Kratom Crazy Review

An Official Review of Kratom Crazy 2021

Kratom crazy is a new Kratom vendor that seems to be making waves in the industry. On visiting the Kratom crazy website you’ll find that they have varieties of Kratom strains and they sell them at affordable prices. This makes it easy to want to buy your next shipment from them.

But apart from that, there are still other things to consider. We need to know how great the quality of the product is, the nature of their customer service, and other important details. You won’t know yet if they should be trusted until you read this Kratom Crazy review.

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know so you can decide for yourself. Stick around as we delve into an unbiased analysis.

Kratom Crazy Review

Kratom Crazy knows that people want to buy quality Kratom at the most competitive rate that they can get. For this reason, we should emphasize the quality of their Kratom.

Unlike other vendors, Kratom crazy does not sell out Kratom powder or other variants until they have checked the alkaloid percentage. They make sure every of their Kratom batches goes through tests for microbial toxins and heavy metals. And after such tests, they make sure to not sell Kratom that has more than 1.4% mitragynine.

Also, rather than concentrating on making new modified strains, Kratom crazy focuses on original Kratom varieties such as Bali Kratom.

The reason for this is that they care about providing quality Kratom for uses. They also do not want to experiment with other Kratom strains until they’re sure that their clients have fully accepted the variety of products they currently have.

What Kratom Varieties Can You Find at Kratom Crazy?

Kratom Crazy deals on a wide range of Kratom capsules and powder. As at the time of writing this review, we found out that there are very unique aspects of Kratom Crazy’s website. When you search for strains on the website, they provide full information about that strain. You get info such as the country where it was grown, cost, popularity amongst other users, and more.

This Kratom vendor has three best sellers as of now which are Maeng Da Kratom powder, White Vein Borneo Kratom powder, and Red Vein Bali Kratom powder. Also, the moment you buy the first product from Kratom crazy, you are added automatically to the Kratom crazy club.

This is a program that rewards customer loyalty and gives out a 5-20% discount when you buy more in the future. If you want to buy Kratom from Kratom crazy, then you can get to choose from any of the following:

  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Gold Bali
  • White Borneo Kratom
  • Red Borneo Kratom
  • Super Green Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Kratom capsules
  • Liquid shots
  • Kratom extracts
  • Split Kilograms

Prices and Discounts at Kratom Crazy

The products on the Kratom crazy website sell for a good price in our opinion. And their customers seem enthused with both the pricing structure and the products they receive.

You’d have to spend around $ to buy 100g worth of White strain. The same applies when it comes to other strains. You can go through their website if you want to learn more.

Their wholesale kratom is regarded as one of the best deals on the Kratom market. They sell fine ground powders by the gram, and you save more than 50% when you order bulk products of 1kg each.

For instance, Green Vein Borneo and its many benefits are sold for cheap prices. You get 100grams of the substance for $19.99. When you buy in bulk, let’s say 10x that quantity and upwards, you’re only paying $9 or less per 100g. Buying in bulk saves you almost 55%.

The target customers for Kratom crazy are mostly people who need Kratom both for commercial and retail purposes. For retailers, Kratom crazy sells high-quality wholesale Kratom. The price for those who want to buy up to 5kg of bulk Kratom is around $424.99.

Kratom Crazy also sells split Kratom kilos ranging from $44.90 to $44.99. You can also get different Kratom capsules ranging from $55.99 to $179.99 depending on your desired quantity.

There are many coupon codes and discounts for loyal Kratom crazy customers. First, buying a product from them earns you a spot at the “Kratom Crazy Club”. In the club, you have a chance of winning many coupon codes and discounts for your orders. Although their prices are quite low, we all would like a discount sometimes.

Kratom Crazy’s Sample Packs

There are three samples in a sample pack – green, red, and white. The pack costs $31.99 and contains 50g of the strains.

This is a good starting point if you are new and do not know which product you want to start with. The sample pack is made up of different Kratom strains you can try. It is often packaged with the strains they sell out the most. The good thing about buying sample packs is because you have the chance to try out different kinds of Kratom at a go.

