Kraken Kratom Review

Kraken Kratom Review – How Reliable Are They?

There has been so much buzz about Kratom vendors and the services the quality of kratom powder, extracts, and capsules they sell. For you looking to get the best Kratom vendor experience, we have taken out time to do a piece on Kraken Kratom.

Kraken Kratom is gradually topping the list of major Kratom vendors owing to heavy patronage from Kratom lovers who seek to get the best Kratom available. When there are new additions to the Kraken Kratom family, you can also get to know them quickly by simply using the information updates from the Kraken website.

However, for new users and even old users looking to switch to the best Kratom service available, how reliable is Kraken Kratom? Do they sell quality kratom products? Are their services impeccable?

You probably have so many other questions about this vendor and this Kraken Kratom review will cover most of them to clear your doubts. And we will also provide detailed info to help tell if you should proceed to trade with Kraken based on your preference.

Now, let us focus on Kraken Kratom as a brand, the Kratom products available, and other related information like return policy, discounts, shipping, and gifts in the form of coupons. Since there are so many brands offering Kratom related services, this article will serve as a guide for you.

Brief Rundown About Kraken Kratom

When you hear or read “Kraken”, the first thought that may cross your mind may be about the mythical sea creature that looks like a giant octopus. On the other hand, you may think of Kratom, because of the association between Kraken Kratom and the Kraken logo.

Established in 2015 in the United States, Kraken Kratom has been selling Kratom powder and other variants for some time now. And they’ve done so while improving on products available and services rendered. Even with the presence of several brands in the market, Kraken Kratom has managed to stay relevant by offering quality kratom and services.

Kraken Kratom Evaluation

The Kraken Kratom products can be evaluated using criteria that tell how fresh the products are and the level of purity. You can also tell if they are of the best or standard quality if the pricing is fair, and how efficient shipping and delivery are.

How fresh the Kratom products are

Users of Kraken Kratom’s products have attested to the freshness as there is clear evidence that manufacturing occurred not too long after extraction. The packaging also contributes to keeping the product fresh. Also, Kraken Kratom ensures that they ship out products as soon as possible immediately after manufacturing, so freshness is guaranteed.

The purity of the products:

The effort is put into the manufacturing process to avoid contamination from external bodies and keep the Kratom in its purest state. There are also no additives, just pure processed kratom.

The quality of Kratom:

After going through different tests both by the manufacturers and consumers, the Kratom products sold by Kraken Kratom are of excellent quality which you might want to test out yourself.

Seeing how important it is for users to enjoy Kratom powder in its purest form, the company stays big on quality to grant its customers the best experience while using Kratom. So no additives are used and the products are shipped fresh in the best packaging to preserve it.

Kratom Products Available At Kraken Kratom

On the Kraken Kratom website, you will find the Kratom products available on the homepage. Clicking on the product you want provides more information, including pricing and shipping details. There are Kratom powders or Kratom tea powders which the company claims to have gotten from the best sources with the best plant.

The Kratom strains that you can find on the site include Indo Kratom, Malay Kratom, Sumatra Kratom, red dragon Kratom, Kali Kratom, Borneo kratom, Bali Kratom, Maeng Da kratom.

The three variants of Kratom veins (green, white, and red) are also available on Kraken Kratom. You’ll also notice that the Kratom products also come in different forms and you can buy them according to your preference. So you can buy Kraken Kratom powder, Kraken Kratom capsules, and Kraken Kratom extract. And for those who crave enhanced Kratom, that’s also available.

The pricing of Kraken Kratom products varies according to the size and type of product you want to purchase. Expect to pay somewhere between $8 and $12 for about 28grams. You may see that this pricing is different from other vendors but the plus side is that they sell in almost any measurement you want.

Some vendors sell nothing less than 100grams and above, but Kraken Kratom allows you to buy in smaller quantities. As with regular buying and selling, the more you buy the better the pricing, so you choose. We can agree that the price range is fair and commiserate with the products being offered especially since all the products listed on their website are usually available.

The convenience of buying all your Kratom variants covers all other costs of the few more cents added on top. In addition to the Kratom variants that come in different forms, Kraken Kratom sells kava products alongside capsules and packages. You can use them to repackage products in smaller quantities if need be.

What Kraken Kratom Customers Think

If you need to hear from previous customers of Kraken Kratom, there is a whole section on the website dedicated to customer reviews. If you are a customer, you are allowed to drop comments telling the company what you think and how you feel about the services rendered.

