Kratom Infusion Review 2021 – Vendor Information, Trust Ratings, and Products

Kratom Infusion is a vendor that has been in the industry since 2001. This sort of makes them the oldest in the United States Kratom industry. They joined the Kratom scene to provide organic Kratom strains and have since built a reliable and reputable brand over the years.

Now, a lot of Kratom users bother about finding potent kratom, especially as there are many dubious Kratom vendors in the industry. To avoid falling for bad vendors and buying low-quality kratom, users need to cross-check reviews of the vendor before patronizing.

Kratom Infusion is one of the few vendors that sell Kratom and this review will help you decide whether they are trustworthy enough to consider doing business with them.

About Kratom Infusion

This Kratom vendor has been based in Louisiana since its inception and is known to supply Kratom to surrounding smoke shops. Aside from Louisiana residents, other gas stations, headshops, smoke shops, and vape shops in various states of America find their Kratom strains to be fantastic.

But why’s that the case? Well, this brand seems to deliver on all its claims and has been providing Kratom powder, capsules, etc. without raising any suspicion and controversy so far. 

Apart from using virgin locations to grow their Kratom, they also employ experienced farmers who use the best techniques to prevent any form of contamination of their Kratom strains. All their trees are planted away from flood-prone areas and are properly dried using efficient power sources and shelters.

Kratom Infusion has, since its existence, cheered itself on as the only brand that sells Kratom with the highest concentration of the active ingredient in the Mitragyna speciosa plant – the alkaloid mitragynine. They claim that others produce Kratom strains with a low alkaloid content of about 0.1 – 0.3 mg, even though the least quantity for good-quality kratom should be about 0.5 – 0.8 mg. But in their case, their strains can contain an average of 1.7 mg of mitragynine.

What Kratom Infusion Strains Can You Buy?

The strains from this seller are available in powder forms. This vendor also sells Kratom strains in extract, tincture, and capsule forms. Most recently added to their merchandise is the Kratom herbal tea. Here are the range of strains you can find in the Kratom infusion store:

  • Green Cambodian
  • Green Malaysian
  • Indo Maeng Da
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • Red Vietnam
  • Red Thai
  • White Sunda

Kratom Infusion allows its customers to buy bulk Kratom for use. However, we noticed one problem with having to make orders in their store. Customers mention that their Kratom often goes out of stock and that may be a result of selling out fast. As of now, there is no available stock and there is no mention of how long it will take to restock. This means customers have to actively check their website for updates and that can be disappointing, wouldn’t you agree?

Kratom Infusion Prices and Payment Methods

Now here’s the part most customers want to check out. Pricing is a very big factor that influences your buying decision just like any other customer. Well, this vendor sells Kratom at what we consider to be an incredibly fair price. Their $8.99 to $150 range is well within the industry rate for 28 grams, and 1 kilo of Kratom. 

This vendor makes it easy for customers to make payments through methods like Visa cards, Master cards, and other valid credit and debit cards. However, for now, they do not accept payments through e-Check and Bitcoin.

What about Coupons and Discounts from Kratom Infusion? Well, customers who are loyal to a brand deserve to be rewarded. This company does not neglect this important part of their business and has provided interesting deals over the years. Their customers often enjoy discounts and coupon codes for patronizing them.

Customer Service

Besides their fair rates, popular Kratom strains, and regular discounts, this vendor has earned a good reputation for the way it handles its customers. The customer service is top-notch according to the opinions of previous buyers. They say they put a lot of effort into providing solutions to buyer issues and answering any queries thrown at them by patrons. 

Kratom Infusion provides more information about their method of cultivation and processing on their website. We think that their efforts towards giving out as much info as they can speak much about their level of transparency. Customers can access them through their email address or use the contact information on their website. Their customer service team is efficient and attends to the emails quickly enough.

Shipping and Return Processes

Based on legal complications, Kratom Infusion does not ship to these states:

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Sarasota County (Florida)
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

But they will ship their products to other parts of the USA, Canada, and even to countries in Europe. After confirmation of your order, shipping and delivery are taken care of as fast as possible.

When it comes to returns and refunds, they are only applicable for Kratom strains that have defects, are damaged, or got sent on wrong orders.

Vendor Highlights: The Positives

For over a decade, this vendor has been operating in the Kratom industry. Most of the people who patronized them have given positive reviews. One user mentioned that this vendor should be applauded for delivering his order exactly as requested and on time. From all indications, this company has a high trust rating.

So what do we exactly like about this vendor?

Kratom Infusion seems like a genuine source of Kratom strains. Their dealings are transparent as they have shared certain secrets about their Kratom growing, harvesting, and processing procedures on their website. This is something many other vendors like to keep away from the public.

Besides their meticulousness, this vendor supplies customers with A-grade Kratom and has remained controversy-free. They invest in equipment like steamers that are necessary to care for the herb to yield the finest quality. They’re not secretive and ensure to explain to their customers the details about the potency of their products.

Vendor Highlights: The Negatives

Now let’s talk about what we don’t like about them. This should be more about where they could improve their operational style.

Although they have made all efforts to keep their customers in the loop, there’s hardly any comment from them about independent lab testing and results from such tests. Many vendors claim to provide only pure strains, but these results are necessary to verify those claims.

Also, their products are almost always not in stock. This means prospective buyers have to reach out to their customer service to find out the period of availability of any of their desired strains before purchasing. They’ll have to work on their flow of information concerning product availability.

Final Thoughts About Kratom Infusion

From what we see, there are only a few vendors that can sell organic and natural Kratom strains at the same level as Kratom Infusion. 

That’s especially if their buyer reviews are anything to go by. Since they entered the industry, they have hardly disappointed their buyers and are known for dispensing high-quality Kratom strains. Their Kratom is planted, picked, processed, and packaged with care to prevent contamination. This makes them a good choice.

However, they have a few areas that need improving. Regardless of that, they are a relatively reliable vendor and you can try them out. Happy shopping!

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