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Kratom Tea Guide: Benefits, Effects, Dosage & Safety

From the jungles of Southeast Asia comes the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, also known as Kratom. The leaves of this tree have been in use by enthusiasts to brew Kratom tea.

For many decades, Kratom leaves have been the go-to for locals looking to get themselves sedated or stimulated. All they had to do was chew the leaves of their preferred strain to get the desired effect. But for users who needed a much easier experience, Kratom tea made from dried leaves did the magic.

Now, with Kratom becoming popular in the west, many consumers prefer taking Kratom tea. And they do so for different reasons. Kratom enthusiasts say that this format of consumption provides different effects. These effects include stimulation, mental alertness, peace of mind, and more.

You will experience a stimulating effect in a mild way when you consume Kratom tea in smaller doses. But the reverse is the case as a sedative effect becomes the result of consuming larger doses. This is quite like the effect of opiate painkillers.

If you’ve developed an interest in Kratom tea, this guide will teach you all you need to know. You’ll come to see that making Kratom tea isn’t that difficult. Let’s get started!

Getting started with Kratom tea

Before talking about the steps involved in brewing your own tea with Kratom, it is vital that you get the basics right.

Kratom has a bitter, earthy taste that many consumers find rather strong. And that’s because it contains many potent alkaloids. So, the higher the level of bitterness, the more potent it is. A great way to deal with this test is by disguising the flavor, except you are a hardcore consumer who savors the bitter taste.

All it takes is some imagination added to the information that we provide in this guide and you’ll be on your way to having your very own Kratom recipe.

Kratom Tea vs Powder

We often get questions from our visitors who seek to know which is stronger between Kratom powder and Kratom tea.

Kratom powder is actually stronger. And the potency of the tea depends on how much Kratom you used during the brewing stages. But the effects of drinking Kratom tea are quite different from what you get when you take it in its powdery state.

Kratom tea tends to deliver a little more stimulation with a little reduction in its analgesic effect. When you check out what some consumers say on Reddit, you’ll see why we say so. These consumers say that Kratom tea provides more mood enhancement and euphoric effects. The reason could be because the body absorbs and digests Kratom quicker in this state.

So, if you’re curious about a format that best provides the energy boosts and mood enhancement that you seek, consider exploring Kratom tea.

Kratom Tea vs Capsules

What about Kratom capsules? Kratom in this form can also deliver your desired effect. That’s because capsules make it easy to consume Kratom in specific, measured amounts. You also enjoy convenience as you can take it anywhere.

With tea, you’ll have to wait around until the brewing process is complete. But taking Kratom tea gives you the benefit of having a good time and leisure with family and friends. What better way to start your day than with a cup of Kratom tea once you get out of bed?

Or you could decide to take your tea at bedtime – yet another great way to bring your day to an end.

Whether the weather is hot or cold, you have the luxury of enjoying different flavors and using different recipes. You can even make a smoothie or iced tea if you so wish.

Kratom Tea Effects

As mentioned earlier, consuming Kratom tea in smaller doses can be stimulating in a mild way. You’ll also find anecdotal reports of enhanced mental alertness and mood improvement. But that’s not all as some say they enjoy heightened sexual arousal.

But you will experience more pronounced effects after consuming larger doses of Kratom tea which can be very euphoric. You’ll find consumers that turn to Kratom tea as a way of managing medical conditions like headaches and other forms of pain.

Kratom tea can help you relax because of the sedating effects that come from higher doses too. The calming effect provides an outlet for expending all that physical tension and restoring peace to your mind.

If you’re having trouble sleeping for long, Kratom tea may help. That’s because it provides relaxing effects that might help you get more rest.

Why consider Kratom tea?

