Kratom San Diego

Kratom San Diego: What You Need To Know

Are you a kratom lover in San Diego? Either as a resident, a businessman on a business trip, or just a dude on vacation? Then here is some vital information you’ll need if you’re interested in understanding the Kratom San Diego terrain.

As you probably already know, Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree. Its leaves are used for recreational and medicinal purposes in some cases. The tree is native to the southeastern part of Asia which includes countries like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Kratom is also known as Biak-Biak, Cratom, Gratom, Ithang, Kakuam, Katawn, Kedemba, Ketum, Krathom, Kraton, Kratum, Madat, etc.

In Southeast Asia, Kratom leaves have been used for both religious and medicinal purposes for centuries with great success. The leaves are usually chewed fresh, chopped up for cooking, or dried and brewed into tea.

Over the years, the use of the herb gradually became recreational as well. It was not until the last decade that the herb became known in the US. These days, it can be consumed as powder, capsules, or liquids.

Some states in the US have predicated on safety reasons to ban the sale and use of kratom.

Also, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns individuals to avoid the consumption of products containing kratom or its extracts.

Kratom San Diego and Legality Issues

The issues of drug use and abuse have been a public concern, not only in San Diego. Kratom is regarded as a psychoactive herb with a handful of merits as claimed by users. The merits are touted to include pain relief, anxiety control, mood boosts, energy boosts, relaxation, etc…

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that Kratom has effects similar to that of morphine. They believe that the herb has properties exposing users to the risks of substance use disorder. This includes addiction, abuse, and dependence. Between 2014 and 2018. mitragynine, a chemical found in Kratom, had been linked to 10 deaths

As of now, the use of Kratom is banned in San Diego. This ban was enforced because the government and health experts felt that this substance could be causing more harm than good. However, this issue is still up for debate as some enthusiasts actively opposed the ban against Kratom. These activists believe that Kratom does more good for users.

Some users and bodies are also of the notion that restricting its distribution in San Diego while it is legal in surrounding cities is not enough to control the use and abuse of the drug. So with a bit of luck, the ban might just be lifted sometime in the future.

While the sale and use of Kratom remain illegal in San Diego, other cities around enjoy the liberty to use Kratom as much as they like. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns people to avoid the use of products containing Kratom or its extracts. Not just for fear of the law, but to protect their health and the health of those around them.

Where To Buy Kratom In San Diego

Looking for where to get your regular supply of Kratom shouldn’t be much of a hassle in this age and time. Technology has made everything easier, yes, including the use and distribution of Kratom.

To get to the nearest Kratom vendor from your location, all you need to do is take out your smartphone and use a search engine. Just typing the words “kratom vendors near me” on Google should do the trick. Even recently, an app called Kratom Map can be used to perform your search more efficiently. Kratom Map allows you to decide the parameters of your search.

Since kratom is not grown in the US, the herb is usually imported from native countries known for supplying the powder and leaves in large batches. In San Diego, herbs like kratom can be purchased from local head shops, vape stores, and tobacco shops.

However, it could be more expensive because they are not the local source of kratom and they most likely buy from online vendors to resell. Buying kratom products from local head shops and vape stores may seem like a more convenient option for many. But this is not always the wiser and safer choice. That’s because these local stores are not as versatile and authentic as online vendors. And they usually have only a few kratom strains and extracts available.

Also, these head shops are profit-oriented, thus, you can not fully trust the quality of the kratom powder they offer. Although kratom is illegal in San Diego, it is legal in every other part of California.

You can always get kratom from cities surrounding San Diego that allow the distribution and use of kratom. According to ratings, there are local retail stores in nearby cities that deal with a variety of kratom strains. Some of them include:

1. Bumblebee Botanicals

This is a company of tobacco shops, head shops, and herbal shops that deal in about 15 strains of kratom. These strains come in various forms including capsules, powder, and extracts. They lab test their products to ensure purity and quality. Rated 5 stars on, customers have given testimonials on how terrific their customer service is and how their kratom strains are of great quality. You can contact one of their shops at; 8047 La Mesa Blvd Unit C, La Mesa, CA 91942 or call (619)-724-4892)

2. National Ave Smoke & Vape Shop

This is a group of local vape shops, tobacco shops, and head shops that deal with several strains of kratom. They could be tooting their own horn as they claim to supply the finest strains and products of kratom. Rated 4.5 on, their customers’ reviews showed satisfaction with the customer’s service and products. You can phone them up with (619) 955-8868

3. Vape Smoke Universe

This vape shop is a popular dealer on various psychoactive products including kratom. On, they rated 4.5, and customers’ reviews proved that many of them (customers) found the vendor to be very helpful. Their locations include 2525 Morena Blvd, Bay Park (619-798-2125), and 13215 Poway Rd (858- 486-7473).