The raw powder and capsules they sell have excellent quality because they were tested in the lab. They sell for a great price and what you receive is always fresh.

This is one of the best kratom deals available. You can choose to get your Kratom either as grams of raw powder or as capsules. The sample packs just serve as a way of easing you into the Kratom Crazy world, especially as you get to have their best-selling products.

Before you start with alternative medicine or herbal products, you should check whether you can get addicted to it or not. You are not going to get addicted to any Kratom Crazy’s product and you can use it for a long time until you decide to stop. If you stick to taking moderate amounts of it, you are not likely to get hooked. Kratom Crazy has products that have been designed to be used daily, hence no risk of addiction.

Shipping, Delivery, and Refund Policy

When you place an order, your products get shipped very fast. You can get free shipping when you order goods for more than $50, otherwise, you have to pay the shipping charges that often do not cost more than $2.99.

Kratom Crazy is committed to shipping out orders on the same day they’re placed, except you order after the cutoff time or on weekends. Placing orders on weekends will shift the delivery to Monday. This vendor is great because they have a 100% money-back policy. If you do not like the product, you have a chance to return it and get your money repaid.

The refund is pegged at a 30-day limit. When you buy Kratom from them, you can return the goods if you don’t want the goods again. They’ll give you your money back since the refund policy is also the warranty. But when you want to return the goods, you need to contact the vendors early enough so they can start the process of money refund.

Navigating The Website and How to Place an Order on Kratom Crazy

The website is smooth and user-friendly and they’ve taken steps to keep the spam links at a minimum. The design is great so you don’t waste time finding the strains you need. All you do is, go in, look around and in a short while, place your order.

You can find the available strains in the “Buy kratom’ section. Then when you click the strain that you like, you will be taken to the next page where you can see details about the strain. The vendor shares the origin of the strain, cost, alkaloid contents, and the effects. You also get to know the importance of consuming the strain either as a Powder or a capsule.

That section allows you to select the vein color you want and in what quantity. However, bear in mind that Kratom crazy deals more on bulk purchases so the lowest size of Kratom you can buy is 100 grams. On the other hand, your wholesale orders can be as big as 5kg.

Users can get Kratom Crazy’s products both online and at offline stores. But you will enjoy their services more when you buy online. Also, buying online allows you to join the club where the vendor gives out discounts and coupons. Whatever method you choose anyway, the process of buying kratom from kratom crazy is easy, and without stress to the customer.

When you’re buying online, you have to first go to the right Kratom category. From there, you choose the product you prefer amongst all others and add them to the cart. Before you make an online purchase, remember to add your card number to facilitate the process. As soon as you’re ready to pay, they deduct the money from your card.

Terms and Conditions Every Buyer Needs To Know

You cannot buy any product from Kratom Crazy until you have understood the terms and conditions binding their products. Some of these terms are:

You have to be up to or older than 18 years of age.
You must understand that products are not sold with usage instructions.
The customer covers all costs of importing the products.
The customer alone bears any consequences of the rules and laws of their resident state concerning Kratom.

Kratom Crazy Customer Service and What to Expect

Before you go on to do business with Kratom Crazy, you should know what kind of customer service they render. Although they believe in quality, some Kratom vendors may not be getting their customer service part right.
However, when it comes to Kratom Crazy, many users who have made purchases believe that their customer service is excellent.

On their site, they display some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and they urge their customers to reach them with the contact form they provide on the site. They also state that all inquiries will be handled within operational hours.

When customers decide to trigger the 30-day money-back guarantee clause, they follow through on it. They do not probe or try to know why it is being returned. They also do not discriminate against open and closed products. If you want a refund, you just have to fill in the form and wait for their customer service to handle it. And that’s because they’re dedicated to making their customers happy.

Is Kratom Crazy Worth a Try?

By now, you should have known the most of Kratom Crazy to decide whether to trust them or not. They believe in quality and service to customers. This vendor also offers free shipping on their products.

Finally, Kratom Crazy gives out coupons and discounts even at low prices and they have good customer service. What more could you ask for? You can feel confident buying from this Kratom vendor anytime, anytime.

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