Of the plethora of formats to consume Kratom, there are obvious benefits that come from brewing Kratom tea and here are some of them:

  • The ritual makes you blend in with the culture
    When you take the time to prepare and drink your own Kratom tea, you experience more satisfaction. This comes not from consuming it alone but from the entire process. Making Kratom tea involves getting the powder ready and having the tea brewed. You have to follow the session until it’s ready. Then, you settle down and proceed to meditate while you sip the tea.
  • Reduced abdominal upset
    Abdominal pain passes for a side effect that comes from ingesting Kratom. But this is more reduced when ingested as a tea.
  • Many consumers love to sip
    The regular (toss and wash) method of consuming Kratom isn’t the most convenient for many users. That’s why they’ve turned to the sipping method and Kratom tea serves as the best route. This method is calmer and helps them savor their tea for as long as they want.
  • Citric acid potentiates Kratom
    To give Kratom a more pleasing flavor, many consumers add lemon. This is great because the lemon contains citric acid, known to boost the effects of Kratom. Some citric acids help in the dissolution of the herb’s alkaloids. That way, the body absorbs them easier and quicker.

While there are many benefits to consuming Kratom tea, you need to be careful because it comes with some sides that are not so great. For instance, the method can be quite slow and you’ll need more time to brew your tea.

You’ll also have to put up with the bitter taste even if sweeteners can help. But with some recipes, you can have your Kratom tea free of such taste as a whole.

Things to keep in mind when making Kratom tea

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to not boil the Kratom when making tea as this can destroy the alkaloid profile. The best option would be to heat the water first inside the teapot. You should only put the Kratom in it after some minutes of cooling down. Another option that most people find effective would be to put the Kratom inside the water before it starts boiling.

Consider getting lemon and extracting the entire juice. You can add the juice to the tea because of its acidity which helps to potentiate the alkaloids contained in the Kratom.

Another important point to keep in mind is that you can make the flavor and effects you get from your Kratom tea stronger by letting it steep for a long time. You already know that the taste of Kratom is bitter and you can make it even stronger by allowing it to stay for longer periods in the boiled water.

If you want to preserve the freshness of your tea, take the plain Kratom tea and store it in your refrigerator for a couple of days. You can also increase the length of time that it stays fresh by adding some alcohol. This is a great idea because the alkaloid profile of the Kratom leaves is not affected by alcohol.

Safety and Dosage when using Kratom tea

Reports suggest that consumers can experience certain side effects if they choose to consume Kratom in large doses. And this is regardless of the format they choose. That’s why you need to be careful when making and drinking Kratom tea so that you don’t suffer adverse side effects.

Try your best possible to determine your dosage limits. You can try using specific measurements for each session. This keeps your consumption within the threshold enough to deliver the effects. you want. If you are considering preparing Kratom tea yourself, we recommend that you use 2 grams at most.

2 grams of Kratom is enough to deliver mild effects but you can also consider raising it to 3 grams if you want to step up the effect a bit. No matter what you do, we recommend not to go above 15 grams when making Kratom tea because you don’t want to risk exceeding your tolerance levels.

Remember that the effects that come from consuming Kratom in larger doses are usually more pronounced. Some side effects may include anxiety, stomach upset, and sweating. Others may include dry mouth, seizures, and heart rate fluctuations. Still yet, you may experience constipation, slowed breathing, a very high euphoric. In worst cases, overdosing on kratom may cause seizures, coma, or death.

These effects will usually depend on how much of the substance you used in brewing the tea. But more findings from the research will help to determine more about the extent of risks of overdosing on Kratom.

Two cool ways of making Kratom tea

There are different ways to brew Kratom tea. But the most preferred styles are the powder style and leaf style.

1. Kratom Powder Tea

You can use Kratom powder to make tea. All you have to do is decide what strain to use depending on the effects you wish to experience from Kratom tea. You can decide to go for a blend that energizes and stimulates you or one that calms and relaxes you. Or you may want to try out something between.

