Kratom OG Review

Kratom OG Review – Products, Pricing, & Shipping Information

Just like many online Kratom vendors, Kratom OG claims to be one of the best you can find in the market. They have been in the industry for more than eight years. All their years in the industry have seen them develop potent, unique blends that cannot be found anywhere else. They have been able to build a good reputation in the US due to the quality of both their ordinary and unique blends, a diverse range of products, and affordability.

However, despite the good stuff, there are still some issues that might make you double-check your decision to buy kratom from them.

There is no information on the purity of their Kratom as they do not put out test results for their customers. Also, when you go through their website, you’ll discover it looks more like a catalog than a shop. Before you place your order, you have to email a certain address and wait for redirection to a secure payment portal.

Let’s consider all that Kratom OG has to offer and see if they are worth risking your money.

Kratom OG Kratom Strains

Kratom OG stocks all the popular Kratom products like Bali, Elephant, and Maeng Da. However, they are different from other vendors because of some elite strains together with their yellow and gold Kratom powders.

You may want to try Kratom OG products because they are excellent. Their classics and unique blends are extremely potent and you cannot help but enjoy them. Many reviewers gush about Kratom OG’s dense Maeng Da (all available colors), their white Ache, Kalbar Premium, white slippery rock and the chocolate mixed Kratom. Below is a list of their products:

  • Bali Gold
  • Chocolate
  • Dark Coffee
  • Elite Elephant
  • Green Aceh
  • Green Banjo
  • Green Bota
  • Green Empangau
  • Green Gayo
  • Green Mountain
  • OG White Maeng Da
  • Pink Aceh
  • Pink JongKong
  • Premium White
  • Supergreen
  • Yellow Magic
  • Kratom-OG Elite Elephant
  • Kratom OG Red Dragon
  • Kratom OG Complex 1
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Superwhite

Kratom OG Popular Strains

1. Kratom OG Elite Elephant

There are still a lot of things to know about Kratom OG’s Elite Elephant strain. It is not just a single strain but a simple combination of Green Elephant and Green Bali that has been fermented, finely sifted and then micronized. The traditional elephant strains are not much different from this one as they are both obtained from very large leaves.

2. Kratom OG Red Dragon

Consumers who have used OG Red Dragon don’t fail to mention that it is a potent strain that rejuvenates and kicks them. It doesn’t matter if you need it for professional or personal purposes, as athletes, students, researchers, and many more people benefit from the product.

3. Kratom OG Complex 1

Another blend in the OG store is the Kratom OG Complex 1 that will simply blow your mind. It is made from a combination of Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, and White Vietnam. This mixture provides an extra boost and is known for providing fast restorative effects on the individual.

4. Red Bentuangie

Their Red Bentuangie Kratom is regarded as one of the best in the market. Although the fragrance is not so strong, this strain is soothing enough and is still quite new to most of the users. Despite being a newbie, most of the users have testified to its quality.

5. Superwhite

Most people elevate Superwhite because of its thrilling effect. This blend is made by adding equal quantities of White Banjar and White Jongkong. Kratom users can use it during the daytime as well as at night.

6. OG Bali Kratom

After all of these, there’s the OG Bali Kratom. When you grow a Mitragyna speciosa tree from the stems of a conventional Bali Kratom cultivar, it is known as OG Bali. This Bali Kratom was first planted in Bali, Indonesia, but over time the location where it’s being cultivated has changed to Sumatra.

OG Bali is different from other strains because of its unique concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two components combine in higher levels that exceed those of the other índole alkaloids in Kratom.

7. Pink Jongkong

The Pink Jongkong is a special Kratom OG blend that was created by mixing White Jongkong and Red Jongkong. At first, the vendor placed it on a secret menu, and after a while, they made the fine blend available to all.

8. White Slippery Rock

White Slippery Rock originates from Batu Licin which translates to roughly slippery rock. This is a potent wild-grown white that the vendor stocks occasionally.

9. Kalbar Premium

Kalbar Premium is a rare and excellent strain. The leaf of Kratom from the region is dried for about 3 days after a half-hour of staying in the sun. It is fresh and strong and has a pleasant green color.