The reviews on the site are mostly satisfactory reviews on the quality of the products and great service. Kraken Kratom has an approval rating of 4.8 out of 5 which is great and shows that their services are top-notch. Also, reviews from other sites and blogs have been positive.

Third-party reviews have applauded the customer service support and have likened the shipping process to that of other Kratom companies. There are a few cases where customers mentioned other vendors who resell products purchased from Kraken Kratom and how the prices are not the same as the prices on the website. This is typical with retail stores as they try to make a profit while reselling.

It is advised, however, to purchase Kratom products directly from Kraken Kratom or a Kraken certified vendor to avoid issues associated with pricing and quality of products. It has also been reported that placing all orders at once saves more money than ordering different products separately. Some customers even pair up with other customers to place orders and then proceed to ship their products together, reducing cost.

Kraken Kratom’s GMP Status/Lab Test

Kraken Kratom has laid claim to its certification by the American Kratom Association (AKA). This means that they are GMP compliant and that the Kratom products on sale are tested in the laboratory and proven authentic before the sale.

Before making the final payment for a product, you can request to see proof of its certification that covers the good quality, standard, and the best manufacturing and packaging that preserve the product and keep it authentic. Third-party reviews also confirm the authenticity of the products, revealing how the company has thrived so well in the past 5 years.

Coupons, Discounts, And Rewards

Kraken Kratom has a reward system for customers and visitors that engage in activities on the site or purchase products. Every dime spent and almost any action was taken on the site amounts to points that can be redeemed. Such points can then be used to buy more products on the site.

If you are interested in knowing how to get these points, here is what you need to know:

  • When you rate the products on the site, you are awarded 10 points.
  • When you subscribe to their newsletter, you are awarded 50 points.
  • For signing up on the website, you get 50 points
  • For engaging any of their social media accounts, you get 10 points each.

These points can be converted to money and used to shop. Note that 100 points amounts to $1 and stay valid until after 90days. If they are not spent after 90days, they expire.

The best way to get discounts and discount coupons are to input your active email address. Then subscribing to the newsletter allows you to stay updated on the latest offers, products, and discounts. You can find out if there are new promotions by clicking on the promotion offer page.

Registering with your full name and email address makes you a Kraken Kratom top tier customer and gives you full access to their newsletters using the free subscription you will be given.

This gives you firsthand information on the weekly promos and daily discounts offered by Kraken Kratom. As much as the company has built this reward system to build a great relationship with customers, we can admit that it benefits both the company and its customers.

Sale and Payment Options

Kraken Kratom sells at wholesale prices when a purchase is made in bulk. Trusted Kratom retailers buy directly from Kraken Kratom and sell to consumers who need to purchase Kratom in smaller quantities.

If you need to make wholesale purchases, there is a form on the website at the wholesale section, that you fill to create an account as a wholesaler and get access to products and catalog, exclusively.

To make a payment, there are different options available. You can pay using:

  1. MasterCard, Visa, or PMC Gold
  2. Direct withdrawal from your bank account using Quick Ship ACH
  3. eCheck
  4. Bitcoin, for which you get a 10% discount

Kraken Kratom Shipping

After checkout, Kraken sends your shipment using USPS First Class. It takes 2-9 days to get to its destination depending on the location and you do not have to pay any extra fee for shipping. Express delivery is available but you will have to pay an extra fee which is about $4.99 for USPS flat rate priority mail or USPS priority mail at $9.

You can pay cash on delivery but only for large shipments. If it exceeds the stipulated duration for shipping, you can visit the website, input your details, and track your shipment. You can see the location of your shipment in real-time and rest assured that your package will be delivered to you safely.

Final Verdict

We will always advise that if you need Kratom products from Kraken Kratom, you go directly to the website and place your order or only buy from trusted Kraken Kratom retailers. There are so many Kratom vendors out there, so to avoid buying adulterated Kratom or low-quality Kratom, you should be sure of your source.

Following reviews, we can agree that Kraken Kratom is a reliable brand that sells quality Kratom in different strains. Free shipping is a plus and the option to select express shipping is another bonus. When placing your order, try to make up your mind and order all Kratom products you need at once. Splitting your orders will only make your shipments get to you on different days and that may incur extra charges.

There is more to the Kraken Kratom website. You can purchase empty Kratom capsules, guidebooks or manuals, measuring spoon and cup sets, tea strainers and so much more. All you need to enjoy your quality Kratom can be purchased from Kraken.

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