Kratomind Review

Kratomind Review – Kratom Strains, Pricing & Reputation

Kratom has now become more popular than ever. And it’s going to continue that way as the days pass by, with the industry touted to become a multimillionaire dollar affair in the nearest future.

According to users, consuming Kratom daily or as the need arises delivers a range of desirable effects. For this reason, most users living in the United States and beyond have turned to online vendors like Kratomind to get their regular supply. Yes, when looking to buy Kratom online, the first step is usually to choose a reputable Kratom vendor that can cater to your needs.

We know it can be a very difficult task for some because most vendors who pose as reliable are just looking to rip you off. They sell low-quality kratom at very outrageous prices, making it almost impossible for the average buyer to afford them.

That is why we have put together a review of one such reputable company, Kratomind. As you go through this review, you’ll find all the info you need to determine whether to settle for this vendor or not. This should help you get a picture of what to expect. Let’s get started!

Brief Backstory To Kratomind

If you have been in the industry long enough, you would have noticed by now that the name “Kratomind” always pops up now and then. Yes, that is how popular they are. This vendor first began operations from Southeast Asia, the actual home of Kratom.

They are based in Indonesia and, as a result, have regular access to the rarest and most popular strains. This indeed is a plus to the reputation of the company. So if you are looking for a vendor with a fresh supply of kratom all year long, Kratomind may just be a good place to buy from.

The business came into existence through the hard work of two men. One was previously in the cafe and clothing business until he decided to venture into something different. Owing to this decision, he ventured into the organic products business, buying and distributing kratom products to consumers far and near.

From the very start, this vendor wasn’t solely focused on making profits. All they wanted was to provide better services to kratomites who chose to do business with them. They also strive to offer better work compensation to those farmers who work tirelessly throughout the day to make sure the business stays alive. Kratomind collaborates with these farmers, harvesters, and workers from different sectors to carry out research programs. Such research is aimed at making discoveries geared towards helping to improve kratom strains and the industry at large.

This vendor has two large storehouses, one in Indonesia and another in the United States. These two storehouses work in consensus to deliver quality non-stop. Just like every other reputable vendor out there, Kratomind strives to keep the journey interesting for its customers. They can only achieve this by making available various strains of Kratom in different forms.

Every product available at both warehouses is displayed on the vendor’s main website. Although Kratomind has one of its warehouses in Indonesia, it does not grow its kratom. Instead of going through the process of planting and harvesting, Kratomind prefers the collection of wild-grown kratom from the jungles and farms of Southeast Asia. If it’s any consolation, kratom obtained this way is more natural and richer in nutrients. To ensure that Kratom produced will be of high quality, click here they harvest from very mature trees.

Kratom Strains To Enjoy At Kratomind

Looking at the strains of kratom available at Kratomind alone is enough reason to be convinced that this vendor is not here to play around. This vendor knows how much peoples’ needs are diverse and works to make all these strains of kratom available. With Kratomind, your choices are limitless. Three main types of kratom available here include:

  1. Kratom capsules
  2. Kratom powder
  3. Kratom crushed leaves

Kratom Capsules

Getting Kratom Capsules can be very difficult and, unfortunately, even Kratomind has only three strains of capsules available on its website. They are:

This Maeng Da is the only capsule available because it is the most popular strain. Many kratomites seem to prefer it to other strains. If you are not a big fan of any of the above veins, you can consider making your own capsules with your favorite powder.

Kratom Powder

The kratom powder offered by Kratomind is of the best quality. They are finely grounded and very smooth. It is completely soluble and dissolves seamlessly when mixed into the liquid. Kratom powder is generally more popular because of the range of ingestion options it offers. Some of the strains available in the powder form include:

  • Brown Kratom Powder
  • Borneo Kratom Powder
  • Bali Gold Kratom Powder
  • Horn Kratom
  • Maeng Da kratom Powder
  • Bali Kratom Powder
  • Elephant
  • Yellow Kratom
  • Green Velvet
  • White Samarinda
  • Malay Borneo
  • Kasongan Kratom
  • Red Kratomind Signature
  • Dragon Kratom Powder
  • EntiKong Kratom
  • Bentuangie Kratom Powder

All these strains are found in the Green Vein, White Vein, and Red Vein options. No matter the effect you desire, either one or two of these strains will surely do the magic for you.

Kratom Crushed Leaves

“Who uses crushed leaves these days?”, you may wonder. Well, there are still tons of Kratomites out there who still consider crushed leaves their best choice. Most of these users would rather make their powder using crushed leaves for many different reasons. This vendor has only 5 types of crushed leaf strains on their website and they include;

Kratomind Pricing and Payment Options

Just like we mentioned earlier, Kratomind believes that consumers of every economic status are entitled to high-quality kratom without the barrier of cost. That is why they focus on having their customers satisfied instead of fixating on making high profits.