10. Red Aceh

Red Aceh is pure without additives and is extracted from big red vein leaves of plants in the fertile rain forest. It’s as unique as other Aceh Strains. It shares the same wild large leaf origin with OG’s Green Aceh. This one is exposed to a minimum amount of sunlight and dried indoors to slow down the degradation process of the alkaloids during drying. It also has a light red color.

11. MD Ultra

MD Ultra is an amazing strain. The ingredients in each batch vary. These are the strains that form this special Kratom OG unique strain: Super Elephant, Green JongKong, Green Melawi, Green Bota, Green Bunut, White Bota, White Saka, White Bunut, White Aceh, and White Embolah. The mix is fresh and smooth.

Even though Kratom OG sells only kratom powder, the customers still have plenty of Kratom strains to choose from. These Kratom strains listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when compared with the entire products that this vendor has to offer. Because of their variety, they cater to all kinds of customers irrespective of budget and taste. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Red, White, Yellow, Green, or the special strains, this vendor gives you a lot to choose from.

Prices of Kratom OG Products

You will be surprised when you find out the prices of these exotic Kratom strains. Usually, when online vendors supply unique exotic products, they peg the prices at an all-time high. The same can not be said for Kratom OG as they prefer to get quick returns and satisfy their customers rather than raking in a fast profit.

This need to satisfy their customers has made them peg their powder price at $18 for 100 grams and about $89 per kilo. Compared to other prices in the market, their prices are affordable. They are among one of the cheapest sources in the industry also known for high-quality kratom powder.

Even with the cheap prices, this vendor provides coupons for customers to further lower the entire cost of their purchase. Their coupon codes are often advertised on social media pages or websites. So you’d need to follow their handles and keep tabs with them all year round. Some of their promo codes grant you as much as a 40% reduction from the total cost of your orders.

Kratom OG also caters to the needs of customers who choose to buy bulk Kratom powder online. The price for a kilogram of most of their strains is $89 which is lower than the market range. You can also diversify your bulk orders by breaking down the kilo between 2 or more strains.

Kratom OG Shipping, Delivery, and Return Policy

Good vendors go beyond satisfying their customer’s choice of products by making sure the shipping and delivery process is free of hitches.

This vendor ships Kratom from their location in New Jersey to every state in the US where Kratom is legal. Their preferred method of delivery is USPS and that means their customers have to wait up to 7 days before their orders get to them. In fact, due to the high demands of their products, it may take more time to compile the orders and get them ready for shipping.

Kratom OG allows customers to return their products with their 30-day satisfaction policy. However, Kratom strains will not be received if the packages are open. If you are unimpressed with the products you receive, all you need to do is contact the support team to know if you will be given a replacement or a full refund.

Customer Support and Buyer opinions About This Vendor

Across the Kratom industry and in Reddit kratom forums where the topic is discussed, many users have only positive reviews about this vendor. Like we said earlier, this vendor adds coupon codes to the already affordable cost of their kratom powder and it’s amazing.

Some say they have not gotten a bad kratom shipment from them yet and doubt the possibility of that happening anytime soon. One user advises people to contact the owner Harry for suggestions on some of the strains.

In fact, Harry himself admits that he’s spent a long time seeking out the best farmers for the many available strains, about 70+ of them. He mentions that he works with those whom he believes to be the 6 best Kratom providers in Indonesia.

There’s a little hitch with this vendor as you can only contact them through email. But many of the customers and reviewers of Kratom OG say that the company has a polite and active support team. There is a high chance that you will get a reply within the day.

To make the customers even more comfortable, the Kratom OG website is designed for easy navigation. The customers are expected to have zero problems when they use it. All their products are natural and organic. The support system allows customers to make any kind of inquiries or suggestions.

Should I patronize Kratom OG?

Many of the Kratom OG users and customers have rated this vendor highly. This shows they’re reliable. They have affordable prices and their strains and blends can suit large demography. And from what we know about them, they have almost all the traits that characterize an authentic kratom vendor.

Many customers do not have any problems with these users apart from the fact that they do not include lab test results to convince people of their product purity. Now that’s one big factor that determines how reliable a vendor is. In the absence of test results, it can be hard to trust a vendor. But since the reviews from previous buyers rate OG high, you might want to give them a trial.

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