retailers.

Klarity Kratom Products

Klarity Kratom has its products in different forms, including powder and capsules. This is great because some buyers prefer capsules while others go with powder-based strains.

Klarity Kratom deals on only two strains of kratom, Maeng Da Kratom and Red Bali. These are some of the most popular strains among users and this vendor concentrates on both to ensure delivery at a very high standard. The reason for doing so is clear. A larger percentage of buyers are comfortable with that and these two forms are also in high demand.

The powder forms are sold in different quantities: 0.5 and 1 lb. But they sell in packs of 30, 60, 90, 150, and 200 grams. Beginners can settle for a low dosage. The capsule forms are available in different counts of 8, 40, and 75 but that’s not all. You’ll also find them in counts of 100, 150, 300, and 500. Buyers can go with any of the options according to their needs.

Aside from having different weights and quantities, Klarity Kratom caters to the needs of clients with special cravings. They have the Trainwreck capsules (a combination of 11 different Kratom strains).

Lab Testing and GMP Compliance

Despite this brand’s claim of providing high-quality products, it is difficult to tell if they follow GMP regulations while at it. On their website, there is nothing to indicate that they have carried out lab tests or complied with GMP. Many other Kratom vendors carry out independent lab testing for their products and even display the results on their website. Klarity Kratom will gain further trust among its clients if they also provide such important information.

What Does the Product Packaging Look Like?

Klarity Kratom’s products are presented in a simple package of green and white. The basic Kratom leaf is imprinted with the green letters on a white background. The Kratom powders always come in sealed plastic bags and the plastic bottles are left for the capsules. The body of the package contains all necessary information about the vendor. Large amounts of Kratom powder purchases are sealed in a plastic bottle to prevent contamination.

What’s the Pricing Structure?

Klarity Kratom offers different sizes of powder and capsule packs. These are the prices they offer for their product range:

  • $59.99 for a 200-gram powder pack
  • $54.99 for a 300 CT-pack of Red Bali capsules
  • $59.99 for a 200-gram pack of Maeng Da kratom
  • $89.99 for a 500-gram pack of Maeng Da or Red Bali kratom
  • $79.99 for a or 500-capsule pack of Red Bali or Maeng Da strains

Any Discounts and Coupons?

Klarity Kratom tries to give back to its customers by making deals and discounts available. You will find information on any available deal on their website.

Acceptable Payment Methods

One issue most customers have with buying kratom online is with the payment procedure. However, Klarity Kratom makes it easier for their clients to make payments for their purchases by providing these three options: Debit card, Credit card, and PayPal.

Shipping and Delivery

As of now, Klarity Kratom does not provide shipping and delivery information on its website. Maybe they expect that their customers message them directly after making their order to discuss their shipping policy. Or it could be that they have a process in place to initiate contact.

Klarity Kratom Customer Service

Many patrons claim that their customer service is admirable. The vendor can be reached via email or phone. On the website, they display a contact form that customers can fill to get in touch with a customer service rep. Klarity Kratom is available on calls from 9 am to 6 PM West Coast time.

Any Cause For Concern?

Being a popular brand in most local organic herb shops, it is safe to say that Klarity Kratom provides good-quality kratom for their customers. So their reputation has been duly earned. But where does this vendor need to do better?

Just like all other vendors, Klarity Kratom has some shortcomings and could do better in some areas of service. The vendor needs to consider adding more strains to their product list. Having just two strains of Kratom is enough to put some customers off, especially those who love to try out different stuff. Although Maeng Da and Red Bali kratom may be the popular choice among users, some individuals would like to try other strains.

Also, this seller has to provide lab results to certify their claims of providing quality kratom. For now, we rely on the reviews of their customers to conclude that they sell good quality and fresh products. Not having the lab results available for their audience to see might be a major turn-off for new buyers who are deeply concerned about the quality of what they plan to ingest.

Finally, Klarity Kratom should also make effort to extend the customer reach to also focus on customers who want to buy their products directly and not only focus on retailers.

Should you buy From Klarity Kratom?

Klarity Kratom is already quite popular in many stores because they provide good-quality products. Their Kratom is fresh and of good quality. Their customer service team is also responsive. However, this vendor needs to fix their shortcomings to enable them to maintain their reputation.

This company still regards itself as a top distributor that manufactures only standard quality Kratom. But there are no actual lab reports of GMP compliance to solidify the claim. As a result, we have to rely on their popularity among users. Apparently, the brand has been able to keep its customer base over the years, making it plausible that the kratom they sell is of high quality.

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