4. Smoker’s Heaven

Located at 9882 N Magnolia Ave., they can be contacted through (619) 562-7500. With the reviews and the ratings (4.5) on, most of their customers have confessed to walking out happy.

5. The Cage Smoke Shop

This smoke shop supplies a wide variety of kratom powder for customers far and near. They also sell tobacco products and hand blown glass. Due to their incredible customer service, they have earned a 4.5-star rating on Yelp.

6. Coronado Spice and Tea

This is another botanical store where you can buy kratom. In addition to the distribution of kratom powder, they also specialize in the sale of homemade Ice cream. No matter what type of herbal essentials you desire, be sure you will find it at Coronado Spice and Tea.

7. La Mesa Smoke Shop

This shop is well known for the bizarre vibe associated with it. It is a small smoke shop no doubt but it is filled with an incredible variety of herbs and other accessories. Products in stock at La Mesa Smoke Shop include kratom capsules, hookahs, and other tobacco products. La Mesa Smoke Shop can be found on El Cajon, not so far from The Cage.

8. So Cal Smoke Shop

According to customer reviews and testimonies, this vendor has an exceptional staff setup that considers the interest of customers first before any other thing. This store is properly equipped with handmade apparatus. Whether you want kratom or rather would go for vape juice or pop culture memorabilia, So Cal Smoke Shop is the place you should be according to customer reviews. Their prices are highly affordable and probably more accessible than every other vendor store around.

9. Kratom Tea Bar

For kratom lovers who like the idea of being around other enthusiasts, you might want to check this one out. Today, in most other cities, there is a provision for Kratom Tea Bars. This bar specializes in serving kratom to the general public. Here, people get to relax and talk business or pleasure over a cup of kratom tea.

Some of such bars even include fast food and other drinks on their menu to ensure customer satisfaction. Some bars also have provisions for outdoor sittings. This way you can enjoy your cup of kratom while enjoying nature’s view.

Some of such Kratom Tea Bar include The Rooted Kava Bar, Sunset Kava Lounge, the Funktacular music and cocktail joint Kava Lounge, and many others

Are There Online Kratom San Diego Vendors?

Head stores and vape shops may be convenient but there is an even better option and that is the online vendors. This is a more reliable source of kratom because they deal in high-quality powder and capsules.

More so, they offer a wide variety of kratom strains and extracts. Also, you can get it at more competitive rates when compared to buying from local shops. This is an easier and convenient way of sourcing your supply.

With online vendors, all you have to do is to pick up your phone and place your order, and you will have your selected strain and quantity delivered straight to you. These Kratom vendors online also offer bonuses and discounts for bulk purchases. Some of the online vendors that ship kratom to Californian towns and cities include:

1. The Golden Monk (TGM)

Although this is not the oldest kratom vendor in the industry, they are rated among the best online kratom vendors. They offer the best quality of kratom and are popular for handling their products with the utmost care to ensure purity. More to the details, they perform at least six purification phases. Therefore, they are recognized as trustworthy for their high-quality powders and capsules. Also, TGM allows around a 10% discount on bulk purchases.

2. Coastline Kratom

This online vendor is rated as a heavyweight in the Kratom terrain. They are known for fast delivery and they can help if you wish to grow your herb at home. Coastline Kratom delivers kratom plants with special soil together with instructions on how to keep your plant healthy and alive. You can purchase any strain of kratom that you desire, including Horned kratom, Malay Kratom, Bali kratom, and many others. These strains of kratom powder go through several lab tests to ensure purity.

3. Kraken Kratom

This is another leading online vendor in the industry. Their products are thoroughly screened to ensure quality. They offer kratom extracts, capsules, tablets, and powders to meet their customer’s demands. Kraken Kratom has made for themselves a reputation because they sell enhanced strains and create new blends. They are probably one of the companies with the juiciest discount offers around.

Some other examples of online Kratom Vendors that have maintained an enviable reputation include Kats Botanicals and PurKratom. Remember that it is very important to purchase only from transparent vendors. You know a vendor is transparent when they offer a money-back guarantee and show testing proof to back up their claims of lab testing. Transparent vendors also indicate the source of their kratom and detailed information on processing procedures.


As a resident, on a business trip, or just a user on vacation, using Kratom may be one of your favorite pastimes. But now that you are in California, understanding the Kratom San Diego terrain may be difficult.

Hopefully, this piece has helped you understand that Kratom is currently under the ban in San Diego, CA. It is a criminal offense to have this substance in your possession and this attracts some punishment under the law.

Wondering how you can possibly find kratom in such an environment? The interesting news is that even though the use of kratom is banned in San Diego, it is very legal in surrounding cities. So you can always get your regular supply from there if you ever visit California.

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