Kratom K Review 2021

The kratom industry has attracted folks from different walks of life, with governments rushing in to salvage the chaotic situation by introducing proper regulations. However, there is a general feeling that the public isn’t doing enough to ensure safety among kratom users.

For this reason, we have published a series of reviews on top and legitimate kratom vendors in the United States. This article focuses on kratom K vendor and serves you with all the nitty-gritty details you need to know.

Well, let’s have a look at kratom K review and see if it’s worth the salt!

Who is Kratom K

Kratom K is one of the pioneer kratom stores and has been around since 2011. The brand is based in Oceanside, California, and is an affiliate of Nine2Five LLC, an ethnobotanical retailer in CA. To date, only several other vendors have only come close to matching its reputation, thanks to its longevity in the industry.

Kratom K has supported a lot of research on Mitragyna Speciosa in South East Asia for the past decade and, in turn, has innovated and developed top-class kratom products for its ever-loyal customer base.

Mitragyna Speciosa is a scientific name for the kratom plant and has been a center of interest to scientists worldwide. Unfortunately, no tangible records have been established to support medicinal claims by the native herbal clinicians.
Nonetheless, the herb remains a favorite to many people in the United States, with thousands of Americans traveling to Bali, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Borneo to taste kratom and enjoy the tropical climate.

Well, with vendors like Kratom K, these products are shipped directly onto your doorstep. Here are some of the top products they offer;

What you will get from Kratom K – Product Line

Kratom K offers a wide array of Kratom strains, including those unique varieties that are hard to find. Some common in-demand strains they trade are White Strains, Green Borneo, and Red Strains.

They also have different kinds of Green Malay Kratom, Maeng Da varieties, Indo Kratom, Thai, Vietnam, Sumatran, Riau Kratom, and Bentuangie leaves. Indeed, Kratom-K is the one-stop-shop for all Kratom lovers!

Exotic Kratom Blends and Products

Apart from the lengthy list of product offers mentioned above, you can also find exotic Kratom blends such as;

  • Holden Reserve extracts
  • full-spectrum kratom
  • isolate extracts
  • 20x resin

The shop also has a wide variety of liquid tinctures and Kratom tea bags, something you don’t see in other vendors.

Kratom K also carries some of the best-selling exotic branded Kratom products in the market, such as;

  • Captain Amsterdam,
  • Kratom
  • Kratom Therapy
  • Club 13
  • XXX Kratom
  • White Rabbit Kratom

If you wish to experiment with the different Kratom types, this is the vendor that you should visit.

Kratom K Samples

Kratom K offers new users samples to get them started on their kratom journey. The samples aren’t free, and for less than $40, you can get a four-pack sample of Maeng Da, Borneo, Thai, or Sumatra strains. You can pick between the capsules or powder samples.

How much do you have to pay? Prices at Kratom K

Kratom K prices are comparable to other top vendors in the industry. However, the company has an extensive collection of kratom products, which might be overwhelming for new users, a mistake they correct by offering samples.

Pricing by kratom stores is complicated; for instance, 28 grams of Red Vein Kratom at Kratom K goes for $20.99 while other vendors sell the same amount of the strain at $13.99. On the other hand, some products are cheaper at kratom K and expensive in other stores.

One thing you can be sure of is that exotic varieties will cost you more than ordinary strains. As with any other online shopping experience, carrying due diligence on the products helps you select the right products and avoid frustrations and disappointments.

Kratom K Wholesale

Kratom K offers wholesale discounts for purchases of more than two kilograms. This option is suitable for local distributors as long as they abide by these wholesale purchase guidelines:

  • The vendor accepts only credit cards, money orders, and cashier’s checks.
  • All wholesale purchases are paid upfront
  • FedEx Co will only ship your wholesale products once the respective bank clears the payment

Shopping Experience at Kratom K

Kratom K is a fully automated online store. The website is user friendly, with pages loading up quickly.
Furthermore, the site has a user-friendly UI, including an easy navigation layout and a search bar and the checkout process is straightforward.

The site contains the following product listing categories:

  • kratom powder
  • Kratom capsules
  • Kratom liquids
  • Colors
  • Branded kratom

The site also provides an account sign up or login section next to your cart. The first information you encounter is the customer support phone number and an email address on the far left of the site.

At the bottom of the home page, the site has links to detailed;

  • Return and refund policy
  • Legal
  • Privacy
  • Shipping process
  • Terms and Conditions

It is prudent to go through this information before committing to purchasing from the store.


Shipping times for Kratom K products vary depending on your location. All orders are usually shipped within 24 hours but might take 1-2 business days after receipt of payment.

Deliveries take 2-4 business days. However, in isolated cases, due to post office setbacks, it can take longer. Most purchases are shipped through USPS, and customers based in the US receive their packages within a week.

The company offers a tracking code emailed to you once your order has been processed. The vendor processes orders made on the weekend or holidays in the next working business day.

Kratom K doesn’t ship to the following states: Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Additionally, the kratom K does not offer shipping services to San Diego, CA, Oceanside, CA, Jerseyville, IL, Sarasota, FL, and Union County, MS counties.

The vendor offers international shipping to countries where kratom is legal.

Return and Refund

Kratom K offers a refund on your order within 30 days from the time of delivery. All you need to do is to mail it back to them for a refund.

Refunds are only approved in exchange for returning the purchased product, and opened products are unacceptable.

Refunds are processed within a week after the company of receiving the return of your products. It is advisable to contact support at Kratom K before returning the product. After which the company will be in touch on the process of your refund.


Perhaps, Kratom K is one of the vendors with the most detailed customer privacy statement.

The vendor admits to collecting device information on top of order information. In this case, device information includes your web-browser details, IP address, time zone, and some of the cookies.

Additionally, the vendor monitors the pages and products you click on when browsing through their site. Note that this information is only accessed when you access their website, and they use it to create a personalized experience and ads.

The vendor also collects order information, including your email address, Credit card information, and shipping address. The data remains available to them if you wish to make future purchases.

Order information is generally used to fulfill your orders on the site.

The company shares this information with third-party clients such as Shopify, who power the vendor’s website, and google analytics, who optimize the website content to engage user experience. It would help if you were comfortable with sharing this information before accepting the company’s terms and conditions.

Pros of Kratom K

  • Offers exotic branded Kratom: This is one outstanding aspect compare to other vendors.
  • Have a straightforward shopping process; every step in the shopping process is clearly defined, from account creation, making purchases to terms and conditions.
  • Quality Products: There are many kratom strains, and all come in different flavors and potency, and a vendor should provide products free of fillers and not a blend of various strains.
  • Proof of legitimacy: Good kratom doesn’t only represent quality; the vendor should provide a report from laboratories indicating that the products are free of harmful impurities.

Cons of Kratom K

  • Access User Information: Despite the assurance that the vendor would not trade and share information with third parties, Kratom K collects extra browsing information from users’ cookies which might be an intrusion into users’ privacy.
  • Moderately Expensive: Kratom K has a costly but unique pricing method. For instance, Red Kali kratom powder goes for $28 at Kratom K retails at $14 in other top-flight vendors. This might discourage buyers.

Final Verdict

Kratom K has a solid reputation in the industry as a source of quality kratom products globally. Their prices are competitive in the market, and they also offer rare kratom varieties, which is no available in many other stores.

The wide range of kratom products offers customers just what they need. Their elaborate shopping process, coupled with a user-friendly online store, provides a world-class shopping experience. Samples offer a great starting point for beginners.

Indeed, Kratom K is one in a million vendors.

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