Kraoma Vendor Review

Kraoma Vendor Review – Are The Credibility Claims Legit?

Here’s our Kraoma vendor review for rookies and veteran users. Read this before you spend your money.

Ever since kratom made its debut into the world of herbs, lots of people have jumped on the train wanting to either buy or sell the product. The number of vendors selling kratom online is on the rise and, if you’re buying, you’d need to be careful so you don’t fall prey to scammers.

You may be wondering: ‘how then do you know where to buy quality kratom?’

Of course, you’ll eventually have to buy kratom online since that’s the best and most recommended option. But you can reduce your chances of getting scammed by bad vendors if you read through reviews like this one before patronizing any Kratom vendor.

Kraoma is one vendor that promises to give the best but do we just take their word for it? This Kraoma review will help you decide whether to buy Kratom from them or not.

About the vendor: How It All Began For Kraoma

Kraoma is a Kratom vendor in Las Vegas, Nevada, that takes pride in the quality of its Kratom strains.

The company began its operations in 2014 when the founder, a certain entrepreneur, claimed Kratom provided relief for his neck and back injury. Then, Kratom was a much more expensive product with unstable quality and orders took longer than expected to arrive.

Not comfortable with the state of things, the entrepreneur created Kraoma. His company was focused on giving Kratom users access to high-quality kratom, at affordable prices, and in the shortest time possible. The company established a connection with native farmers who grow kratom in safe conditions. These farmers are mostly from Indonesia.

They were able to provide affordable kratom because their relationship with the farmers eliminated the need for third parties.

Kraoma eventually grew because they prioritized the needs of their customers. Although they began with shipping out smaller orders, their capacity soon improved over the years. That’s because they supplied (and still supply) quality Kratom, deliver to their clients on time, and give incentives to their buyers.

This vendor checks all Kratom strains to ensure they are free from all forms of impurities.

Kraoma Kratom strains and varieties

This vendor offers different strains of Kratom. You can get the Yellow, red, green, and white-vein strains. Their website shows that they provide many varieties of Kratom and some of the most popular strains you can get from them are:

  • Bali Kratom
  • Borneo Kratom
  • Horned Leaf Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Indo Kratom

When you go through their website, you will notice that their Kratom strains also have alternative names for easy identification by their customers. And although they sell many different strains, some are more preferred by their customers.

These are some of their best selling kratom strains:

  • Kraoma Green Maeng Da: Their customers often prefer this because it is great for achieving balanced effects. This strain is said to improve energy levels, mood, and facilitate relaxation. People also turn to it as a mild pain reliever. Their Green Maeng Da is also touted to reduce the user’s anxiety in social gatherings
  • Kraoma White Maeng Da: this Kratom strain is also known for its supposed energy-boosting capabilities. Apart from that, it is said to improve the mood and enhance concentration. People say they use it for aches as it helps them spend more time doing extra workouts. Being the strongest white strain, it is also known to be good for daytime use because of its long-lasting potency.
  • White Horn: This strain is known for being a mood and energy booster with added concentration-enhancing qualities. Users claim it is not much of a pain reliever but they find it useful when carrying out repetitive tasks. It may also serve as an alternative for coffee addicts.
  • Red Bali: Customers prefer this strain because it is believed to provide relief from serious pain and stress. It is also known to be a mood booster that induces sleep for the user.
  • Red Borneo: This strain is favored because users say it is one of the most potent reds for relieving pain. They also mention it helps to improve concentration and energy. Some others claim it helps their anxiety during social activities.
  • Red Maeng Da: Red Maeng Da is mostly preferred by kratom users who want the benefits of Red Bali without getting its relaxation and sleep-inducing qualities. They believe it is good for the daytime because it boosts energy.
  • Red Sumatra: Many customers love this strain of Red. They say that it is a potent mood booster that also doubles to stop anxiety. Some people say it is great as a coffee mix for daytime use but also relaxes the body when used in the evening.
  • Classic Bali: This strain is often referred to as a more potent version of Red Bali. Users say it is best reserved for night time use. Because of its coarseness, it is not easy to mix it with water. However, users mention it helps them fall asleep and relieves stress and pain at night.

Product Pricing and Payment Details

When looking to buy kratom online at Kraoma, the price range falls around $14.99 – $19.99 for 60g of Kratom. Since they have many powder strains, the amount you’ll pay depends on your desired strain and the effort required to source it. This vendor also offers customers the opportunity to buy kratom in bulk at affordable prices.

Apart from delivering top-quality kratom, Kraoma also ensures its products are properly packaged. Their kratom shipment comes in a tightly sealed package with zero interference from potential contaminants from external sources.

