Kratom 5280 – Consumer Opinions & Candid Review

Southeast Asia is the birthplace of Kratom. Farmers have been planting the herb for centuries because it grows better in the region, thanks to its conducive soil composition and favorable climatic conditions. However, since more people realized the benefits of Kratom, lots of companies have sprung up to sell Kratom products. 

However, for you to get the best effects, you need to buy kratom only from those suppliers who get it from the right source. Many vendors claim to do so, but only a few are trustworthy. 

Is Kratom 5280 one of the vendors that claim to have a good business relationship with the local Kratom farmers who supply them fresh, pure, and effective Kratom? Do they even sell authentic strains? Well, this review will give you every detail about this seller and help you decide whether to patronize them or not. Let’s get started

The Kratom 5280 Website and Its Products

Kratom 5280 is a Kratom vendor based in Colorado. The first noticeable thing is its website background that is covered with a motion picture of green leaves. And the homepage has a bold appearance, helping prospective customers identify icons with ease. 

The product section of their website is also well organized, with the strains being grouped according to their different colors. Then there’s an additional section for signature strains. We like that there is a description of the strains to guide customers to what likely variants will benefit them the most, depending on what they want. 

Although this vendor claims to sell every strain,  their onsite lineup is too simplistic and limited in our opinion. The only strains available on their website are:

  • Bali
  • Green Horn
  • Maeng Da
  • Malaysian
  • Red Horn
  • White Horn
  • Wahyu’s Best

Some users on different forums have made complaints about their strains running out of stock more often than those of other vendors. To get your order sorted, You may have to message the supplier with the quantity and type of strains you need. Once they find the time to get to your request, they can then reply to you, letting you know if the desired strains are available to complete your order or not. 

Kratom 5280 Product Quality and Pricing

This vendor is not GMP certified, but they can be given the benefit of the doubt since they mention that their strains are being supplied by local farmers who understand the nature of Kratom. They do not mention lab tests or anything related to it on their website. However, when you consider the reviews of their patrons, which are largely positive, there is not much to worry about with this vendor.

The company mentions its prices on the product page of its website. Since this price tag is not attached to any particular strain or category, it means this is their general price. For $80, you can get 500g of Kratom; $150 gives you 1kg. You can also get a combination of their strains at a fair price. Pay $450 for 3kg of any desired three strains and $550 for 5kg of any chosen five strains.

From the price given, you can determine that these are bulk orders and only a very few people can afford to buy $80 from a vendor they have just discovered. As a remedy, this vendor offers a sampler pack that allows customers to get all seven strains. After you’ve tried them out, making a decision on which works best for you should no longer be a hassle. But keep in mind that this is majorly a seller that seems to focus more on demand for bulk Kratom.

Payment for all purchases is made via crypto (Bitcoin to be precise) and money order. The fees for their products include delivery and shipping levies. People who pay through USPS Postal Money Order are entitled to an upgrade for USPS priority shipping. Because of the requirements for internet sales tax in Colorado, you get to pay 4.9% tax on your orders. 

Shipping and Returns

The price of the products mentioned includes delivery and shipping fees. USPS priority shipping is offered on request or to customers who pay through a USPS Postal Money Order. As soon as your order gets sent out for shipping, Kratom 5280 sends you a tracking code. 

Their packages come sealed with a Mylar moisture barrier bag. The bags are sealed hermetically and are not branded. This prevents the disclosure of information about the bag’s contents. Usually, they process orders within 48 hours and then send them out for shipping, Saturdays inclusive.

You cannot return any strain purchased from this vendor. Although they say it’s due to the nature of their products, it’s hard to understand why they don’t have a return-inclusive sales policy to guarantee satisfaction. That would have been the best way to attract more patronage, being that customers have to shell out lots of cash to buy their products. And when you consider the fact that other vendors offer money-back guarantees, it seems like Kratom 5280 isn’t ready to dominate the market or just doesn’t care. 

The only available option to protect you is the option to cancel your order and it can only be done for packages that have not been dispatched for shipping.

Customer Service and Reviews

Kratom 5280 makes itself available to its customers by providing different means of contact, like email addresses, phone numbers, and social media handles. This makes it easy for their customers to reach out to them for assistance, inquiries, and complaints.

Because they’re pretty popular on kratom groups online, people have a lot to say about them. Many of the reviews are positive and we even saw one customer on Reddit mention that the company has been around since 2015. This customer went on to say that, although their strains are not the most sought-after on the market, they could compete with strains from vendors that sell at twice the price.

Pros and Cons of Kratom 5280 Vendor

So here’s what we like about Kratom 5280

  • The reviews and feedback from their customers are great.
  • Compared to most other vendors, they sell their kratom at affordable prices.
  • They offer sampler packs to their customers.

Here’s what we think needs to be improved

  • This vendor will have to consider adding a return policy to gain the trust of their customers.
  • Despite claiming their products are sourced from local farmers, they should endeavor to provide lab test results to support the claims.
  • Their products are obviously for bulk buyers. This may not be suitable for other customers.

Is kratom 5280 a vendor that we consider to be good enough?

Based on the opinions of users, Kratom 5280 can be considered reliable. They are doing quite okay and have a somewhat okay reputation for themselves. At the very least, having customers that can vouch for the potency and quality of their products suggests that they may not be a bad choice even if they lack some of the basic requirements necessary to become ranked as a top-rated vendor. 

However, this is not to excuse the fact that they need to provide laboratory test results to further solidify their claims. You can try out their sample packs first before diving in.

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