Kratom Krates Review – See Why Kratom Krates Is Currently Trending?

Kratom Krates is a reputable vendor based in Florida. This brand is also famous for its wholesale deals and is ranked above other vendors in the industry at the moment because they have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification.

This certification shows that during the processing phase, this vendor concentrates on maintaining the original alkaloids which make Kratom effective. It also means that their processing methods are designed to prevent the loss of potency of the kratom herb. For this reason, the higher bodies certify that their kratom meets the standard. 

But there’s more to this brand than meets the eye. So this review will discuss everything about this vendor so you can decide if they are worthy of your patronage. 

The Kratom Krates Website and Product Grouping

The website of every online kratom vendor has to be user-friendly and easy to navigate for them to rank among the top-rated sellers. The Kratom Krates website is just like every other normal e-commerce kratom website. You can access their list of products from the menu bar. The offerings are grouped into different categories:

  1. Regular Kratom Powder
  2. Ultra Enhanced Kratom powder
  3. Kratom sample packs
  4. Kratom capsules

You can buy Kratom wholesale or in bulk for up to 10 kilograms or more. The Ultra Enhanced Kratom powders are known to have much higher levels of potency than the regular strains because they are made from crushing the big kratom leaves and then extracting them differently. This makes them even more expensive than the regular kratom strains.

Kratom Krates allow customers to split their strains or go for variety packs that come in a split format. So they can order this pack made up of their favorite two to four strains. 

What Strains Will You Find In Their Store?

One very interesting aspect of Kratom Krates’ business model is how they put new users in mind by offering sample packs. So if you are new to Kratom and have next to no idea what strain will work best for you, you can order the sample packs. These are packs that give you small amounts of Kratom at a far cheaper price. 

That said, here are some kratom strains/variants that this company sells:

  • Green Borneo
  • Red Borneo
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • White Bali
  • Green Malaysian
  • Green Raiu

Whichever category you’re buying from, Kratom Krates offers strains that have received lots of positive reviews, so you can rest easy knowing you’re probably getting top-of-the-shelf products.

When it comes to Kratom Krates prices, compared to the cost of the kratom sold by other vendors, the Kratom Krates seems to sell at much higher prices. However, we think that the high cost is justifiable considering the products are of high quality and also come with a GMP certification. 

  • The regular Kratom powder costs $20 – $600, depending on the quantity. 
  • Their ultra Enhanced Kratom powders cost between $45 – $575 depending on the quality. 
  • The cost of the splits and variety packs is dependent on the number of strains you want. The price can go as low as $40 and as high as $100. 
  • The price range of the capsules is between $30 and $120. 
  • Their k-pack sample pack is sold for $39.99, while the ultra Enhanced sample pack ranges between $75 – $570. 

Regarding Kratom Krates’ payment options, unlike other vendors that have only one or two channels, Kratom Krates offers a wider range. Of course, different customers have different ways that they’d love to pay for what they order, and this company tries to cater to these diverse needs. One unique method of payment option available is Collect On Delivery (COD), which allows you to pay through money order or cheque after you receive the order. The other payment methods include Bitcoin, e-Check, Green Money, and Hyper.

What’s Their Customer Reputation Like?

Many Kratom Krates customers on different online forums have given positive feedback concerning this vendor. They mention that their strains are above average and fair. People seem to have no problem trusting their services and there are hardly any negative reviews about them.

While some are comfortable with the delivery services, others gush about the premium quality of their strains. The ultra-enhanced Kratom powders seem to be the rave of the moment, and that comes as no surprise.

How Will You Receive Your Products From Kratom Krates? 

This vendor sends out orders via shipping companies. All buyers who live in the US are entitled to free shipping on their orders from Kratom Krates. This vendor uses USPS for faster delivery, opting for First Class Mail for orders below $45 and USPS Priority Mail for orders above $45. Kratom Krates will not ship packages to states in the US where kratom is considered to be illegal and to countries where it is banned

What If There’s a Problem With Your Package?

This vendor has a return and refund policy for customers who feel dissatisfied with their orders. When you receive a damaged order or a product that you find to be unsatisfactory, Kratom Krates allows you to return it and get a refund or choose another product. However, this has to be done within 30 days of the purchase because failure to do so will render you ineligible to benefit from the policy.

Do They Have An Excellent Customer Service Record?

Many users who have contacted this vendor are happy with the kind of customer service they received. Kratom Krates has reps that respond to questions regarding products and also offer you much-needed guidance so you can go through with your order. 

The company has provided its contact information for calls and emails on its website. If you also want to reach them directly, they provide an address for their EU location. From what we see, their website is properly updated to give you all the information you need concerning their products and offers. Here’s what we like about this vendor:

  • Kratom Krates has a website that is easy to navigate. 
  • The prices of kratom there are commensurate with the quality.
  • They offer a wide range of strains.
  • Built an awesome reputation.
  • Accept different options for payment
  • Allow bulk and wholesale purchases

But there are some areas where we think they could improve. Although this vendor claims to be GMP certified, there is no mention of the results of independent lab testing. This can look like a red flag to some customers who love utter transparency. Their social media presence is not as strong as it could be either. Also, the company doesn’t allow payments from all debit or credit cards. 

Should You Patronize Kratom Krates?

All the information provided here is meant to guide you in making your decision about this vendor. So far, this vendor has a good reputation and is GMP certified. Also, they provide free shipping. This means they are eager to have people try their products. Their customers are also satisfied with the customer service and they offer a return policy that reflects their customer-centric philosophy. If you want to opt for this vendor, you’ll have to overlook the high cost of their strains since you’re most likely getting quality.

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