As a result, their products are very affordable. For just $63 you can buy one kilogram of Kratom. You can also get smaller sample sizes at a very affordable rate, allowing you to try out varieties while spending very little.

Due to the difficulties and delays associated with bank transactions, Kratomind deems it necessary to make payment procedures easier for its customers. Now, in addition to paying with credit cards, you can also pay with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. For ease and convenience, you can always change your USD to cryptocurrency. You may also use MoneyGram or Western Union with the option to also make payments via Wire Transfer.

Why Kratom Users Find Kratomind Attractive

Before a customer decides to shop from a vendor, he or she must have seen a few reasons to trust that seller. So we’ve outlined below some perks that draw customers toward Kratomind.

  1. Unique Strains and Much More
    For one, the name Kratomind itself suggests uniqueness. With this vendor, you can get many strains that you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else. Examples of such strains include Brown Kratom, Entikong Kratom, Green Velvet, Kasongan Kratom, Samarinda Kratom, and more. In addition to these unique strains, this vendor also stocks natural remedies and unique herbs, including Tea powder, Mimosa Pudica Powder, Moringa Olerifera Powder, Tamarind seeds, Soursop leaves, and Pureoceng natural Viagra.
  2. Website Layout
    Kratomind’s website is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. Whatever you want to do, whether it’s to place orders, go through reviews, or find out about the company, moving from section to section is really smooth. You can look up their catalog to discover all the amazing kratom strains and other products this vendor has in stock. Information about every one of these products is made available for the public to see. You’ll also find information about how to keep in touch.
  3. Quality Control
    To ensure that there’s no compromise when it comes to the quality of kratom powder sold, Kratomind organizes training classes for kratom farmers and harvesters. Through this training, they get to learn about modern farming methods to improve product quality. During the harvest, this vendor selects only the appropriate and most mature leaves. Using very mature leaves is one way to ensure that the finished product has all the important alkaloids needed to guarantee the best quality.
    Customers are also allowed to visit the Kratomind warehouse. During such visits, users are allowed to get a glimpse of the production process. This broadens their knowledge about kratom and, thus, enables them to make better decisions in the future.
  4. Aseptic Surroundings and Lab Testing
    At Kratomind, kratom is dried only in aseptic areas, away from the UV rays of the Sun. In these special aseptic areas, kratom powder gets processed in a setting that’s free of pollution and contamination. As proof that Kratomid has the interest of its customers at heart, they make sure that every one of their products is properly tested. This is to ensure that consumer health is not jeopardized in any way.
  5. Product Packaging and Presentation
    Kratomind’s shipments are presented in proper bags using hard plastics and strong seals. So when you place orders, You don’t need to worry about your package getting torn or damaged while in transit. For kratom purchased for individual use, the company will ship your package in a standing pouch.
  6. Focus on Farmers’ Welfare
    We believe that this is something that’s hard to find with other vendors. For every purchase made, some percentage of the payment is set aside for the growers. They believe that if a farmer’s welfare is given attention, they will be more productive and this, in turn, would have immense benefits for the industry.

Shipping Policy and Customer Service

Kratomind has so many years of experience shipping out kratom and other products to customers. They ship both nationally and internationally. Having many years of experience means that they are very knowledgeable about how the process works and how to address any issues that arise.

The best part of the deal is that you don’t have to worry about additional fees for shipping because all fees will be added to your payment for kratom during checkout. However, this perk is only available to customers that reside in Canada and the US.

The shipping services with this company are relatively cheap and fast. So if you place orders, it takes only 3 days to get delivered to your address.

Also, Kratomind’s customer service is one of a kind with the staff always friendly and ready to receive your complaints. They treat everyone like family and are always eager to hear from you. Their agents are available 24/7 and can be reached on their phone lines or via email.

Final Verdict: Should I Buy from Kratomind

Unlike most scammers, genuine vendors care a lot about the welfare of their buyers. These vendors offer only high-quality strains because they know that anything short of that can jeopardize the health of consumers. They also sell their products at very affordable prices to accommodate consumers of all economic classes. Such vendors are the kind of sellers you should be on the lookout for when considering a kratom seller online to settle for.

Having seen all the mouth-watering offers and unique strains that Kratomind has for customers, you definitely won’t be wrong to conclude that shopping with this vendor would be a good move. When next you need to restock your kratom cupboard and need a reliable kratom vendor online, you might want to check them out. The best part is that you get a wide variety of kratom strains at very affordable prices.

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