Krabot Kratom Review

Krabot Kratom Review

Krabot Kratom

Krabot is a relatively new vendor located in California. They are gaining a lot of popularity since they are very active on social media and receive a lot of posts on their Reddit platform. Even though they are new in business, they have made significant impacts in the kratom business. They are known for offering high-quality kratom at an affordable price.

Products Sold by Krabot

Krabot stock a wide variety of kratom strains. One of their most unique products includes the Green Sudanese, green vein strain, and other popular strains like yellow Vietnamese kratom.

Evening Blend Kratom Powder

The vendor updates the list of their products on their website regularly. They have recently added a new product, a specially formulated kratom powder popularly known as evening blend. This blend is made by combining Red Sumatra, Red Bentuangie, Red Bali, and some yellow Bali.

They also have premium brands of kratom strains on their website; these products include Bali, Gold, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Green Malay, and Red Hulu.

Morning Blend Kratom Capsule

Apart from selling kratom powder, they also sell kratom capsules. However, you will not find ordinary capsules; but instead, you will find unique capsules that are not common to other vendors. They also have their signature morning blend made of stem and veins of kratom leaves. All their capsules contain 1000mg of kratom powder.

Buying kratom capsules is the best way, especially if you do not want to go through the hustles of measuring your kratom every time you need to use your kratom.

Krabot Super Spec Kratom Powder

Krabot kratom super spec powder is also another standard product sold by Krabot kratom. It includes a combination of Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and Gold Bali where they are mixed in equal proportion. They are ground into a fine powder and mixed. Since the mixture has four potent strains, the effects are more substantial, which makes this blend the best choice for anyone who needs a more potent version. It is available in 30, 60, and 180 capsules in a packet/bottle.

Kratom Soap

Krabot kratom also sells kratom soap, it is a new product, but it is already gaining popularity among those who have used it. Kratom soap is made from natural kratom ingredients. It is made from grapes seeds, sunflower oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, and olive oil. The soaps are also available in different varieties like Frankincense, cocoa, naked, and coffee cream.

Kratom Tea

They also sell kratom tea, and those who have tried their tea attests that they have high soothing effects. They are a loose-leaf that is made of pure Green Maeng Da kratom. If you do not like the hustle of brewing your tea, this could be the best alternative.

Why Buy from Krabot Kratom


Shipping takes place for every product the same day you place your order. Shipping is done by either USPS express flat rates or USPS priority express. If using any of these means, you are assured of minimal delays. They efficient helplines that are established to solve any queries regarding any shipment. Your questions are received within a few hours, and you get your answer instantly.

To ensure that the customers are confident about the brand, they have put in place a customer support system that works 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They are also friendly and professional and offer instant help wherever needed. They also provide the buyers with tracking information so that they can know the exact time of delivery for their product.

Payment Method

Krabot kratom provides different methods of money transfer for consumers to pay efficiently from the comfort of their homes. The options available include Zelle, money order, MasterCard, Visa, and eCheck. Sometimes they also accept cryptocurrency although it is not a standard method of payment.

Size of their Capsules

Krabot kratom equips their capsules with plenty of kratom powder. They accommodate up to 1000mg of the powder formulation. Most other vendors use 600-700 mg of powder per capsule. They also have large pills with a coating containing gelatin that dissolves in the stomach instantly to release the effects quickly.

The tablets are appealing and are UV protected. The bottles contain 30, 60 ad 180 capsules you can choose from. Their bottle caps are child proof, so you do not have to worry about placing your drugs anywhere in the house. Similarly, the powder is packed in black and white moisture-proof containers. They are ground finely with micron and are pasteurized to prevent the occurrence of molds and other harmful bacteria into your kratom. The powder is packed in 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg and is sold depending on the consumers’ preference.

Price Comparison

Many online vendors sell 100g powder at $19.99, while at Krabot, the same quantity goes for $14.99 to %17.99, which is cheaper. This makes Krabot the most influential vendor on the internet and on top of affordability their kratom is of very high quality.

A bottle of 1000mg capsules containing 30 capsules goes for only $14.99 while the bottle containing 50 capsules goes for $15.45 at Krabot kratom. So we can conclude that Krabot kratom has the best prices as compared to other popular vendors.

Other notable things about Krabot kratom is their time to time discounts and coupons. They announce their coupon on their website and their social media platforms as well as Reddit. With their coupon, you can redeem up to 30% off during purchase, making the prices even more appealing. You can access their discounts by applying for simple coupons to win an attractive price drop.

Lab Testing

Krabot focuses on providing high-quality kratom that keeps consumers coming back for more. For quality sake, their kratom undergoes intensive testing by a third-party vendor. They pay a large sum of money for the tests to ensure that you get a high-quality product that is safe for human consumption.

They ensure that every batch of kratom goes through numerous tests and are not sold until the results are out and are proven to be free from any contamination. The packets also are discarded and are remade to detect any residue solvent, heavy metals ad microbial traces.

How Can You Contact Krabot Kratom?

There are vast ways to contact Krabot vendor’s customer service. You can contact them through their number which you can easily find on their site. You can also contact them via their social media platforms, or you can also reach them through their Twitter or send them an email and get feedback within a short time.

Making an order in Krabot may not be the easiest thing, but it all requires you to visit their site and give correct information. You can pay for your kratom using major credit cards or cryptocurrency. After placing your order, you are issued with a tracking number.

What Makes Krabot Unique?

One thing that makes Krabot unique is that they have many types of kratom strains for consumers to choose from. They have also incorporated different blends that have gained lots of popularity. They also have high-quality kratom for low prices as compared to other vendors. Another incredible fact about Krabot is that they offer numerous discounts and coupons that make shopping more exciting.

Unlike some other vendors, Krabot does not cut corners when it comes to quality. Their quantity is also on point since they pack a lot of powder in their pills. There is a lot that makes Krabot Kratom stand out among other sellers, and that keeps attracting buyers back to get some more quality kratom.

Krabot Customer Services

At Krabot kratom, the customer is always right. Imagine shopping at a place where your needs are attended to immediately. If you follow Reddit from consumers, you will realize that most of them have horrible experiences shopping from some vendors. However, at Krabot, you will get the best customer service and will always have a testimony and the reason to come back again. When we talk of customer services and effective communication, Krabot stands to be the best.

In this industry, customer service is supposed to be significant and indispensable, and Krabot does not compromise on this. They also ensure you have a unique and smooth shopping experience. Wherever you encounter issues when ordering your kratom or during shipping, the customer service should be able to clarify the challenge and offer a solution, to ensure they better their services, they have a section for frequently asked questions. Through these questions, you can get plenty of information about the vendor from honest consumers.

Krabot Reputation

Consumer feedback is an essential part of any business. Their feedback can either attract new customers or drive away potential buyers. However, Krabot has an amazingly good reputation among its buyers. Consumers have given good feedback concerning their services, quality of their products, and their convenient shipping process. They have a pretty good reputation, and that is the most attractive factor that makes them stand out among other vendors.

Krabot is an outstanding kratom company. Ranging from the quality of their products, the varieties they offer, and their affordable prices. We can also not dispute the fact that they are relatively new but have received a good reception from consumers who cannot stop buying from. Even after receiving good reception and making high sales, Krabot does not compromise on the quality and customer service. Depending on their convenience, quality of their kratom, we can surely agree that Krabot is the place to go for all kratom users who value quality.

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