They have many payment options that are designed to protect and ensure the privacy and security of their customers. So customers have the option of paying through credit card, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Dash, Ether, Monero, and Ripple). This vendor can also accept payment by Zelle or E-check.

Discounts, Offers, and Deals

Kraoma is one vendor that often rewards its customers for consistent patronage. You can receive a 10% discount on your first order when you subscribe to the site. And after your first purchase, every other deal adds points to your account. These are valuable points that you can redeem on the website during subsequent purchases. This vendor also displays notifications on current offers at the top of their website.

New customers on the Kraoma site are entitled to two 10g samples but will bear the delivery cost. This means that beginners can try out the product first to get a feel of it before buying. Besides, free samples are added to returning customers’ orders.

Kraoma also offers discounts for bulk buying. You can save as much as 9-21% if you buy in bulk. The discount bundles contain either two 250g pouches (500g) bundle, four 250g pouches (Split Kilo), or two 60g pouches. (120g bundle).

What About Shipping, Delivery, and Refund?

Customers who pay with a credit card, money order, or cryptocurrency will get their orders shipped the same day. But this is only possible if they place these orders before the cutoff time. The only time that this vendor doesn’t ship out kratom is on weekends.

Orders made with E-checks will need to reflect on their account before the shipping process can be initiated. And this often takes 3-5 working days, excluding weekends and holidays. After two successful E-check orders, future transactions will ship the same day if the orders are made before the cut-off time.

Kraoma ships Kratom from their Nevada office only to other parts of the US where this substance is legal. So you as a customer are advised to check for the legality of Kratom in your state or check the Kraoma blog for updates to avoid breaking any law.

Kraoma sends out all orders with USPS through the First Class Mail, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express. The First Class mail ships orders below $75 between 3-5 days for free. Priority Mail takes 2-3 days to ship orders above $75 for free. Priority Mail Express delivers your kratom within 1-2 days and you’ll have to pay a non-refundable fee of $19.95.

Kraoma does not ship on Sundays or holidays. Also, all packages sent out for shipping become the full responsibility of the USPS, and Kraoma has no control over it.

Keep in mind that Kraoma does not sell to customers below 21 years old as well.

Finally, there may be situations where you receive your kratom shipment but become unsatisfied. This might occur for different reasons. Kraoma has a refund policy that allows you to send the product back to them should you for any reason feel that your shipment has an issue. Product returns must be made within 30 days after purchase. However, only damaged products or incorrect orders can be exchanged.

Customer Reviews and Communication With Kraoma

Customer reviews are important when choosing online Kratom vendors. Studying these reviews carefully helps you to know what to expect based on the experiences of previous buyers.

There’s a ton of Kraoma customer reviews. Some customers say that people who haven’t used Kraoma are missing out. They said the price is fair and you get fresh and effective Kratom, the best they’ve ever had. And even if some people may see the price as expensive, it is still worth every penny.

To get in touch with this vendor, check their website for a contact form. The customer representative responds within 24 hours of submitting the form although replies can come in one hour.

Selling Points and Downsides of Kraoma Kratom Vendor

Many customers vouch for the high quality of their Kratom strains. They claim that their powder is potent and creates the desired experience. Kraoma also displays its product lab test results on its website.

This vendor provides free samples and discount bundles for their customers to help save money and reward loyalty.
Kraoma is one company that is concerned with the safety of their customer’s payment info hence the security measures implemented for many payment options.

While some people may think that the prices are a little expensive, they believe the products they get and the quality of customer service they receive is worth it. The product packaging is great too and this vendor seems to have a reputation for its ability to provide satisfying solutions to their customers’ needs.

Although customers are generally satisfied with the Kratom they receive from Kraoma, the vendor still had some shortcomings in the past. At some point, customers had problems with the payment, product quality, and range.

However, considering how dedicated the company is to its customers, improvements have been made to stall these complaints.

Is Kraoma worth Patronizing?

Kraoma has been applauded by enthusiastic users for its outstanding customer service, high-quality kratom powder, and fast shipping. They also have an extensive product range. To make the identification of the Kratom strains easier for their customers, they gave the products new names.

The company operates legally within the laws of its jurisdiction and its shipments can be tracked in the event of any manhandling or misplacement. Also, customers who patronize them get the opportunity of buying lab-tested products which is a rare sight in the industry.

Kraoma provides quality products and services while also letting customers save money with their discount offers. Who wouldn’t want all these goodies?
If you require exciting Kratom strains from an excellent source, then Kraoma is probably the kratom vendor online for you.

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