Kratom Eye Vendor Review 2021

The growth of kratom, a largely controversial substance has led to the launch of several purchase points for users. Currently, there are hundreds of kratom sellers globally. One company has stuck as a Kratom Vendor against all odds, “Kratom Eye.” It won Kratom’s reputation in 2014 and has since had excellent reviews from its past and present customers.

Who are Kratom Eye?

Kratom Eye is a Kratom vendor based in Florida. They run their business on the outskirts of Fort Lauderdale, where they have already gained impressive traffic. Since 2014, their sales have been booming, and they have been continuously building up followers and likes on their social media pages, with users who have been responding positively.

The business boasts a simple model that ensures that they deliver top-notch wild-harvest, ship lab-tested Kratom powder in 24 hours. They also have a rigorous vetting process that ensures that consumer information is protected from fraud by the end to end encryption, ensuring that you receive your product safely.

What makes Kratom Eye Unique?

Kratom Eye has won peoples’ hearts due to its capacity to deliver unique Kratom products to consumers. Most of their products come from leaves and herbal plants that originate from Southeast Asia forests. You can find their products in soap, powder, or pills form.

Kratom Eye Product Lines

Kratom Eye vendors provide you with a comprehensive product line that bursts with rustic items such as Kratom soap and other alternatives. They have Kratom powder, which is available in deep red, hybrids, yellows, greens, and white veins. The vendor also offers you domestic scoops such as Red Sumatra, Green Pangaea, Great White, and Red Maeng Da. If you are a new user, the vendors are generous enough to give you samples to test and get a glimpse of what they have in store for you.

Delivery of Live Kratom Plants

Kratom Eye is one of the few Kratom sellers that deliver live Kratom plants. You can place your order every Monday and Wednesday. However, the seller accepts no refund if, unfortunately, the plant you ordered dies within twenty-four hours after delivery. Kratom seller advises you to do thorough research on how to take care of your plant before placing an order with them.

Prices At Kratom Eye

Many vendors in the Kratom group have inflated prices, which consumers tend to shy away from. On the other hand, Kratom Eye has favorable prices that consumers can afford. They sell their products per kilo or grams, and the more kilos you buy, the lower the price. Nonetheless, if you want the best-priced Kratom Eye products, it is best to buy them from the official website. You will have a chance to gain from the companies’ discounts and promotional offers.

Note that there is a big difference in price variation across the different Kratom Eye products. Some products are a bit expensive than others, but you can be lucky to buy them at a minimal price when granted a discount.

The fantastic thing is that you can easily monitor the shipment process from the vendors’ website once you make an online order. The feature helps you expect what you ordered.

Kratom Eye Coupon Code

Kratom Eye vendors offer you eleven active coupon codes that give you a chance to save money. If you are lucky enough, you can get up to a 100% discount off. To get the discount codes, you have to log into the vendor’s website, where the regulations are continuously upgraded on Couponxoo. As an online shopper, you can save up to 50% by using the seller’s coupons for shopping at Kratom Eye Coupon Code, which you can find on Couponxoo Box.

The Quality of Kratom Eye’s Products

Kratom Eye provides you with the highest quality products. The vendors have clearly outlined the safety standards they have instilled in their product lines. The measures are an assurance that the company will deliver high-quality products. Furthermore, the sellers always test their products in the lab before disbursing them in the market. They also ensure that heavy metals do not contaminate their products when processing and packing.

For quality assurance, they extract their raw materials from fresh Kratom leaves with no artificial additives—the plates go through a composite filtration process to ensure that all impurities are unavailable.

More, the vendor’s quality assurance team also ensures that they present to the market high-quality products. They also ensure that their products are packed well in high-quality containers that are well adorned and long-lasting. The vendor has also branded their products clearly so that you can identify them easily without confusing them with those of other sellers.

Kratom Eye Reputation

Reputation is everything in the eyes of future buyers. Kratom Eye does not disappoint, and it is an online seller with an exceptional reputation. You can witness this by looking at the feedback given by previous buyers on their social media handles. Most customers applaud the vendor’s services, which makes you gain trust in them. Previous buyers further recommend potential buyers to buy Kratom Eye. The vendor always ensures that you have satiable services at any cost.

Customer Support

Customer support plays a significant role in the operation of any business. It is the central place where customers can get all their queries answered. Well, Kratom Eye is staffed with professional customer agents that offer you quality services 24/7. They are always ready to serve you seven days a week, throughout the year. You can reach them through their phone number or email address. You can also chat with them directly on their live chat if you need immediate assistance.

How to Place your Order?

Ordering Kratom Eye products is easy and straightforward. You can quickly log into the vendor’s website and view the variety of products they have. Click on the item that you wish to purchase. In-case you do not know much about the vendor’s products. You can click on the product description to familiarize yourself with it. Once you have every detail on hand, you can choose the product quantity to buy and the preferred payment method. Conclude the ordering process by verifying your details. Please wait for the order to process as you track them online in a few days.

Canceling Orders with Kratom Eye

Kratom Eye allows you to alter or cancel your order any time before delivery takes place. The procedure is easy, and all you have to do is send a cancellation email before 11 am o the order clearing day. In case you need a full refund, ensure that you do not tamper with the product and adhere to the refund policy.

Kratom Eye Refund Policy

Although Kratom Eye allows you to make cancellations of your orders, you have to adhere to the terms and conditions of You can freely exchange your initial product for a cheaper one. However, the seller charges you a restocking fee of 13.5% exclusive of the incurred shipping charges. The changes do not affect the quality of the product exchanged. If you make an online payment with insufficient money, the seller refunds you your initial capital when you cash out. The only thing that you will incur is the transaction fee.

Kratom Eye Shipping

Kratom Eye has the most favorable shipping prices compared to other online Kratom sellers. The vendors have a fixed shipping price for all orders shipped through United States Shipping Services. You also benefit from fast shipment whereby you receive your products within a day.

If your order is beyond one hundred dollars, you will receive a free shipping service. Therefore, it is wise to make bulk orders to enjoy such discounts.

What Are People Saying About Kratom Eye?

There are endless praises about Kratom Eye sellers on their comment page. The seller has been applauded for having the best shipping time and delivery of top-notch products.

Although a few have mentioned that the vendor’s products are quite costly, they are worth every dime. Even more, Kratom Eye has an easy-to-use website to order your favorite Kratom strain from the displayed list. Kratom Eye subscribers are pleased to be part of a store that provides them with various Kratom products that you can never run out of. One customer says he has ordered from many different sellers, but none beats Kratom Eye in delivery time.

Another one says that the seller has a good customer support service that gets back to you with helpful information and on time. They all recommend new users to consider trading with Kratom Eye.

My Personal Experience with Kratom Eye

I purchased 50 grams sample pack from Kratom Eye sellers. I found ultimate satisfaction in their red Kratom. The vendor’s big red brings out all the best qualities you would wish to get from a red vein Kratom strain. My entire experience is positive, and I would use the seller’s product again.


Kratom eye has a sturdy reputation for supplying the best Kratom products tested in a laboratory that is ISO-17025 and ANAB accredited. The vendor operates a legitimate business with a license from the local government. The supplier boasts of fast shipment of goods and guarantees you a receipt within 2-4 working days. They also have an active customer support system that provides ample and reliable information. Kratom Eye is a profitable vendor with value for money products. Their products are worth searching for and using anytime.

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