Depending on your choice, you will find Kratom vendors offering Kratom tea for sale and you can choose from a variety of blends. Use these steps below to make your next cup of Kratom tea from powder:

  • Get the Kratom powder and measure a teaspoon
  • Find a pour lip container and pour the Kratom powder into it
  • Now, proceed to heat up some water (about 2 to 3 cups)
  • Once the water heats up, pout it on the Kratom powder
  • As the water mixes with the powder, start stirring with vigor to form a solution. You want to ensure that you do not have powder clumps left untouched
  • Next, use honey as a sweetener or you can find any other type of artificial sweetener. This helps to suppress the bitter Kratom tea taste
  • Now, allow it to cool for a few minutes and while that happens, stir from time to time
  • Wait until the Kratom powder has settled
  • Finally, get a tea cup and pour your desired quantity into it. If you so please, enhance the flavor by adding ice cubes or even more sweetener

Don’t make the mistake of boiling the Kratom powder together with the water or dropping the powder into the water when it is at its boiling point. That’s because you might end up destroying the alkaloid profile of the Kratom, thereby missing out on the great effects of your Kratom tea.

Watch the effects that you get from your first cup of Kratom tea. Then, decide whether to change the quantity when brewing your next cup of tea. Keep in mind that Kratom powder will only suspend in the water. Since it won’t dissolve, you need to put some effort into mixing it well.

You can switch up the test by adding a sweetener, honey, and/or lemon juice. Grapefruit can also serve as an alternative to lemon. Their acidity plays an important role in preserving the alkaloid profile of Kratom.

Another idea will be to use reusable tea bags as carriers for the Kratom powder. So, instead of mixing the powder and water, you can allow the tea bags to create the infusion.

2. Kratom Leaf Tea

You can also make Kratom tea from fresh Kratom leaves. But that will depend on how much luck you have found a supplier that offers Kratom leaves. This shouldn’t be difficult to make as it is like making tea from other types of organic leaves.

When you make your Kratom tea from the leaves, the resultant liquid is usually clear. The liquid doesn’t look that much different from what you get with black or green tea. Many consumers tend to choose tea made from leaves over that made from powder. That’s because of the reduced grittiness that comes with Kratom leaf tea.

Use the steps below to make your next cup of Kratom tea from Kratom leaves:

  • Get a clean pot and boil some water in it. Reduce the heat supply
  • Now, get some Kratom leaves and drop into the hot water
  • Allow the leaves rest in the water for about 10 to 20 minutes
  • Get a strainer and pour the Kratom-water solution into a tea cup
  • You can store the remnant in the refrigerator
  • Don’t discard the leaves yet as they can still get used 2-3 times more. But this will depend on the length of time during your last use.

Making tea using the leaf method doesn’t reduce the bitter taste. So consider using sweeteners like maple syrup, agave, brown sugar, or even honey. The desired effect will start to kick in once you consume the entire cup of Kratom tea.

Where to buy Kratom for sale

You can source your next Kratom supply from a local Kratom vendor. If you have any luck, you might find dried leaf herbs at natural food stores. But you can’t count on local herb stores to always have Kratom in stock. That’s because of the misconceptions associated with mitragyna speciosa.

Your best bet to find Kratom for your next cup of Kratom tea is to shop from a reliable online Kratom vendor. You stand to gain from buying online because you can get access to different strains and options. Remember that there are more online sellers than offline sellers. So the competition is massive online. Many Kratom suppliers online do their very best to stock only high-quality Kratom.

You also want to be careful when buying online because Kratom isn’t regulated by the FDA as of now. So, it is up to you to do your due diligence before buying from a Kratom vendor online. Ask relevant questions and get in touch with them. Find out how they source and process their Kratom products.

Taking this step helps to reduce the risk of buying low-quality Kratom herbs. You’ll also protect yourself from adulterated products. Some online vendors are notorious for mixing Kratom with other drugs in some cases. That’s why you have to protect yourself.

Let QKratom help you brew your next cup with confidence

Of all the formats to consume Kratom, many customers find Kratom tea very appealing. That’s because it is versatile and can get absorbed fast by the body. You also have the luxury of using different recipes and adding a variety of flavors.

You can also enjoy the social vibe that comes from enjoying Kratom tea among family and friends.

We, at QKratom, have become the go-to online vendor for kratom enthusiasts. They shop with us when they need a reliable place to shop for high-quality Kratom products. We also back you up with a full satisfaction promise and money-back guarantee.

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